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Brain, storm and tea [Private]

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1 Brain, storm and tea [Private] on Mon Oct 23, 2017 10:35 pm

Stormy night it was, lightning spliting the dark sky like glass shards, thunder roaring like a mob of hungry Grimms and a downpour that was risking floods for the houses that were near the lake near Springwood. It wasn't a pretty night and with that there was no customer that day. No one dared to venture outside by fear of drowning while still standing and no one had spent the last night at Yuki's inn, leaving the girl alone to her thoughts and experiments for hours on end.

Standing in the kitchen and watching as wines all around her were doing the hard work, Yuki had spent the day testing new tea recipes, growing new flowers and mixing them with commun ones in order to try to great the ultimate beverage. While an avid tea drinker, she always thought that it was never sweet enough and she wasn't one to add artificial sweeteners in her drinks so the girl had to find an alternative. So far her tests when well, more or less... She had been able to create a plant with sweet leaves, but infusing them didn't get a proper result, the taste quickly turning bitter after a few seconds poured into the cup. With one of those bright blue pears of her own making in her hand, she took a bite as she got lost in thoughts, trying to find a solution to her seemingly impossible problem.

Deciding that being locked up in the kitchen wasn't going to help her in any way, the blonde exited the room and sat down in the dinning room, pilling a bunch of pillows together for her to be comfy while she stared at the lake outside, its dark water rippling with each drop of rain hitting its surface. The rain was less intense than earlier, but the lightning had been more frequent and the thunder louder than ever. This was going to be a long boring night if nothing changed.

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2 Re: Brain, storm and tea [Private] on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:16 am

He had the umbrella in his hand. He was in his casual robes, having taught a class earlier that day. Yes, it was stormy and yes it was being huffy and puffy, but the old man had deterimed that it was the day to go. He was a stubborn old man when it came to his time. He didn't have all that much left. He would spend it how he determined to be correct.

He walked into the inn, and closed the door behind him. He looked around and decided the place was quite nice. It was almost a wholesome feeling place. He'd walk up to the counter, using his umbrella as a cane. He wasn't having problems walking, but it was still easier when his bones started to hurt. They were not hurting yet, but given time, they would.

"Hello! Is anyone there? I've heard good reviews of this place and its tea."

He chuckled to himself, smiling.

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3 Re: Brain, storm and tea [Private] on Tue Oct 24, 2017 11:30 am

Still staring intensely at the window, the blonde hadn't notice the front door opening and closing and would have missed the customer if he hadn't called for her. Ears perking up at the old man's voice, Yuki stood up in a flash before she walked to the reception and greeted her guest with a bow. "I'm really sorry, I didn't hear you come in. I wasn't expecting anyone today if I'm honest. Welcome to the Springwood's Retreat. I'm Yuki, the owner of this place."

Listing herself up to face the man, the faunus gave him a smile while her vines grabbed his umbrella to hang it somewhere it would be able to dry before she nodded when he mentioned the nice reviews. "My goal is to offer the best service I can, so it's really nice to have you hear telling me that my efforts were rewarded. So how can I help you tonight good sir? I would suggest staying the night, the storm will not settle down until tomorrow I'm afraid." Yuki extended an arm to the man's left where the main room was. She would have brought him in the dinning hall if she didn't have all the pillows to put back in place first. Leading her guest to her most comfortable sofa in the inn, she stood there ready to listen to his requests, while she expected him to at least ask for tea since he mentioned that in the reviews as well, she wanted to know if she would need to go get a room ready upstairs.

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