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Combat object, variables rewriting, constructor reprogramming. 0.002% improvement to mental efficiency [Closed!]

Character themes. Yay or nay?

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Theme: Arch enemy: The eagle flies alone (Melodic Death Metal)

A soft breath came from Mathilde. A deep voice in her mind instructed her that the hologram training would start in five seconds. And proceeded to count it down. At the mark of two, the white coat hit the floor with a soft thud of the heavy leather with metal braced in it. A soft sheen in the otherwise ill lit training room, and the blade of a massive scythe lowered behind her. Eyes were closed. The epitome of control and serenity.

"Program initiated," chimed the AI in her mind as several holographic Grimm appeared in the room, to her eyes only. With an almost explosive burst of movement, Mathilde charged forward at the first, scythe brandished. The crescent blade ready to slaughter the representations of an enemy. It was different from actual combat. As Harrowed Justice cut through, there was no resistance of flesh and bone. Nothing that halted her momentum. As if fighting a Gheist that had no selected form. She had to compensate for that.

The first Grimm shattered under a succesful kill. She flung the scythe around and ducked under it, circling it above her back and smacking the blunt edge against the mask of another. On and on as a set number of enemies kept spawning and crashing down on her. Each dispatched with collossal feats of strength, yet grace was also part of her fighting style. She flowed like water and moved as an experienced fighter. Albeit that she made missteps and was sometimes slow to react and pull the massive weapon around. Yet, it seemed to suit her more than just fine.

To any onlooker, it would just look like she was fighting purely on imagination.

"Program terminated," came the voice in her head again. "Accuracy, 72 percent. Clearing speed dropped with 0.2 seconds. Calculated on parameters, grade A." She grit her teeth. Too slow, way too innacurate, was what she told herself as she lifted the scythe, resting it on her shoulder. "From the top," was what the gynoid mumbled to herself as she moved to the coat she had dropped on her original position. Rolling her shoulder during. Math Put it on again and entered her casual stance again. She needed to be able to assess and react to a situation on a whim. It was a speed that had killed her creator. Or rather, her  father. So naturally, it was speed she needed to train.

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Noir sighed deep and long as he walk to the training arena. He just had the worst day imaginable, first he was told to say after class because he was "intimating" his class mates. He was then later called out of class to be yelled at his father for being "anti-social" and how the school contact him about his behavior at school. At lunch, he sat alone at the lunch table while those around ridicule him. He really needed to punch something.

"I bet as soon as I get in the there, someone is going to say something but when i defend myself I'm going to be the bad guy" and on and on he went till he reach the door.  He place his hand on the door and brace himself for the stares of those on the inside but when he open the door he saw something he never seen before. "So elegant..." He said quietly as he watch from the door. The way she swayed back and forth was just mesmerizing. As her dance came to an end, the spell he was under was broken but Noir just couldn't help but felt she was somehow disappointed in her movements.

Noir silently closed the door and quietly made his way towards the back area where he could work the punching bag without being too noticeable.

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As if on cue, as Noir had been shutting the door, a set of thin and dainty fingers would wrap themselves about the side of the door and prevent it from shutting completely as she slid through the small space she allotted herself and shut the door behind her this time. She did her best to be unobtrusive as she walked along the side of the wall with her fingers raised to just barely brush the finish of the architecture, only stopping about halfway through the room as she too began to obtain a measure of interest from Mathilde.

She pauses with her hand still against the wall as she watches with her peripheral vision, soon growing more and more interested to the point that she loses all interest with the architecture of the building and drops her hand. Shiva paid no mind to Noir, however as one thing seemed to be setting these two training activities apart in Shiva's perspective. For some reason, every portion of her intuition was seemingly blinking at her that this girl was in some sort of skirmish, and it dawned on her in that moment that this woman was doing imagination training much like she had done in training back in Atlas.

Shiva knew exactly what she could do now, having found a reason to stay in this training room. She placed her back against the wall and crossed her legs before she slid down to a seated position. Shiva placed her hands on her knees, giving the stray hair on the right side of her face a flip with her finger as she began to meditate, eyes open and completely focused on studying this woman's combat form.

