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Technomancer (2 openings)

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1 Technomancer (2 openings) on Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:06 am

Claw Elderwood
Though many believe video games are a waste of time, S.O.K. believes that video games are the best way to keep the mind active and helps their members find ways to conduct executions on enemies without getting killed. The devise they use is called Midgard, it uses unexplainable tech created from the tech minds of S.O.K. But it was only found in their homeland, Claw was in the top 5 which were a team of 5 under the clan name of "The Creator's Champions" or TCC for short. How the system works is that time moves faster while hooked up, one year in the system is equal to 15.2 days. Now everyone in selected areas may use it, and to prevent anyone stealing the tech it is built in with non detectable sensors that will destroy the devise. Anyway now to the story at hand, when Claw heard about this he had already have one but since the grid was out of range he was unable to connect to any of the servers. He hooked himself up as quick as he could and meet up with his clan, to save time here are each members first name "Hugo(warrior and leader),Scarlet(archer and scout),Claw(technomancer and second in command),Shanks(thief and info gather), and Luna (mage and support)" Since only Bellmuse is the only area part of the grid, most knew how to fight and had the stick version or archaic version of it like gun users have cross bows that are weak. Most of them has no idea what they are doing so the guild decided to train 10 of them and let them join the clan if they show what it takes to be part of their guild. Claw was only the second strongest since Hugo was stronger in the def and STR department, so Claw got the second group of trainies then meet up with them.

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