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Where lightning Strikes (single opening)

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1 Where lightning Strikes (single opening) on Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:47 am

Though Claw is still new around this island he wants to know how the lightning here is light. Lucky for him some lightning was striking, so he got Blitz Krieg and then headed out into the storm. He held up his weapon like a lightning rod and was striked by lightning 7 times. When he was hit by the 8th one this some how injured him, it is strange for him to be harmed by lightning but this made him curious in why this happen. If he is to research this he is going to need a assistant to help record and help test stuff. So he sent out flyers though out the town of SpringWood. He made sure to ask for anyone who is looking for work as a part timer assistant for him, this turned out to be harder then Claw remembered because he isn't in his home land but a strange place where people think he is someone that is found in magazine or something like that. He doesn't really understand the whole 'popular because of looks and not brains' thing everyone seems to be fixated about.

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