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Jordan Strider[Finished]

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1 Jordan Strider[Finished] on Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:21 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Jordan Strider
Age: 19
Birthday: 1/25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 7"0'
Weight: 195
Face Claim: Kakashi without a mask by Toroi-san

Aura 100|200 HP

Likes: Reading,silence,peace,weapons
Dislikes: Noise,conversations,multiple colors,lights
Fears: Humiliation,getting into a long conversation,teasing,unnecessary violence
Talent: Tracking
Weakness Social Interaction
Overall Personality: Jordan is a social outcast. He is a good fighter and a great student but never talks with anyone. The closest he gets to that is talking in front of the class,even then he basically runs back to his seat once he is done. Jordan has social anxiety. He absolutely hates conversations,especially long ones. He might say his name and introduce himself a little bit,but other than that,he won't talk to you.

Jordan is also color blind,one eye being worse that the other. He has Protanopia in one eye,and Deuteranopia in the other. He is easily embarrassed when someone corrects him when he gets a color wrong. He will try to correct himself when he makes a mistake but he usually keeps himself in his room,reading an old book,over and over. Or at least until he gets a new book. Jordan always manages to keep himself entertained though. And he will try to talk to you. But he will always be scared to talk. Dang social anxiety. Always getting in the way of making friends.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Black(Dark Red to him)
Semblance: Invisibility:Jordan can turn himself invisible to travel around undetected. He can still be heard and touched,and can be knocked out of the state if he is hit with a bright light.
Item 1: Kumon:A small Kunai Blade kept in a pocket in the side of Jordan's boot. Used mainly for self defense.
Item 2: Shadow Shards:The shards that are still in Jordan's eye projects a thin layer of armor that protects him against dust,which is why he still has the shards.(Magical Armor)

History and Sample
It all started out as a normal day for Jordan. He was in his room,reading a book,when his mom came in and told him about some party they were going to. When they were all dressed for the party,they left for it,not before Jordan started messing with some shadow dust. He fumbled around with it when he suddenly dropped it on the ground, He looked at it and it suddenly exploded into his eyes. His mom was a medic,and checked on his eyes. One of his eyes had a couple shards stabbed into it,but it was perfectly fine. When they finally made their way to the party,Jordan sat down at a table while his mom went out and danced. Sarah,a girl that went to school with Jordan,sat down at the table with him. They were talking about normal things,when he said something that would change his life.He said her dress looks nice in pink,when it was actually blue. Sarah corrected him on that and a couple people heard him. He was embarrassed so much he left the room. He went outside on the porch and waited there. He stayed there for at least a hour before he decided to go back inside. He sat at a different table and sat there. Whenever someone went over to talk to him,he always got scared. His breathing got heavy. He felt like he couldn't breath. Everything seemed weird. Everything was brown,red,green,pink,lilac. He was seeing colors. Colors that don't belong. Jordan and his mom left after a while. They went to the hospital where they found out he was colorblind. His whole life changed.

12 years later he still regrets that day. And he still has that social anxiety. If only he hadn't messed with that dust. Where did they get shadow dust anyway. His mother doesn't have the license. Weird.
RP Sample:
Jordan walked through the academy one day,looking around at all of the mismatched colors through his eyes. He made it to his combat class,with the teacher he absolutely hated.He walked around the corner and accidentally bumped into someone. "Sorry,didn't see you there. I...need to go." Jordan just walked off. He arrived at the classroom,when he saw a note on the door. He looked at it closely and read it out loud. "I am afraid due to the training exercises we will be practicing today in the training arena." Looks like he is going to be late today. Maybe he can read that book on his way. He still needs to finish. Jordan walked along the walls,not wanting to get into a conversation at all. Until he saw it. It was the rat king with humans. A massive crowd. Time to unleash the old semblance. Jordan used his semblance to phase through everyone and made it in the Training Arena. Looks like he was on time. Now to deal with the annoying teacher. Sigh.

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2 Re: Jordan Strider[Finished] on Mon Oct 23, 2017 8:34 pm

Ishi Omo
looks good to me.

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