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Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt]

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1 Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Wed Oct 04, 2017 6:44 pm

James Curnow
To be fair, Jimmy had never been one that was greatly invested in time on the beach. Which was probably why he was dressed so inappropriately for the occasion, well, that *and* these were the only clothes that he currently owned. He sighed as he skewed his top hat lightly with a nervous smile on his face, staring into the amber horizon of the sea. This had to be, without doubt, the most beautiful sight that he had yet beheld, and it was so far away from the place he'd once called home.

There was a measure of sadness in his eyes as he thought of his father, grandfather, and to some extent, even his mother. Jimmy found himself missing home a great deal nowadays, so much in fact that he found himself having forgotten the reason as to why he came to the beach in the first place. He turned tail away from the ocean and prepared to walk himself back to his room.

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2 Re: Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Wed Oct 04, 2017 7:19 pm

The creature sprinted through the beach, thrashing through the population on the beach in a frenzy.  There were far too many defenseless people just standing about for this particular Grimm to pass up.  The claws on this Deathstalker's arms began to crash against people as the thing went into a frenzy, taking out whoever was dumb enough to stand in the way of it's rampage.  Suddenly, it stopped, sensing something new in the air.  An aura coming from one morsel just standing there before it.  Everyone else that had been unlucky enough to meet the Deathstalker had been regular people, completely incapable of defending themselves from it's fury. This strange person with the aura was way too interesting to be ignored. How could it resist such an opportunity for such a great meal?  The Grimm charged towards the new special victim, aggressively shoving people out of it's way instead of crushing them in it's grasp.

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3 Re: Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:15 pm

James Curnow
Jimmy would have seen the Deathstalker charging through and attacking people as he turned around, and was astonished that he hadn't heard it earlier. It was attacking others, but it suddenly seemed different. This thing. was charging. right at him.... Why him?

Jimmy's feet acted on their own for a few moments as he tried to back away, panicking slightly. He didn't know what he was supposed to do, but then he saw the people behind the creature. There were the dead, as well as the dying. There was a catch in Jimmy's throat, but soon wide eyes became an icy stare as he tugged on his collar and gritted his teeth. Every inch of him wanted to run for his life right now. So what?

Jimmy resolutely stood his ground. How could he ever run? To save his own life when the lives of others were being destroyed? Impossible. Jimmy was afraid, deathly afraid, but he could not stand by while innocents were in danger.

His hands would engulf in flames and he would raise them into the air and his gritted teeth would become a toothy smile. This would be quite the showing, and there was no treating it any different from that in his eyes.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Faunus and Human! Please allow me to introduce myself..." He balled up the flames into one hand as he took a bow, taking his hat off. Mid bow, he would toss a ball of flame from behind his back, into the hat. When he stood up, he would place the hat back atop his head. "I am Jimmy the Conqueror! A bonafide huntsman! Fret not, for I will not only keep you safe, but I shall entertain you until aid arrives! Sit back!"

He would raise his arms once more, and the flames would run through his hair and up his arms, once more engulfing his hands in flames. "And enjoy the show!"

Suddenly the flames would be thrown, first a single overhand fastball followed by a backhanded somersault flinging flames in the shape of a bird. Both attacks would explode into a much larger inferno upon contact with any solid object. Mid somersault, his hat fell off and landed face up.

"Whoops, how embarrassing!"

He kicked the hat so the brim faced the Deathstalker and suddenly spewed a stream of flames directly at it. Once it stopped, he curled his foot under it and kicked it into the air, catching it on his head and straightening it with a wide grin.



Actions take: After righting himself, Jimmy flung a pair of fireballs at the Deathstalker, and very stylishly fired a flamethrower from his hat, treating the battle like some sort of act.

