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Olivia Cainhurst "Complete"

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1 Olivia Cainhurst "Complete" on Sun Oct 15, 2017 4:54 am

Olivia Cainhurst
Enrollment Form

"Beauty, is surmised by the eye of the beholder." "But may my silent cries, fill you mind with wonder." "As you watch from above, father."

Basic info
Name: Olivia Aricia Cainhurst
Age: 22
Birthday: Thursday, May 10
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 173.736 cm. [5ft. & 7in.]
Weight: 61 kg. [134.482lbs.]
Face Claim: Lady Maria of the Astral Clock Tower: Bloodborne "The Old Hunter DLC".

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
1.) Fighting
2.) Sweets
3.) Faunus
4.) Vengeance

1.) Harming Faunus
2.) Her fathers killer
3.) Anti-Faunus Supporters

1.) Acrophobia
2.) Arachnophobia
3.) Daemonophobia

Talent: Fighting
Weakness Social Interaction/Speech/Charisma
Overall Personality: Olivia is often noted to be considered a silent but attentive person, rarely speaking to other unless they interest her enough, her view point on others is often regarded to be cruel and judgmental seeing how she was raised to be treated with much higher regard. Being from the house of Cainhurst, a very old family of blue-blood nobles, Olivia often views others as bugs or pests that she has no time for, but often she will consider viewing others differently if she knows nothing good will come out of it. Despite her rather cold nature towards everyone she barely knows, she is a very caring person if she gains a connection with someone, thus due to her having little friends as a child. She can tend to be contradictory in her thought process, tending to change her persona on the fly to suit the need, this makes her obviously unpredictable, and incredibly hard to read which she has mastered to use to her advantage. Olivia often at times talks to herself, speaking her mind under her breath which was a habit of hers as a child that she never seemed to kick, as well as her love for sugary delicates, she also has a curious mind, which her curiosity plagues her mostly about Faunus, seeing how she was told to treat them like vermin. Despite this accustomed way of life around her, she has always treated the Faunus about her castle with care, never understanding why her father and mother taught her to despise the race of humanoid beings, to her, their animal like traits intrigue her.

Aura type: Recovery (+5 SP every turn.)
Aura Color: Blood Red
Semblance: The Red River [Damage: Burn, Healing, Utility]: The main premise behind Olivia's Semblance is that, her body is able to naturally create its own liquid that has two effects, both of which she has to switch between due to how the liquid works. The liquid takes on the appearance of crimson liquid that resembles blood, but doesn't retain the same staining properties, taste or scent of it, but is as thick as blood which makes it very close to how it is made, just like blood. Olivia's bone marrow naturally creates it and which is why it resembles blood, and has the same consistency as it, but not as nearly the same properties, and where this liquid is held is inside new veins that her body created during the time inside her mother.

Damage: By letting the red liquid seep out of her skin or through an open wound, Olivia is able to use the red liquid her body creates as a weapon, the liquid in this state has a combustible like nature and will create flames when enough friction is applied such as snapping her fingers or striking with her blade. This however only works if she uses 10 points in her aura to have this effect, if not, then she is most likely used her healing portion, the damage of her flame like liquid is of a traditional Damage Semblance, 20 points of Aura for 20 points of damage.

Status Effect: Burned: After been dealt damage for every 20 damage the burned-player deals the burned-player takes 5 damage (At affinity one), target is not impaired, but can be healed through a burn heal or any kind of healing semblance. Five of which would be lost is neutralized by healing aura, but if you deal damage resulting in over five points of burn damage to yourself you just subtract 5 from the total burn damage. At affinity two: You take 5 for every 15 you deal At affinity three: You take 5 for every 10 you deal At affinity four: Likelihood increases

Healing: Much like her Damage portion, Olivia is able to use her Semblance to generate a blood red liquid, this liquid has two effects, one being used for damaging, and the other is used for healing, much like her damage effect she is able to conjure forth the liquid through her skin or an open wound. By giving up 30 Aura she is able to heal up to 20 points of damage, when healing multiple people, she can heal 10 HP per person instead of 20, unless she uses 10 points of her Utility, she won't be able to use this effect if in her Damage effect.