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The sound of metal moving and heavy footsteps were always the close companion to Lothric whenever he walked within the academy ground, this was mostly due to how most of the time he would wear his entire suit of armor. Having attached the helmet to the small hook on his waist as to not hinder his sight when moving around, his hair swayed lightly with each step much to his dismay whenever it either got caught in the gaps between his armor or rested in front of his eyes. Adjusting Sanctus Ignis position on his waist Lothric couldn't help but letting out a heavy sigh as he opened the door slowly and stepped through and stopped only a few steps inside and turned his gaze over the others within.

Looking first over the two who seemed to be spectators he didn't really notice anything beyond what he had come to expect from the students at Syne. Then his gaze turned towards the one who seemed to be fighting something that was either invisible or a mental image, Lothric made a mental note to ask if he ever got the opportunity, while he would not have mind watching this further it was not why he had chosen to be here this day.

Clearing his throat a few times Lothric called out towards the female wielding the scythe with his normal calm and regal voice "Salutations miss, while I shall nay comment on how thee chose to practice may I make the simple suggestion that a live and physical opponent might be far more worth of the limited time you have?". There was of course a slight danger that he might have offended her but Lothric had not much interest in just standing around and if he could get a duel out of this whole ordeal then it would be even better and who knows, maybe he could even get a new sparring partner as well.

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The second bout went on as much as the first. The AI alerted her of other presences and adjusted accordingly to not have them caught up in Mathilde's swings and slashes. She kept going, even as Lothric called out to her. As if she was in a trance. Mesmerized by her invisible foes. Though they were very real for her, accurate and realistic representations. It didn't take much longer than thirty seconds after Lothric called out to her for Mathilde to conclude her solo training. "Accuracy, 73 percent. Clearing speed dropped with 4.2 seconds. Calculated on parameters, grade B+." The AI chimed throughout her mind, before finally shutting down. With a soft sheen scattering across the training room, the gynoid rested the massive scythe on her shoulder and turned around to face Lothric fully now. The others didn't seem to make a move to greet her, so she left them to their own devices. No sense in interrupting them.

The man clad in armour that stood before her, however. Was quite interesting. Her head tilted as she gave the man a swift one over, before smiling faintly and nodding. "Greetings, sir," she answered. Her other hand moving up to rest on the polearm as well. "If you're offering a friendly spar, it'd be quite rude from me to decline." She chuckled softly. "Though, who do I have the honor of fighting with?" She knew one thing, the man had a very impressive appearance. Righteous, clad in armour. A leader people would gather behind. Someone that would inspire hope to men.

It made her wonder. Was this man a team leader?

A frown momentarily crossed her face as the training program in her mind once again piped up. Requesting to monitor the ensuing spar and provide a rating. A mental permission was given and Mathilde blinked momentarily. Her pupils constricted, before dialating just a bit. Allowing for the scene to be seen by the training program she was running.

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Noir couldn't help but overheard the conversation that was taking place. "I wish I had balls like that" he thought to himself as he continued to work the punching bag. "I want to spar too" he pouted mentally. "If only there was some way to draw attention to myself." he sighed. He look at the other stranger up and down, "fancy way of speaking, tall, and fully equip for battle." Noir was starting to work himself up, he could imagine that scythe swinging towards him as he duck underneath and wrap cross tails around them. The screech of metal, the look of confusion on her face as he redirect the scythe towards the giant of the man. He lick his lips, "I haven't had a good battle since I came here."

Noir re-positioned himself with the punching bag, the punching bag being the only thing between them. Noir took a couple of steps back before kicking the bag hard enough to break off the chain and bounce in between them two. Noir smiled to himself, "mission success, now to play it off." "Haha, sorry about that, I don't know my own strength sometimes" he said as he got closer to the two, "i am truly sorry but I couldn't help but also over hear, you guys talking about sparring. I'm currently unoccupied and I would like to join you two." He said as he was within a blade reach of distance from them.

Noir had already wrap cross tail strings around the punching bag, He was itching for combat but he remember what his father said "you gotta play smart with a weapon like that, use everything you have to your advantage. If you leave her today learning something at least learn this "winning is only achieved when you without a doubt you won." Noir gut was telling him to prepare himself for trouble and make it double.

