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A tour of Springwood's Retreat

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1 A tour of Springwood's Retreat on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:30 am

"Welcome dear customer to the Springwood's Retreat, the new and local inn where multiple relaxing features are offered to you for a low price and a smile! How about a small tour of the establishment to get you oriented and work on that appetite? Don't know where it is? Easy, just follow the road that leads south-east of Springwood that follows the lake and you'll find it in no time. It's that beautiful arrangement of flowers and trees near the tall hill!"

You were welcomed to the Springwood's Retreat, a small inn that has opened recently with the arrival of a faunus from Vale. Yamashita Yuki, owner of the establishment was giving the tour herself, dressed in a kimono matching with the color of the season, smiling brightly with pride as you followed her around her humble abode. The first thing that you could see was that two buildings were built around the hill, a large one stood at the foothill while the other seemed nearly dug into the giant mound of dirt. The bigger structure that you were facing was out of the ordinary with roots, branches and flowers growing from the foundations, mixing with the walls in a beautiful manner, as if nature had built the inn itself. Across the branches you could still make up three floors by the windows that were scattered on the facade, a dim but warm light coming from each of them while the exterior was lit by rustic lantherns and phosphorescent plants. From the angle you were standing, a flight of stairs could be seen linking the two buildings across the hill. The host waved to you from the doorway, large massive oak doors were leading to the reception.

Arriving inside, you were greeted once more by the blonde faunus as she stood behind a counter. Everything inside was made of wood, but each piece of furniture look different all thanks to the different trees used in their conceptions. On the counter was a potted plant that bare fruits that were unknown to you, bright and shining blue pear-looking fruits that nearly begged to be eaten. The room you were in only was that: a counter with a plant but it lead to three other areas of the inn. Through the door to your left you could find the dinning room. Furnished with short tables and no chair, it was one of those eastern room where you sat on pillows or directly on the floor if you wished so. This room is also used as a tea house when the main meals of the day aren't being served, so there's always something to enjoy there. One of the walls is like one huge window, giving on the sparkling lake. Chairs and tables were also set outside for those nice warm days. Going back to the reception and through the door on the right, it lead to a large room with comfortable chairs and sofas scattered all around, offering a nice place to relax inside for those who don't necessarely want to be inches from the ground. At the end of the room they're other doors, a glassed double door up front that leads to a greenhouse looking area and another simple one on the left that leads to the kitchen. The cooking domain is simple in appearance despite the decor being in all shades of brown with the woods with the occasional chrome of the instalations. Built more for effectiveness than esthetic compared to the other rooms, it serves its purpose. Going back where greenhouse is, it was clearly just that: a greenhouse. Plants of all kind were growing all over the place, most of them seemingly unknown to most. Some tables were set in here as well for those wanting to feel closer to nature, if the building being invaded by plants weren't enough. A small hallway through the display of flowers and vines was leading to other doors that guided outside at the beginning of the stairs you could see from outside earlier.

Yuki began to climb the stair as she wanted to show what was up there, being her favorite part of her inn. With a natural fence made from pretty vines and flowers that grew on each side of the stairs, you were guided to a way smaller building than the one downhill. Its size was perfect though as it only served the purpose of being a set of three changing rooms, each one leading to three different hotsprings. The interior of the rooms were identical, wood everywhere except for the lockers and plumbing for the showers. The springs though were a sight to behold. The pools were carved directly into the stone with masterful precision to leave the rock with a smooth surface that wouldn't hurt anyone accidently. Tall wooden fences were separating the different pools, thorny vines growing upward to discourage any peeping toms from sneaking a peek as there were a mixed bath at the center but the ones on the left and right were reserved for women and men respectively. Sprouting from the middle of the mixed bath as a little isle was carved there, a tall tree with constant falling red leaves stood large and tall, the leaves falling over the three baths. This tree, brought directly from Vale's Everfall Forest was a souvenir that the owner wanted from her homeland. Giving you some time to admire the view, Yuki mentioned that the springs were kept at the optimal temperature using intricate machinery and fire dust. It seemed rather complicated and you weren't even sure she herself knew what she was talking about. After that she began to make her way back to the inn as there was one more thing that she needed to show before the tour ended and it was the rooms.

Going back inside the main building all the way to the reception, on the left side of the counter when facing it there was a set of stairs that lead to the upper levels. Going straight for the third floor to show the view from up there, she entered one of the many doors that were in the hallways. Mentioning that all the rooms were very similar albeit the placement of the furnitures. Each room had a comfortable bed and a desk on the opposing wall with a small private bathroom with bathtub. There was less branches and flowers in those rooms compared to the rest of the inn, but the owner figured that it would be best to keep the rooms void of weird shapes and shadows cause by branches, leaves and such. Leaving the room and going back downstairs Yuki gave you a smile with a slight tilt of her head as she asked if you'll stay the night or at least stay for dinner. Chicken Parmesan was on the menu tonight!

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