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Misty Brink (WIP)

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1 Misty Brink (WIP) on Mon Oct 09, 2017 1:05 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Misty Brink
Age: 17
Birthday: June 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5'6"  (2" when shrunk)
Weight: 125lbs (12 oz when shrunk)
Face Claim:

STR: 3
DEF: 2
RES: 3
SPT: 4
Aura160|140 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Adventure, Singing, Experiencing new things, Learning, Growing, and hunting monsters.
Dislikes: Being idle, Upper Class Life, Being alone
Fears: Amphibians, Wasps, Spiders, Isolation, being stuck small
Talent: Athletics
Weakness Vehicle Mastery
Overall Personality: Outgoing, fun-loving, and adventurous, Misty is a regular wild child.   She enjoys being out and doing things. Staying at home and doing nothing is the absolute worst thing that can happen to her. She has a distinct love of life and enjoys helping others. She is quite Athletic, frequently out running around getting messy and just enjoying herself. Since her semblance appeared, This has become even more of a thing for her because the world is a completely new place when you are 2 inches tall. She enjoys singing as well as fighting.  She absolutely hates the whole upper class lifestyle. Sure she can blend into it but it is definitely not for her.  Her mom tried her best to get her to accept that life but it just wouldn't work.  Perhaps the biggest fear she has is the biggest dislike she could possess.  Being alone and isolated.  The idea of never being able to be her normal size, being tiny forever is very scary to her as well.  That size has some serious dangers which she has to be aware of at times.  This causes her to be rather alert most of the time, even when she's normal sized.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Utility. Size Shifting - Misty is able to shrink down to about 2 inches  She can return to her normal height of 5'6" but she can not grow taller then that.   When she shrinks, Her clothes, gear, and weapons shrink with her.  If an object leaves her possession beyond 10 inches, while she is shrunk, it will return to its full size.  If she shrinks she will stay shrunk indefinitely. She will not return to her full size until she uses her semblance again.  She may choose to stop short while shrinking (bad pun!) so she could be about any size between 2 inches and 5'6".  When she shrinks, she doesn't lose her strength.  So if she attacks at 2 inches she will strike with the force of a 5'6" 125lb huntress in training.
Item 1: Moonlit Night - this weapon is as elegant as it is terrifying.  A razor sharp, multifunction blade, shaped to work as a sword, axe or sickle without having to change modes or anything.  The blade itself is very strong steal able to withstand a beating without taking much damage.    The weapon is set up for dust with a mechanism in the hilt which injects dust through the blade.
Item 2: Dust Belt - this belt is worn around the waist like any conventional belt.  On it are a number of leather pockets. Each with a different symbol on it.  Those symbols being Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Ice, and a number of others. Inside these pockets are several very well padded slots for vials. Each pocket able to hold a 10 vials of Dust.   It is designed to prevent the Dust from detonating even if directly struck.  Currently it holds Fire, Air, Water and Earth dusts.

History and Sample

17 years ago...

The evening sun peeks through the dark mists of the Mistral swamps. A huntsman quietly moves his way through the swamp. The job was simple.  A very large grimm had been moving closer to a nearby village.  THe people were beginning to fear it would attack and destroy their home.   This lead the huntsman here. His heart pounded as the sound of the swamp went quiet.   Something was wrong. Quietly he draws his blades and gets ready.  The fight itself is quick.   The huntsman is quite experienced in his actions. Lightning fast and planning steps ahead.  Every step, Every motion fluid and prepared for.  

All except one.  Where one was expected, Six arrived. The large grimm, A rather oversized Creep. With it, a trio of Grimm that look like Huge toads that are easily between two and three feet high and a roughly four feet wide. Finally a smaller creep fills out this pack.  

The man keeps going.  Fighting with all he is. The creeps charge at him while the Toad-like grimm seem to spit a putrid poison at him.   Thus far he's been lucky.  His actions, a rapid ballet of using his aura to defend himself and altering his size... his Semblance the cause of this.  Sadly, His luck would quickly run out. He quickly moved in to attack, taking out the Alpha creep and then his body shinks to avoid the incoming attack from the smaller creep.  As he does, One of the toad grimm launch their tongue outward.  It sails in the blink of the eye, catching the shrunken man and returning him to its mouth...


Several miles away, the sound of a baby crying resounds. The worn out mother holds her new daughter close.   This little girl would never know her father.   Just her mother.   Only the stories that her mother would tell her about him. The baby would finally wind down, growing tired and just content about this very large person holding her.   Her mother, sweating and finally at ease would speak. "My little girl.  I will name you..."