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Shiva felt a mixture of annoyance that was well overshadowed by opportunity as she sat. She would straighten her legs out and then curl them into a fetal position as she stood straight up from that position without use of her arms. She would pat the front of her coat as she walked towards the small group, concerted to make herself appear a measure more presentable. As she got within a few feet of them, Shiva would draw her blade and lightly plant the tip of the blade against the ground before her, and cupping her hands atop the handle as she stood straight up.

She raised one of her pale hands to her chest as she lowered her head slightly and closed her eyes. "My apologies for my interruption, it is my honor to be graced by your company, as well as to introduce myself as Vene.." She coughed into her hand and she corrected her habitual faux pas. ".. as Shiva Okaino of Atlas."

She re-opened her eyes as she addressed them directly. "If I may, I would request to join you as well if you are indeed going to be sparring. All formality aside, I think that the diversity would be a thrilling learning experience for us all, and a grand way to further improve ourselves as future huntsman."

She thought back on her own image training, and how she eventually grew accustomed to the manner of her own mind's patternization and was able to beat past records without truly improving. Shiva had asked her instructor to spar with her directly from that day forward in order to break the cycle. She slid her blade back into the ring that held it and placed her slender hands against her hips as she awaited her answer.

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Lothric gave Mathilde a warm smile when she accepted his offer for a duel and was mentally cheering as he would not have to deal with any strange conversation before it or any arguments, when he was asked to deliver his name Lothric placed his right hand upon his chest and bowed deeply towards Mathilde while speaking in his regal and calm voice "I thank thee for the opportunity to present mine self. I am Ser Lothric Ember and by thine location I would have to wager that thee also be a fellow student at Syne."

He was quite happy about how things were going and that it would not be long before the sparks of combat would fill the room as flame and steel was brought forth against his opponent, well that was until a punching bag was sent crashing in between the two of them. Reacting upon the sudden movement and noise as if by instinct Lothric had drawn his sword and while doing so utilized the sheath to create enough sparks to conjure forth flames to coat his blade and the right arm which was holding it, while the fire roared as if in response to his actions Lothric let out a heavy sigh when he noticed and heard the person who had done the act of disrupting his conversation.

Listening as the culprit of this distraction brush the ordeal off and asking for a spot within the duel made Lothric angry but beyond his own mental cursing of this individual there was nothing that betrayed this emotion but annoyance could clearly be seen in his eyes.

Turning his gaze towards the punching bag Lothric re-sheathed his sword and as he did the flames covering the blade as well as those covering his arm leaped towards the punching bag before setting it ablaze, during this Lothric responded to the distraction creator with a slight cold tone in his voice "While I shall nay deprive you of entrance as it nay be mine right to do so I must state that thine entrance while effective is sloppy and a right annoyance."

Just when he thought the entire exchange was over another made her presence know, but this one had manners while doing so and this returned Lothric to his warm smile and turned his complete attention towards this Shiva. When she was done speaking he simply bowed his head in respect and decide to speak once more in his calm and regal tone "Salutations Miss Okaino of Atlas. I hope Bellmuse and Syne meet thine expectations, alas I must regret that it nay be mine choice to allow you entrance into this sparring match, tho I would welcome it as thine reasoning is flawless.".

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Mathilde had begun to approach Lothric, extending her hand in a simple gesture. It was then that the ringing of chains reached her ears. If there was anything in the way of human frailty to Mathilde, she'd be knocked clean off of her feet and probably suffer from severe concussion. However, her hand slipped back and she turned on her feet. Using her shoulders to balance the scythe and flip it around her neck and down her left arm, throwing her right arm up to catch the punching bag. The sycthe thumped against the floor and with an almost explosive thud, the (now flaming) projectile came to a dead stop against her arm, before slumping to the ground. The back had ripped open due to the kinetic force and some of the contents spilling out. Some of the embers on her arm were padded off by a gloved hand nonchalantly, before they actually managed to do some damage to her skin.

And emotionless silver eyes befell Topaz. Cold in their vision and mirthless altogether. "Please, mind yourself," she stated curtly, before sighing. "A pleasure meeting you too," she answered Shiva's introduction. Though, the woman was Atlesian, like herself. She had to wonder. Another android, or just a citizen?