Utility: The Utility portion of Olivia's power involves switching her semblances effect types, by using 10 aura points she is able to change her Semblance from either a Damage type to a Healing type, and visa versa, this allows her to quickly choose what to use if the need arises.

Item 1: Silberblut (Physical Weapon): Silberblut is an singular edges sword with a elegant style while being simplistic, the black leather grip fits the hand wondrously while encasing a full tang blade, the guard is designed to be elegant but also provide ample protection of the hands, despite how it appears, it is quite light and swings swiftly.

Item 2: Zeittanz (Physical Armor): Zeittanz is a adorned heavy cotton upper coat, usually worn by males of the Cainhurst family, Olivia has modified it to suit her fancy, the coat is well made, offers ample protection from the weather and physical attacks while being heavy enough as fashion, is light enough for swift movements in combat.

History and Sample
Born off the mainland of Atlas on an undisclosed islands state known as the Cainhurst Isles, Olivia Aricia Cainhurst was born into the nobility of individuals called the Cainhursts, her mothers name was Annalise Victoria Canhurst, when Olivia was only a year old her mother was taken away from her by a assassin targeting her father. The head of the Cainhurst family, Alexander James Cainhurst, the assassin wanted money in exchange for his targets daughter, however this wasn't the best idea as the assassin killed Olivia's father and stole her mother, Olivia was raised by her grandmother, aunts and uncles that lived in Cainhurst Castle. Due to the now heirless throne of Cainhurst, a new heir was to be picked, but during that time everyone of the family was to be extremely careful, Olivia herself was taught when of coming age to defend herself. Olivia was taught in the ways of Royal Swordplay, the art of using a blade is a swift, elegant but deadly manner, more useful as a defense martial arts, but could be used as an offense. She was taught this all of her life until the age of eighteen, by that time she had mastered single handed fighting and dual weapon fighting, and along the way unlocked her Semblance by mistake which she was taught to master as well.

After her eighteenth birthday, she was told everything about her fathers killer and where he was at, she however was not permitted to chase after him despite her training, but this didn't stop her from gaining as much information as she could about him. And what she found out from sources that were in Atlas and Vale was that the man that killed her father was called Marcus Allen Anderson, and had forced her mother to marry him, from what she found that she had a half brother by the name of Tokaru Anderson. However there was little info on the boy, she saw that he was a year younger than her, but that was it, she made her duty to seek out the male that ended her fathers life and find her half sibling. And as years passed and no word on what happened, one day a letter came for Olivia, for what was in the letter shocked her greatly, her mother had been killed by the man that kidnapped her, but also the man was dead as well all done by her half brother. By this time Olivia was twenty-two years old, she declared that she would be heading out northwards, wanting to find her brother, but under the impressions that she was to be a student at a school called Syne, which her sources said her brother Tokaru was heading towards, and so she set out to find him.
RP Sample:
The icy north winds of the Cainhurst Isles nipped at the breath of anyone or anything that entered its realm, the boat that sailed along the calm sea towards Atlas was a private vessel, one that Olivia cared little about, all she wanted was to get to Atlas, find her brother and return home. However, she knew it wouldn't be easy, she had to put up this farse of being a incoming student from a high ranked family, this Syne Academy was something she was not familiar with. Many things outside of her Castle were unfamiliar and she didn't like that change, however she was taught to over come thing by her teacher and family, however cruel they were about it, she was just grateful that her personal butler was escorting her. Jacques was a good man, despite being a Armadillo Faunus, his slender tail waving back and forth as he handed his lady her warm tea, keeping her warm with a blanket as the large boat sailed. She was ready to get away from her stuffy home, despite only being an hour march, she was rather impatient about it all as her butler sipped on his own drink, a dark coffee with milk in it, as she looked out the window, the gray skies roared a furious storm which was putting her to sleep. Quickly finishing her tea and putting up her book, Jacques taking both from her and escorting her to the main bedroom, he placed all of her things on the table and allowed her to sleep, knowing the trip would be long.

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