4 years ago...

"MISTY!!!! YOU NEED TO COME IN! YOU HAVE AURA PRACTICE!!!" Thirteen years had passed since the day she was born. From the time Misty could walk, she was active.  Her mother couldn't hardly keep her from running around, playing and carrying on.  Her mother would joke around, saying that Misty was the daughter of her Father and someone else because Misty was so different from her. Of course this wasn't true.   Her mother was an artist and a Socialite.  Her life was upscale and laid back.   She wasn't the type to go out on adventures or hunt grimm.  This lead her to want to raise her daughter to be like her.  For several years she did her best ot make sure her daughter would grow up into the upstanding Lady she hoped she would be.  It didn't stick.

Misty would come running into the house.  The Misty pink haired and violet eyed young girl is coated in dirt.   Her mother just looks at her for a moment and facepalms.  "Do I even want to know?" She shutters. "Go get cleaned up and get changed into your gear."  As Misty made her way to the washroom, Her mother just let herself reflect on the things that brought them to this point. It wasn't easy raising a wild young girl alone but, for as much as the young girl rebelled against her wishes, she wouldn't ask her to change. There was no way she would try to take the reminder of her husband from her daughter.   So as she watched Misty grow from a child into a teen, she let her decide what she wanted to be.

"I wanna be a Huntress! I wanna go out and see the world! There is so much out there and I just never seen it but... Its so amazing! I wanna go out and find love like some of the stories." Misty's words cut through her to the heart.  She loved her late husband but the knowledge that the life he lived killed him just hurt so much and the idea that her daughter wanted that life worried her so.   Still She couldn't deny her daughter this. Its what she wanted. So she started getting her daughter martial arts classes.  It was a start.  As time went on, she showed that this is what she wanted. This lead to sword lessons and now Aura Lessons.

As Misty gets ready for her lesson She can't help but feel excitement.  There was a thing or two that stuck from when her mother tried to make a proper lady out of her.  Namely, a fondness for the liberty given by a skirt or a dress.  The movement granted by them (at least to her) seem to give her a little extra agility.   Once dressed in her combat dress she makes her way to her teacher.    She'd been practicing with this teacher for a few weeks.  Her Aura of course was unlocked.  Her teacher kept telling her that her Semblance should show up soon.

The young Pink haired girl heads out.  A simple sword on her hip, a gift from her mom for sticking to her sword training. As she goes, Several beowolfs come barreling into town. People run, a few people begin getting out their own weapons.  Misty draws her sword,  Her Aura active.   She quickly races in and strikes at one of them. It doesn't go down but its definitely wounded. It turns to face her.  Then with little warning she is attacked by another.  Her body is cut and she begins healing with her aura.   Something odd happens though.  As she rushes in to make a final strike on the first beowulf, It suddenly begins getting bigger... and BIGGER! Suddenly the thing may as well be some massive monster!  

It finally clicks... The Beowulf didn't grow. SHE SHRUNK!!! There is definitely some vertigo associated with this sensation. Thankfully her clothing and her weapon shrunk with her.   On the up side, suddenly shrinking caused the beowulves to  lose interest in her.   On the Down Side, She just tripped her semblance and has no idea how to undo it!  Quickly she moves, using every bit of her agility she dodges debris and the feet of those who are trying to steer clear.  She blinks a few times as she looks up at what she figures may be a safe place.  A fenced in garden.  She rushes in.   Making her way up a flowers stem she takes a seat in the blossom of a tulip.  As things quiet down, she starts doing all she can to undo her semblance. Eventually, she passes out.

The next morning she awakens to her Mother's calling. She yawns and stretches.  It clicks she is still all tiny! "Please please please!" She whispers as she focuses.  Finally her body flashes pink and she is suddenly full size again.  After this madness, one thing was certain... She would have a lot of explaining to do.  Not only was she gone all night but, she left her sword in the tulip!  She quickly gets the tiny sword to explain the situation.  

A short time ago...

After the accidental shrinking, Misty's mom, overreacted of course.   Why wouldn't she.  Her daughter, while learning the basics, had no business going after any grimm at that time!  Then there was the other thing.  Her Semblance was the same as her father's was! She was less worried about the sword. Much to her mother's dismay, it was time for her daughter to join  a proper academy. She was sent to a small school called Sanctuary.  After that she went on to Haven.   Finally, she was accepted to Syne. That is where her journey has lead her.
RP Sample:
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