Her eyes moved back to Lothric and she gave a curt nod. "I don't have any qualms to have an all out battle," with a soft sheen, the scythe moved back to rest on her shoulder. A heel came to rest on the ruined and burningpunching bag. With a soft skidding, she kicked the thing back to the side of the room, she took her own distance and took several steps back. Slowly pulling the white coat over and dropping it to the floor, glancing at the three others in the room.

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With gentle eyes and slow, almost practiced motions, Shiva pulled the scabbard from which her sabre was contained free from her belt and held it at a near perfect 180 degree angle in front of her. She grasped the bejeweled handle and slid the blade free whilst nonchalantly tossing the scabbard to the side of the room, determining that it would simply be a nuisance to her in this skirmish, no matter how brief or drawn out it may be. With the blade freed, she gave it a few test swings in a crossing pattern.

She unbuttoned the top button of her dueling coat and slid her feet into a wider stance, only slightly askew from her shoulders. Shiva swiped her blade into position before her eyes in a vertical formation, watching her opponents intensely with a dangerous glint in her eyes. She had her free hand behind her back clenched into a tight fist, and stood thoughtless, only awaiting the opportunity for riposte.

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Drawing the sword once more Lothric let out a heavy sigh as he made a small effort to steady his breathing into a pattern that should allow him to keep his breath during the free for all, grasping the handle with both of his hands he lift it up to shoulder height and moved it to his right shoulder, while he was doing this he had made sure to point the tip of the blade towards his left foot and angling it in a sixty degree angle downwards. Happy with his stance he let his left hand go from the hilt and used it to place the helmet back onto his head and attach the straps before placing it back and gripping the hilt once more.

Lothric would then lower his stance with a few inches by bending his knees and slightly extending the gap between his feet, making sure his grip was tight and stance sturdy Lothric would chuckle lightly as different counters, attacks as well as many other varied moves for both offense and defense started to rush into his mind. While he was prideful and had all confidence in his ability and skill Lothric was not a fool who would avoid analyzing his opponents and himself to the best of his ability. He was as ready as he could be and soon battle would be joined and then fire, steel and blood would give color to this canvas for the art of their duel and in the end the color of the others would fade beyond the supreme color of one.

Speaking with his normal tone "While I doth enjoy a duel and would have preferred a gentle one on one I can't hide mine own excitement about this bout of ours..", it was clear that Lothric would be smiling underneath his helmet from just how his eyes where sparkling lightly within the depths of the shadow cast over by said helmet.

Then came the opening he wanted, Lothric lightly tapped the point of his blade towards the ground and utilized the sparks from the sudden contact to craft flames forth from the tip of his blade, these flames grew rapidly and soon covered his sword as well as his arms up to the shoulder where they started to flow behind him as if it was cloth, the roaring sound from the fire quickly deafened the small metal sounds Lothric was creating with his limited movement.

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"Oh crap! They're duking it out!" A voice called across the training room, a scroll was pulled up. Several texts sent, and a small crowd had gathered within minutes, recording the entire ordeal. Said video would later be edited and uploaded as;

'EPIC 3-MAN 1V1V1 -- Free for all! The Empress vs. The PyroKnight vs. The Reaper! Unseen fight! -- OMG SHARE AND LIKE'

Leather creaked softly as her foot slowly slid across the floor. Deafened out by the roaring of fire that originated from Lothric. She rolled her shoulders, her hands tightening and loosening around the shaft of hallowed redeemer. As Lothric had so eloquently put it, the thrill and tension was to be cut. Though who's blade would cut said tension to start the free for all. And whose blade would emergy victorious? It were all questions pondered by Mathilde. Though from what she could judge from their starting movements, fully aware her disadvantage and predictability due to training in the public eye, was that this Shiva was a duelist. She'd move around, swift jabs and ripostes, though she wouldn't be particularily fast.

Lothric, was another pair of sleeves, while she wasn't sure of how his armour and aura played into the fight. She knew the fire and flames were a dangerous manner. She'd have to approach both of them with the superior, massive reach Hallowed Redeemer gave her. Though that led to the next annoyance.

None seemed to be willing to make a move. So it was up to her.

Flicking the scythe around, she managed to circle it behind her back. Gripping the polearm relatively close to the blade, arm at an angle of roughly fourty degrees, the tip of the scythe turned to the ground. The shaft behind her back, sticking out almost a meter above her.

