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The mysteries of semblances (1 openings)

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1 The mysteries of semblances (2 openings) on Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:18 pm

Before he left the counsel had ask Claw to record some semblance's while he was in Bellmuse, so far he have not found anyone that he would record yet. Either he was swarmed by people he doesn't want to be around or people don't approach him because of his mask, when he was still back at his home land he did not get this treatment. Then he relied that people act different around outsiders, mostly around people like Claw. So he went for a walk while using his weapon as a walking cane. For some reason he looked like some sort of cyber mage, but to him he looked like a respectable member of SOK. It was still strange in how someone knew of him and wanted him to teach a bunch of ungrateful students that rather be killing then learning how their powers work. He started to let his mind wander and wasn't paying attention to his surroundings and bump into someone,"oh my apology, i did not see you there my friend."

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2 Re: The mysteries of semblances (1 openings) on Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:43 am

Merlynn was playing around in springwood jumping around like a fawn in the woods again but her moves where nowhere near as graceful as they used to be. the scar on her leg leg hidden behind some thigh high stockings was feeling tight like she could not move that leg. Was it scar tissue, well when she had the medical team look at it she would come away with some scars but she was lucky the leg would be fully capable of moving like it had just fine, but to her it felt wrecked. Needless to say her mind going to the scar took her mind of what was going on and alertness was gone then Bam like a brick wall merlynns face was planted in to someone's chest and so was the rest of her needless to say they where a strong person because normally she knocked over people when running in to them so when equal strengths met the light weight one fell back. merlynn fell on to her rump before the man she had bumped into with some force. her face was red not from being hurt but embarrassment. propped up by her own hands she laid there in her attire meant for combat. she was in boots and stocking but her body was nothing but a really tight wet suit actually looked more like a swimsuit if it was cloth.

when he spoke and just rubbed her nose a little as if checking to see if it was broken. "i'm not your friend. but i accept your apology." actually both where to blame for this accident. she stood up and the doe was short compared to him standing at a small 5'5". her antlers made her look a little taller.

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3 Re: The mysteries of semblances (1 openings) on Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:44 am

The person he bumped into was a strange lady wearing some strange clothing, sorta like swim wear. When she answered it kinda sounded rude but that is to be expect, he did bump into her, she was shorter then he was but seemed to have some antlers that made her seem taller but never the less he was still taller then she was."My apology miss, if i knew you were there i would of maneuvered out of the way. But i was in a trance because of my surroundings, my name is Claw Elderwood, Raiden Scholar of S.O.K., it is a delight to meet your acquaintance." Then it occurred in his head that he might be going a little over board on the whole greeting thing. It is still hard for him to even talk like a normal person, he then said,"Sorry about that, i'm new to the whole 'Talking to people outside my homelands' deal." First person that isn't the head master of Syne or another teacher, and he is losing it like a game be tween a pro and a beginner. Its strange cause he has never really talked to anyone without it being business.

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