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Bitterness and discrimination (Solo)

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1 Bitterness and discrimination (Solo) on Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:59 pm

Kedron looked at the schoolwork in front of him, running it over and over again in his mind, but along his thoughts of passing all of these things he still considered but one piece of a larger puzzle, were memories.

The memories of what his life was before that day in which his greatest friend was brutally killed by humans. His brow furrowed and his eyes darkened at the thought of it. Cruelty will be rewarded in kind I assure you. There will be no mercy for the merciless, but there will be justice for the unjust. He thought clenching his fist as he pressed his fingers against the desk in front of him. I may not be finished, but there were at least those who have paid for their discrimination.

He thought back to years ago, four years ago, and almost four years after the death of his friend.
Four years ago, Finnek Forest

Gavin and Flann stood grinning mischievously holding the contents of a bag formerly belonging to a Faunus unfortunate enough to be their victim of spontaneous abuse that day. Upon examining it further they angrily threw it on the ground, "Freaking Faunus, there's barely anything useful in here at all. Not good for anything."

A rustling caught their attention and an enormous figure stepped from the trees, wrapped around with a large black coat and a full face Grimm mask. They stepped back a bit startled more then worried before setting their faces sternly, "You got a problem Faunus?" They challenged, although there was no visible feature to imply it was a Faunus aside from the Grimm mask not unseemlier to those of the White Fang.

The eyes of Kedron narrowed from behind the relatively recently procured mask, he cocked his head looking at them and at the bag. He'd witnessed the crime, but was too far away to take action. Now however, he full intended on making his opinion exceedingly clear. He'd been looking for these two for awhile, the ones who really initiated the brutality of his friend years before.

"I may not be Faunus, but I have a problem." He said with a deep voice taking slow steps towards them, "That problem is you."

Gavin picked up his fists ready to fight, "Then come and get some Faunus lover." He mocked grinning. Flann stepped back and leaned against a tree expecting his friend to deal with this cockily.

Kedron activated his semblance and it rushed slamming his long hated target against a tree, then gripping around his throat and squeezing as the man grappled at the semi invisible tendril straining against his neck. Flann's eyes widened and he took a step forwards before finding two holes in his arm as he looked at the gun Kedron had already drawn.

"So long have I wanted to cut you to pieces. To rip you limb from limb. And now here you both are." His rage was palpable, it seemed to practically radiate from him, though his voice was as calm and cold as a frost, "You ripped from me my friend. Now I'll rip from you your lives."

Their screams were not heard in the forest. All that was known was that in two days the horrid bodies of the two men were found, ripped limb from limb and head from body, near the bag of a Faunus they'd stolen it from. Numerous holes in the limbs, seemingly from a firearm, of one of them. But no further evidence was found. Kedron took anything he left behind with him, all but his revenge on those two.

Present day, Kedrons dorm room

The memory of his sweet sweet revenge nearly made him snarl and grin at the same time, it was almost too glorious that he'd gotten away with such an act. Of course, it also reminded him of why he obtained the mask. In his mind, as far as he could discover, he may have been the first human to truly go to such drastic means with the protection of Faunus as the reasoning behind it.

He stood up stretching his arms. He'd been very careful with his actions thus far, hiding his Semblance most of the time when he would commit crimes unless he knew there would be no witnesses at all, and even not using it very much under normal circumstances resulting in almost anybody not actually knowing what it is.

Recently he intended on doing things...just a bit more difficult to hide. But hopefully, if all his plans went into their proper places, he would not have to worry excessively. However one could only get so far with deviousness, there were physical limitations he was restrained by. Being in two places at once simply wasn't possible.

If he could only be certain that an alibi could be established without jeopardizing something else plans could be accelerated considerably. Unfortunately, no such things was available to him just yet. These dorms for instance, they were a limitation. The school was unfortunately watched by a person he hadn't actually met, some person    watching everyone with the numerous cameras set around the school. Of course, there was one thing, it meant that if he could get someone to impersonate him during a time in which he's on camera he should be out of suspect, although he would hopefully not be in there at all in the first place.

Kedron sighed and looked out the window, "Only so far we can get huh?" He said aloud, but to himself. His fist clenched however, the idea of being watched so often angered him. But not enough to make him especially noticeable visibly. Instead he'd hide it like he always hid his fury, always hid his need to destroy most of the people here.

He groaned as he looked back at the school he had to do, Petty, but necessary I suppose. He once again sat down, pressing himself upon the work that, despite thinking it of such minor importance, was still of enough importance that it was something he needed to do.

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