And she walked, slowly, ever so slowly, glancing once at Lothric, before glancing at Shiva and turning to the Atlesian. Her back, she didn't just leave her back open like that, now did she? With a swift kick of her feet, she suddenly charged for Shiva, still holding the scythe close to it's blade. A raze for her abdomen, despite being parried or having her momentum turned around, Math would use a solid stomp on the floor to shouldercharge Shiva, aiming to knock her off balance.

She had presumed that by this time, Lothric would have approached and charged for her. After all, she had put her back to him. And grabbed the shaft behind her back with her free hand, aiming to smack the pommel backwards all of a sudden, aiming to jab at him if he had approached the pair.

HP: 210 / 210
SP: 100 / 100

1. Attack - Scythe blade - Target: Shiva Okaino - Delivering 45 damage on hit
2. Attack - Unarmed - Target: Shiva Okaino - Delivering 25 damage on hit
3. Attack - Scythe pommel - Target: Ser Lothric Ember - Delivering 45 damage on hit

OOC note: Let's make this one look good.

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Every thought and movement that Shiva made was generally calculated several seconds before it happened. She thought back on the days that Master Colin had trained with her and beat that idea into her brain as though it were made of stone. Despite this, it was not uncommon for her to get distracted from the moment by her own calculatory nature, and this situation was a testament to that flaw.

As Shiva stood postulating on how to use Lothric's flames against him, she was caught relatively flat-footed by Math's sudden assault. She had enough time to react, but not so much to avoid the strike altogether and instead was struck by the handle of the weapon rather than the blade, a fate she was all too happy to compromise. She would not give Math even the most remote opportunity to follow up on that blow by utilizing her semblance and turning into a smoke cloud. Shiva flew between Math's legs and materialized on her left side.

Seeing the way that Math clenched the handle of her weapon, Shiva could only assume that it was meant for her as well. She aimed to interrupt the attack by twisting her entire body around and backhanding Math in the nose with her clenched fist. This would set her up for a perfect flow as she rose her blade over her shoulder, apparently preparing a thrust, but instead she'd release the blade and spin about to catch it with her left hand, slashing at Math's shoulder while springing into a backstep, her arm twisting at an oblique angle to accommodate her fainting strike . She idly bounced on her feet while tossing the blade into her right hand again, keeping herself lighter on her feet and focusing purely on the moment to avoid such a mistake again.

Her brain was running at a million miles a minute now, despite her focus on present events, as it ran wild to run through scenarios or decide plans that seemed to be step-by-step.

HP: 130/150

Actions taken: Shiva ate the initial strike, but used her semblance to flank Math and avoid any other attacks. She struck her fist at Math and flowed into a feinting strike while distancing herself from both of her opponents.

-20 HP: Math
-10 SP: Semblance-Utility
+5 SP: Recovery

Attacks: (before DEF)

Backhand: 25 Damage

Feinting Slash: 35 Damage

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Slightly bothered that he had not been the first objective of his opponents attacks Lothric shrugged it off easily and adjusted his stance the moment Mathilde had moved for Shiva, moving his blade down to waist level and holding it horizontal with the tip of the blade behind him as he moved his right foot in front of his let and spaced them out by a few inches. Advancing when he noticed Shiva focusing upon Mathilde, Lothric had waited just the right amount of time before launching his advance to easily avoid the jab by the scythe pommel and was glad for it as if hit that could have placed him right back into the defensive. Lowering his stance as he closed the distance Lothric swung his sword horizontally towards the lower back of Shiva as he continued to advance, passing th duelist he Immediately continued the swing turning it into a slight twirl as he half ways through the spin angled the sword upwards and by the time he was facing Mathilde he swung it vertically in a downwards arc aiming for her right shoulder.

When the blade made contact with either Mathilde/scythe or the ground Lothric would unleash his flames by utilizing the tip of his blade as the center point and forming a flaming pillar that would try to engulf both Mathilde and Shiva, the attempt with this attack was to force the two to retreat or be pushed back and set them both ablaze as to remove their ability to react to his sudden attacks and allow him to re-establish his guard so that future attacks could be blocked,dodged or parried.

