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Brave New World (open)

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1 Brave New World (open) on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:08 am

Amara Amethyst
The long night just wouldn't end. It was just so difficult to sleep for Amara. Her body ached. Her mind wouldn't stop racing and keeping her up. The sleep she got was flat out bad. When the morning sun begins peeking over the horizon and lightning up the room, Amara is up. She quickly cleans herself up and gathers her things. By the time the Pup awakens, all that will be left of the mysterious faunus girl is a stack of well folded bedding. Her things and herself are gone.

Its a bit of a walk but thankfully its not overly difficult thanks to the size of the realm. After a while, the city of Bellmuse appears before her. "Okay. First thing is first, I need money. Second I wanna find this academy here." She states to herself as she passes the outskirts of town. An idea comes to her as she moves into the city proper.

Quietly she pulls out her flute. Taking the case of the flute she sets it down on the ground, open and ready to accept any lien people may be behooved to toss in. Quietly she starts playing her flute, entertaining and having fun with those who may listen.

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2 Re: Brave New World (open) on Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:07 pm

Terra walked through the city,trying to keep her eyes open and not walk into anyone or anything. She really had a busy day. Going to a huge class,running through the city trying to finish some errands,fighting off a creep. Not a grimm,a literal pervert. She walked around a corner,almost running into a wall,until she heard a sound that woke her up. Was that a flute? Terra turned towards the source of the noise and ran over to it. She finally found the source,Amara.

"So,your idea to get money is to play the flute for everyone that walks by? I have to say,that idea seems,appropriate. Are you new to Bellmuse? Name is Terra,a student at the academy." Terra gave her 100 lien and pulled out her scroll. "I must admit,you are good at playing the flute. Much better than anyone I know. Are you enrolling at the academy? I hear a bunch of new people are coming. Especially since the school year has begun."

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3 Re: Brave New World (open) on Fri Oct 13, 2017 3:31 am

Amara Amethyst
The Flutist smiles and gives a kind, "Thank you." She finishes off her song as she listens to what Terra is saying. Once the song is done, she lowers her flute and gives a smile. "Its the best idea I could come up with because I don't really know much about this place. I was on a ship and it was attacked by a grimm. I tried to fight it off but, Something strange happened and I woke up on the shore, on top of what looked like part of the main deck." She laughs. "It was a really rough trip."

She lowers her flute, twirls it and lets it rest by her side. She extends a hand. "Nice to meet you, My name is Amara Amethyst." Her rather cute Arctic Fox ears twitch in a happy manner.

Then its onto the main topic of conversation. "Well,I was actually on my way to Vale originally to hopefully get into Beacon Academy. Though I guess that is out of the question. So I figure I will have to check out the Academy here. I do wanna be a huntress. I love making music but, Its not the same as going out and fighting stuff right?"

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4 Re: Brave New World (open) on Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:12 pm

"Fighting grimm is great,but can get annoying after a while. Especially since the grimm around here are weirdly strong. Two of them almost killed my brother,and three Creeps are tough to go against,and they are small,and don't have that many bone plates." Terra checked her scroll before closing it and holding it in front of her. "Beacon Academy is nice,but Syne in my opinion is better. There are more teachers and a bigger variety of subjects. I just wish some teachers aren't,how do I put it? Haze is supposed to be this stuck up person that thinks of herself as a god. At least those are the rumors.Terra paused for a moment.

Some weird guy just walked by,carrying a long silver sword,carrying some weird book about colorblind people. She turned back towards Amara and put her scroll away. "The academy is up the hill through the Finnek Forest. It is a good safe haven from the grimm."

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