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Jacklyn Seras W.I.P.

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1 Jacklyn Seras W.I.P. on Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:15 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Jacklyn Seras
Age: 23
Birthday: 11/2
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'10
Weight: 265
Face Claim: pip bernadette - hellsing ultimate

Aura 250|50 HP

Major: Combat - Specialized hunter
Likes: Hunting, androids, staying himself, and love.
Dislikes: Thieves, going berserk, loud noises, and unpleasant or strong smells.
Fears: Spiders, going berserk, crowded area's, and love.
Talent: - Hunting (wildlife)
Weakness - Social Interaction/Speech/Charisma
Overall Personality: Seeming shy and timid at first Jacklyn is not one to start a friendship nor conversation with someone he doesn't know. However gain his trust and you will soon find him loyal and very talkative at times as well as not so distant as he once was. Normally a calm and empathetic person who has everything together and his mind is normally his own. Yet there are times when that isn't the case and he breaks inside during those times he isn't himself anymore as something in him shatters. His way of thinking changes and he becomes terrifyingly somber and grim natured to everyone around him friend and foe alike. While not violent unless pushed into it if he thinks himself or a loved one is in peril he would fight to the bitter-end with a smile. However while he is fighting none should ever be to close to him he loses himself to the thrill of battle yet he will always try and protect his allies. While he doesn't like to hurt other people he loves to fight and to sate that desire chose to apply to become a hunter. That way he could do as he loves in a way that would not hurt his pride nor anyone else save the grimm.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Midnight purple
Semblance: ? - Awaiting question to be resolved to proceed futher in this department.
Item 1: Clawed Gauntlets - Long elbow high leather gloves bound in an extra layer of leather that has tiny 1x1 inch hand crafted metallic plates fashioned as dragon scales laid woven into the second layer of leather. Also adorned with sharp talon like blade hand crafted fashioned to imitate a dragon's claw abet a humanoid one.

- Also as of character creation the metallic plates offer no protection until defensive upgrade is bought to do so and once done I'll request to edit this part of the application. Tier of defense/resistance will be added whenever defensive upgrade if ever gotten is bought for later use.

- All defensive upgrades are to be for mystic/magic armour unless unless a hybridized armour can brought at the cost of overall defense/resistance. My idea was that at rating 3 armour upgrade hybridization can be brought for armour at the cost neither defense nor resistance can surpass rating 2.

Item 2:  Grappling mechanism - Hidden within the second and first layers of leather is a grappling hook mechanism that allows for increased utility during battle. Such as drawing near an opponent or making an escape or whatever a scenario demands take place.

- Please do take note this mechanism is slow to retract the cables sent out. Also if seen as a weapon I remove this and hopefully later on if the first weapon instillation/modification is available to be bought added then if I can.

History and Sample
As a child Jacklyn (Age 4) lived with his father (Gazelle - age 27) after his mother (Emethirst -Age 23) died from rare brain disease he was all Jacklyn had growing up and it was a good life for a while. The two lived with a silent air between them not out of awkwardness but one of understanding and for each other and how the other felt. So as a result they hardly ever spoke or talked unless they either needed to or they felt they didn't understand something that the other wanted. This life was basically most of Jacklyn's childhood at which Gazelle started teaching him hand to hand combat till and how to hunt. However While Gazelle liked using traps and weapons to hunt while Jacklyn never did as he wanted to fight the beast as if he was one of them. The two sparing each day after chores was all completed at around noon-ish till dusk everyday for the few years both thinking it a good way to stay in shape. After a few years of silent training, hunting and an overall family life as a whole Jacklyn stated wanting more out of life as so Gazelle moved them to a city (Vale - age 13) to live in. After which Jacklyn started having a normal life sort of always trying to make a friend and trying to find love yet never finding either. At one time almost a year after moving into Vale Jacklyn found his first friend named ? a female fauna.

They grew close together and became almost inseparable for a while yet despite what people thought the two never felt any romance at nor desired one. For a few years Jacklyn lived a happy new life in something other than outskirts of the city where he grew up besides Gazelle alone. As he lived his new life in the heart city instead of on the outskirts as he was raised Jacklyn (age 18) he began to realize he would need to talk more with others. Something he does few and far between as growing up it wasn't a part of his normality or at his concept of it anyway. One day (age 21) his long time friend ? tried to set him on a date of which went well and even led to a romance that sadly didn't last long. The romance lasted less then four weeks ending with a very hurt Jacklyn how from then feared love yet also desired it as well. Leaning on ? for emotional support Jacklyn changed a bit after that event growing even more protective of ? ever since. The duo fought side-by-side almost always training together for them was a given even applying for hunter training at Syne Academy (age 23) as a duo was a most. Not long after the two started spending less time around each due to classes.
RP Sample:
The day starting out as many others have before and will be to follow for some time. Sunshine breaking though the nights sky and announcing dawn for the day to come. Waking not long after dawns first light as he does after day like clockwork Gazelle went to wake Jacklyn. Knowing that otherwise his son would sleep till sparing time and ignore his chores until nightfall. Tapping his head twice and repeatedly so, till Jacklyn out of annoyance stopped trying to go back to sleep. Sadly repeated tapping to has skull was Jacklyn's wake up call everyday and it never failed to worked either. Grunting his annoyance at Gazelle Jacklyn finally got out of bed went to go hunt a rabbit for breakfast or something else small.

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