As the fire was raging Lothric said in a cold and slightly sinister voice "While I doth understand the chaotic nature of our little rumble, I nay enjoy being left out. Consider this mine only warning given to ye both.", while this was true Lothric wanted most of all to give the crowd a slight show but not going overboard or well his view of going overboard.

HP: 150 / 150
SP: 140 / 160

1. Attack - Horizontal swing - Target: Shiva Okaino - Delivering 40 dmg.
2. Attack - Vertical Downwards swing - Target: Mathilde Harmaa - Delivering 40 dmg.
3. Attack - Fire pillar - Target: Mathilde Harmaa & Shiva Okaino - Delivering 10SP dmg to each and attempt at inflicting Burning status effect Affinity 1.

Opponent defense is not taken into calculation.

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The shouldercharge was a swing and a miss. Shiva moving through her and dodging it at all. Being now at her side, she was swift to turn on her feet. Though recieved a backhand to the face that caused a light stagger, one she used to stomp her foot down and grin, stepping back well out of reach from Shiva, rendering her following attacks null. Though the fact Lothric went for her was also rather detrimental for the supposed attacks. But now she had Lothric to deal with. Lothric charged at her after aiming a jab at Shiva.

What followed, however, was Mathilde pushing her scythe up, using the polearm to catch Ser Ember's blow, she performed a matrix, almost back-breaking bend. Having witnessed it before and really not being in the mood to have flames raze across her face caused the sentiment to complete. Though the heat also did major damage to her aura. when the flames ceased, she glanced up and gave Lothric a grin, before suddenly flicking the scythe sidewards, aiming to raze his sword off of the metal pole and open him up for a pommel strike, this time striking the pommel and part of the haft against the side of his head, before smacking her leg forward in a frontal kick, aiming to knock him back out of reach again. She danced on her feet and circled her scythe around, making an estimate as to where Shiva was.

And now she utilised the full and massive range of her scythe, to raze Shiva in her side and possibly knock the frail fighter off of her feet.

HP:  190 /210
SP: 100 / 100

1. Attack - Scythe pommel with a side of haft - Target: Ser Lothric Ember - Delivering 45 damage on hit
2. Attack - Frontal kick / unarmed - Target: Ser Lothric Ember - Delivering 25 damage on hit
3. Attack - Scythe blade - Target: Shiva Okaino - Delivering 45 damage on hit


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Though mildly annoyed that her slash hadn't landed, Shiva shook her hand around attempting to alleviate some of the pressure from the unexpected force that was returned when she punched Math. "What kind of training have you endured? You feel like you're made of metal, gods."

Though there was hardly time to consider the prospect any more deeply, and she was quite glad she'd swapped to a more light-footed stance as she was able to bend herself into a high jump over Lothric's blade at the last moment. She rolled over her shoulder and onto her knee, with only enough time to flinch as flames engulfed her as well.

She made no effort to escape the heat, and slowly stood up as the flames rose, smiling. It burned, but she was certain of the upper hand she'd have for just a bit with these events. When the flames came and went, there was no smoke to be found. Not from Math, or the air nearby, that is, no smoke anywhere but Shiva.

Shiva was completely engulfed by the wispy aura of smoke and ash which flicked at her hair and even caused it to float at times. Even her eyes were affected, with her pupils being turned grey and seeming to move as if the color were wisps of smoke themselves. "Thank you." she said with a smile as Math struck at her.

Knowing the strength of her opponent had to be decently praiseworthy, Shiva would actually hop onto the side of the scythe, riding out the swing before leaping a few feet further from the pair of combatants. Upon landing she'd take a moment to examine the swirling ash around her body, before taking in a deep breath from it, causing her aura to flare up. This visibly showed that breathing in the smoke did something to her, before she abruptly shoved her open palm forward toward Math and Lothric. A massive cone of smoke and ash would spray forward in a cloud that would fill the space around them if they were unable to avoid it. The smoke would cloud Lothric's lungs if he breathed it in, harming him and potentially poisoning him. And Math would not have the risk of being poisoned, but the ash would seek some high priority system within her to clog up if she couldn't avoid it.

Shiva simply smiled as she rose her blade beside her hand, indicating that she was ready for more attacks to come her way.