-1 Fire Dust (9 uses left)

Attacks: 3 Fire strikes: 40+40+40 Dam (No Res added)

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4 Re: Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:46 pm

It's almost astonishing how quickly the Grimm realized that this was going to be the end of it.  Not only did it charge through plenty of civilians, thinking it'd get away with it, but now the morsel it figured would be an amazing meal started to absolutely ruin it.  The Deathstalker wasn't preparing itself to dodge or block any sort of attack, seeing how it thought that this fight would be easy, and this made all three attacks hit the Grimm perfectly.  Now, it only had two options. It was either going to have to run and hide, despite being large enough to be spotted near instantly by anyone who looked, or it was going to have to kill this hunter before the hunter killed it.

Choosing the latter option, the Deathstalker lunged at the literal flame throwing huntsman, trying to grab the things in it's claws.  If it could just grab the guy and immobilize him, this fight might end up with it getting away.  Thrusting it's claw forward, the Grimm closed it when the thing thought it had the huntsman.


HP: 55/130

Actions taken : In a state of panic, lunged at James recklessly.

Claw attack : 30 damage if hit.

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5 Re: Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:39 pm

James Curnow
Upon sensing the impending attack, Jimmy would engulf himself in flames, leaving his tailcoat behind to the scorpion's grasping claws, as he would use his acrobatic skill to jump over the claw and land on top of it.

"Ole' " He would say confidently as his hat began to show a pair of glowing eyes on his hat, bright cyan orbs ominously growing to stare at the Deathstalker, meanwhile his hands would be covered in quickly materializing gloves, signaling that his semblance was activated.

With this, he would take yet another bow, removing his hat and as he did so. Once more the open portion faced the Deathstalker, and fired out yet another fireball. When he placed his hat back on his head, he would flip away from the Deathstalker, clicking his heel and loosing a fireburst from his foot as he took off. When he landed, he would make several gestures as he rolled his shoulder. With a spin, he'd drop to his knee and spin his arm as though he were tossing a bowling ball. From this, a stream of flames would coalesce into a horse which would charge directly toward the Deathstalker, as he stood up with his arms stretching behind his back.



Actions take: Using the cover of fire, Jimmy would dodge the claw and leave his tailcoat in it's place, landing directly on top of the claw. He would then fire a fireball from his hat, kick flames toward the Deathstalker as he flipped away, and manifested a horse to crash into the creature.

-1 Fire Dust (8 uses left)

Attacks: Fireball/Flame Strike/Burning Horse: 50+50+50 Dam (No Res added)

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6 Re: Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:15 pm

As the hunter jumped onto the Deathstalker's claw, it became painfully obvious who the winner of this fight had to be. Sadly enough for the Grimm, the flames' were just as painful and destructive as they were dazzling. The instant the first attack made contact with it's body, the creature reeled back in pain instinctively. The second attack was enough to finish it off, and the thing fell limp to the sand before the hunter sent a magnificent flaming horse at the already dying Grimm. When the horse crashed into the dead mess in the sand, it practically tore the thing apart and engulfed the corpse in flames. The last memory this horrible creature would ever get in it's cruel life would be the crushing defeat at the hands of a cowardly, over the top hunter.


HP: Less than nothing.

Actions taken: Death.

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7 Re: Beachfront Performance [Private Hunt] on Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:34 pm

James Curnow
Jimmy would drop his arms silently, a smirk spread across his face as he would wait a moment for the Deathstalker to begin to disperse, ensuring that it was truly dead before he went and collected his tailcoat from the claw of the creature. Draping it over his arm and shooting a two-finger salute to some of the people nearby just as the paramedics would arrive to help the injured people to safety, Jimmy would start to jog down to a less crowded section of the beach.

Ducking underneath of a lifeguard post and quickly slamming his back against the wall, Jimmy's facade of confidence would completely evaporate as he began clutching at his chest, struggling to breathe and sliding down the wall into a fetal postition. He could have died there! So many people did die! So many others could have! Jimmy's breathing would continue like this for a bit, hyperventilating for a long while before shoving his face into his tailcoat and screaming into the muffling fabric.

Eventually, he would pull his face from the coat leaving behind the damp spots and his throat feeling a lot more sore than it had before. The sun had set and it was starting to get dark, so looking all the worse for wear and feeling partially empty, James stood up and began to walk back into town to catch a ship up to the academy before they closed.

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