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A Fight Against Boredom (Open)

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1A Fight Against Boredom (Open) Empty A Fight Against Boredom (Open) on Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:56 am

Sometimes, not needing sleep is more of a curse than a blessing as Maestus was beginning to find out.  She wasn't sure exactly what time it was, all she knew was that the moon was out, and nobody interesting was around to talk to.  Earlier that night, the boredom was already starting to get to her, so she tried to approach someone in hopes of a conversation.  However, contrary to what she believed, regular people walking around at night for whatever reason don't seem to appreciate being stopped by a ridiculously tall robot with claws in the middle of the night.  After a second attempt at starting a conversation with a stranger, she accepted defeat with a lonesome sigh and leaned against a wall, listening to the music that she could play in her head.

As she listened, she started to realize that no matter how hard she tried, talking with other people was always going to be difficult for some reason.  Be it her lack of social experience, body structure or her short temper, people usually found a reason to not get to know her.  Although, she had to admit that some of those moments were her fault.  Realizing this, she started to stress herself out with her thoughts and started to get angry at... nothing in particular.  Her fingers started to twitch and her claws began to slowly extend.  The moment she started to get just a bit too mad, a person walking by happened to bump into her on accident.  Of course, she was too angry to deal with it rationally or just ignore it. "WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING BEFORE I END YOU."  Just the most perfect example of a cool and collected individual.

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