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Meeting the Librarian[Solo]

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1 Meeting the Librarian[Solo] on Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:27 pm

Terra ran down the school halls,not caring for any of the rules or the people in her way. Today is the day she meets the librarian,her mentor. It may seem like a lot of excitement for a librarian but for Terra is was great. You don't join for the academic major just for the bonuses. You have to put in the work and actually learn the knowledge. Terra finally slowed down when she neared the library. When she walked through the doors her mind was blown. The library was HUGE. This room must be at least 20% of the school! She walked over to the librarians desk and handed her a form. "I am Terra Seranus Nuke,your new student for the day Ms. Airan," Terra whispered. "Welcome to the library Ms. Nuke. You must be Ruben's sister. He was talking about this earlier. So,you are my student for the day? You seem pretty old for a academy student," Libra said,not even bothering to whisper. "I had to wait to come here,then when I finally came here, I had to drop out for two years after my brother went missing. Then,I returned after he returned after a while. I am an academic major for the school year. I hope this mission will be successful," Terra said in a whisper again. "Follow me,and you don't have to whisper,just don't talk really loud." Libra led Terra through the library to the back and opened a door marked "Employees Only" and gave her a stack of books. "Take these books and organize them throughout the nonfiction section,then come back for reference,fiction,biography,autobiography,and magazines. Some of this mission will be you helping me with work.After this I hope you are good with grimm,because I need to hunt some people that have some overdue books." This woman must be serious about her work to be hunting people with overdue books. Terra took the nonfiction books to the nonfiction section and made a couple hands to help her with sorting the books. When she was about to put another book into a gap when she noticed a senior hurting a freshman. Terra had a way to tell the difference between the different tiers. Freshman always seem to be lost,sophomores are always helping a freshman,juniors are always focusing on work or trying to make friends,and seniors are always talking to friends or picking on people. This guy seems to be a real jerk. The freshman is bruised and bleeding a little. "Take that you stupid freshman. Yeah cry,your tears only make me happier. And angrier!" Terra put the book in the gap and walked over to the senior. She tapped him on the shoulder she punched him in the face and slammed him on the head with a huge textbook. She opened the book,placed it on the desk and put the unconscious student on the book to make it look like he feel asleep. She helped the freshman up and told him to got to nurse. She walked back to the room when she already saw all the books gone. Libra was in the corner reading what looks like to be something erotic? Terra cleared her throat to announce her presence and the librarian immediately closed the book in a panic and looked at Terra,making it look like she wasn't doing anything. "I noticed you helping that kid out so I did the rest for you. That was nice of you to stick up for that kid. I'm pretty sure no one else would have done that." Libra walked over to Terra and took her into a corner that seemed to have a weapon. "You see this weapon? This weapon was the first weapon I got from another student. Funny thing is,I didn't confiscate it. He gave it to me,showed me generosity. Terra only turned towards Libra in confusion. "Are you trying to show me generosity?" The bat faunus giggled. "I am trying to show you that there are other people like you. And they are rare. Now I need to do some work in the far back. I will be back in a couple minutes." Libra went in another door that seemed to say "Librarian Only". They really like their privacy. Terra looked around for something to do. There are some old books that she already read. There is the book that the librarian was reading. When Terra picked it up,the book was covered in black tape and " "The Darkness" was written in the front. She could only assume it was erotic because Libra's face was covered in red. She picked up the book and read the first three sentences,then set it back down. "Nope." Terra walked over to a shelf and found a bunch of banned books. She picked up one and read a sentence out loud. "Sarah walked over to Julian,with a demanding look on her face. Once again,nope." Terra sat down on a stool in the corner and waited for an hour. She heard some shuffling in the room Libra went in and then a loud noise. Libra walked out cover in ink and had a book on her head,somehow perfectly balanced. "That took longer than expected and went a lot worse than I wanted it to go. Sorry for making you wait for so long. Your mission is almost done. Just need to find a kid with an overdue book." Terra got up and followed Libra to the courtyard. She pointed to a kid with black hair and a wolf tail. "See that faunus. His book was due for me a month ago. He always says he doesn't have it,but I see it right there. He is holding it right now. I need you to convince him to hand it over." Terra walked over to the kid and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and said,"What?" "Do you mind if I see that book your reading. I really wanted to read it but there out int he library. I can give it back to you after I am done reading." The boy thought about it for a second before handing the book over to the girl. Terra walked back over to Libra and handed her the book. "Easy" Libra took the book and handed Terra her mission form. "Congratulations Terra, you completed your first mission. I hope to see you in the future."

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