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Ten Year Later (invite only)

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1 Ten Year Later (invite only) on Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:40 pm

Jumping to ten years in the future everything is in ruins due to the country of Atlas declaring world domination, 1/3 of the world already concord by Atlas. When atlas attack they targeted all the academies in the world but theirs, this killed thousands of future hunters and pro hunters, with the number of non Atlas hunters down Atlas swoop in quickly at attack. That event happen 2 year before this story began, Pup at the time was about to graduate from Syne academy when it happen, this left a massive scare on his chest, the lost of site in his left eye, a large chunk of his right dog ear missing and the death of the girl he was dating and parents. For 2 years straight he fought Atlas by himself destroying millions of their Drones and mech's, making Pup battle harden. Pup then was given the nickname Fenrir, his weapons at this time were his gauntlets, a powerful ultra great bow and bladed whip called Gleinir. Its been 2 years since that day and Fenrir is now 22 years of age, he was scouting around in the ruins of what used to be Bellmuse when some Atlas soldiers appeared, it was the first in a while where he seen humans fighting for atlas, they must be looking survives to take to their dust mines. Fenrir took them out with three bults from his ultra great bow, he then checked their corps to check why they were here. Apparently Bellmuse is going to be turned into a resort for the Atlas rich citizens, Fenrir wasn't surpise Bellmuse had nice weather all the time. It was useless cause everyone left Bellmuse after the attack started, everyone is either dead, enslaved, hiding in a bunker or fighting in the front lines.

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