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Shiva Okaino [Submitting for approval]

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1 Shiva Okaino [Submitting for approval] on Sat Oct 14, 2017 8:22 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Shiva Venecia Okaino
Age: 20
Birthday: 10/10
Gender: Female
Race: Android
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Face Claim: Emily Kaldwin- Dishonored 2

STR: 5
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Fighting, Meditation, Practicing with Electronics, Dancing, Painting, Running, Diving into danger
Dislikes: Being cooped up for too long, Bullies, Superficial people
Fears: Magnets, Small Spaces, Forgetting how to fight
Talent: Tactics
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Analytical and observant, Shiva has spent a majority of her life being trained in the martial use of weapons, combat, and semblance application, as well as proper etiquette in modern social situations involving the most aristocratic and high-society of individuals. She values poise and self-discipline in the people around her, both out of combat and in it, however she has been known to enjoy interaction that differentiates from her normal disposition of class and superficial appearances, thus leading her to respect those that speak their mind regardless of consequences.

This inconsistency in her mindset has led her to a minor identity crisis that keeps her rigorously searching for purpose, and more than willing to explore all that life offers if given the opportunity. She has developed hobbies in meditation, painting, dancing, and singing if she believes that she is alone. Shiva displays a self-consciousness that truly shows when she feels embarrassed or backed into a corner as she tries to excuse herself or find something to scapegoat attention from herself.

She seems cold, distant, and almost barely present, but she's easy to make smile and it's the warmest smile you'd ever see. Quite simply, she does her best to seek good for everyone and is often too focused to notice many of the things happening socially around her.
Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Grey
Semblance: Asheous Form (Damage/Healing/Utility) Shiva's semblance allows her to generate, manipulate, or take the form of thick smoke to be used in a variety of ways.
Damage: The smoke that Shiva uses can be manipulated to assault the lungs of her opponents, making breathing difficult and potentially poisoning them. (20/20 SP)

Healing: Contrarily, Shiva is healed by breathing in this thick smoke that helps to mend her aura and her body, fueling the internal systems that keep her running to overclock her repair systems. (20 HP/30 SP)

Utility: Shiva turns into a smoke cloud that allows her to pass through small areas, fly to higher ground, or simply move somewhere more quickly. She is still susceptible to attack in this form as her smoke must remain in a condensed area, so any dispersion by solid mass still harms her.

Item 1: Schiavona Dueling Sword: An ornate sword with a metallic chrome handguard and her family signet stamped into the cross-guard.
Item 2: Aristocratic Dueling Garb (Physical Armor): As shown in the above image, her duelists garb includes a longcoat with a high reaching collar. She wears standard trousers and tall, ornate boots with cuffs.

History and Sample
When Shiva was "born" she was a factor of one of the greatest, and most classified projects that any company in the whole of Solitas had ever undertaken. The total and complete creation of an android with human characteristics, thoughts, and identity. She didn't begin as an android however, as during her development technology was sorely less developed than now. However, in just a few years time, the application of new tech and parts began to make her seem more and more human, and by her tenth birthday, she did in fact look like a normal ten year old girl. Shiva was a being that was given memories related to a well funded family that partnered with the company designing her in Atlas. So, she went to the Okaino family, who adopted her, but she believed that she had been with them her whole life. Memories and history, designed and fed to her only to make her feel more human.

She was given the name of Venecia by her family, but her memories led her to believe that her name had been Shiva from the start, so she adopted this mannerism as being her middle name, and a familial nickname that she donned quite well, but as mentioned above, the Okaino family was quite well-to-do in Atlesian high-life, leading her to become enmeshed in their lifestyle, their habits, and their activities. In time she was just a daughter to them in every sense of the word. As she got older, her parts were swapped out for newer models in her sleep-state to keep her oblivious, her immunity to poison was explained by fake doctors that connected it to her semblance and that her magnetic weakness was due to an overabundance of iron in her blood which clots when she is magnetized, thus lowering the amount of bloodflow to the brain and lowering cognitive function. This charade was held meticulously, as the company still had a claim in her being.

Shiva was designed to be a weapon, no matter how real she was, and at the encouragement of the company that partnered with their family, she underwent rigorous training exercises, and was outfitted with a combat-compiling computer, which monitored every test, skirmish, or fight that Shiva took part in or witnessed and recorded it, making the memory photographic for her, and enhancing her capabilities in the next fight, thus making her an excellent tactician.

Into her teen years, she became swift, she became poised, she became proper, she became deadly. The woman she is today reflects the brutal rigors that she has long since surpassed, and made her better for it. She applied to a huntsman academy, and was accepted with several recommendations, but in the time before she left to train, something felt... off. Although still completely unaware of her robotic origins, Shiva began to feel uncertainty in herself and where she was headed in the world, leading to an existential questioning and a worldly curiosity which she would bring with her to Syne Academy.
RP Sample:
Shiva sat posed, hands crossed as she stared directly at the back of a canvas that a painter was using for her portrait. The very same painter that her mother had hired to celebrate her acceptance to a huntsman academy. Though, after an hour sitting still her Shiva began to wonder what the consequence for failure might have been, mentally shuddering at the hypothetical situation.

"It is coming a long very well Venicia, just a half hour left." Spoke a woman watching from behind the painter.

Shiva finally sighed and waved her hand at the painter to dismiss him for a break. "That's exactly what you said a half hour ago mother. Is this really necessary?"

Shiva's mother was visibly annoyed. "Venecia, you know that there's going to be more distortion for every break he takes. Yes, this is going to be your last chance to have your painting added to the wall for four years, so it is indeed necessary."

Shiva paused for a moment, watching as the painter returned and sat at the easel again. "Mother, why do you and father always refer to me by my middle name?"

Taken slightly aback, her mother replied with discomfort. "That's a very long story sweetheart, one that we will share with you someday soon, not today, but soon.... Now sit up straight, you mustn't be slouching for your photo."

Shiva closed her eyes and nodded. "Yes mother." Re-assuming her pose as the painter returned to work.

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