HP: 140/150
SP: 100/150

Actions Taken: Shiva narrowly avoided Lothric's attack, but fell within the plume of flames. She was hurt, but not burned, and absorbed all the smoke and ash from the attack and stored it as fuel. With increased fuel to burn, she used Math's strike to reposition herself and heal, while launching an aggressive smoke and ash cloud at her opponents.

-10 HP: Fire Pillar
-30 SP: Self-Heal
+5 SP: Recovery
-20 SP: Smoke cloud attack


10 Semblance Damage to Lothric- Poison chance at Aff 1
10 Semblance Damage to Math

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Adjusting his swords position on the Scythe Lothric managed to just barely deflect the strike towards by slightly adjusting the trajectory and lowering his stance while doing so, this however made him open to the kick and as he made himself more compact to absorb the kick it still sent him sliding over the ground a few inches before he managed to stop. It was then he noticed the cloud of ash and smoke, just managing to hold his breath before the cloud hit him Lothric quickly managed to exit it and put some distance between him and the others, still the smoke and ash had hurt him and he could feel the effects of them on his body. It was that same feeling back then and that was a memory Lothric did not wish to repeat but just the way he had been surrounded by smoke and the sudden fear and darkness, it was just too much and thus forced him into that one thought he never wanted again.

While looking calm and composed on the outside except the release of breath and the heavy breathing to regain it, but within his own mind Lothric had almost completely shattered due to a mix of panic and his own curses about the cloud. It was enough, he would deal with it here and now.

Lifting his left hand up above him the lingering fires on the ground around them quickly gathered as more was created and soon a massive fireball had been formed, aiming it at Shiva while focusing his gaze on her Lothric launched it directly at her while he quickly followed it from behind. Just before the Fireball impacted Shiva's location Lothric had utilized the flames on his armor to quickly launch himself above the fireball and as the impact and explosive release of flames happened he swung his sword in a downwards arc aiming for Shiva's center line at the top of her head. When the impact of his sword happened if it was on target or not Lothric made the lingering flames rush outwards clearing his current location while sending waves of fire in all directions.


HP: 135 / 150
SP: 95 / 160

-10 SP Semblance Utility.
-40 SP Semblance attack.
-5 HP Unarmed attack.
-10 HP SP attack.
+5 SP, SP Regen.

1. Attack - Massive Fireball - Target: Shiva Okaino - Delivering 20SP dmg.
2. Attack - Downwards swing - Target: Shiva Okaino - Delivering 40 dmg.
3. Attack - Fire waves - Target: Mathilde Harmaa & Shiva Okaino - Delivering 20SP dmg.

Opponent defense is not taken into calculation.

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The smoke and ashes pulled past and through Mathilde, clogging up one of her mental actuators. While it was easily rerouted and negated, the damage was still present. Though there was a perk to being unable to breathe and knowing where the origin point of the attack was. As the smoke parted, Shiva would notice a rather intimidating sight. A woman near two meters tall, a scythe with a blade roughly the same length as herself which was brandished and ready to slash down in a split second of said smoke and ashes disappearing. It wasn't impossible, though it would be damn heavy to retaliate said strike.

She glanced over her shoulder when the clunking of armour reached her ears, immediately turning on her feet. She flicked her scythe around and jumped up, hooking the bladed weapon at Lothric's foot, pulling him down and proppeling herself up. Whether he recovered from the sudden weight and was able to push his attacks through remained to be seen. Mathilde was now clear of the waves of fire, being up in the air.

She turned on her own axis and extended her elbow, aiming to get the literal drop on Lothric. Aiming the dropping elbow for the top of his head. Her massive weight would dent and crack the floor on impact.

As she landed, whether it was ontop of Lothric or not, she immediately rolled backwards and jumped back with a massive slash from her scythe again, aiming to strike the pyrokinesist with her scythe while retreating swiftly.


HP: 180 / 210
SP: 100 / 100

-10 HP: Semblance damage from Shiva Okaino.

1. Attack - Scythe slash - Target: Shiva Okaino - 45 damage on hit, minus defenses.
2. Attack - Elbow drop - Target: Lothric Ember - 25 damage on hit, minus defenses.
3. Attack - Scythe slash- Target: Lothric Ember - 45 damage on hit, minus defenses, intent to bleed; affinity 1

Burn overtime - damage dealt: 5 damage. Taking no damage yet.

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