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Midgard system realms

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1 Midgard system realms on Thu Oct 26, 2017 12:39 am

Claw Elderwood
Midgard is a system that allows one to enter a Virtual Reality where they can feel like they entered into a new world, the user can feel like they are truly there because the system simulated 100% of what is expected in worlds like Guild Art or War Game. The system can not be hacked in anyway or form, if anyone try to the will be rejected from the grid. The Grid is self explaining, its a grid system that connects everyone to a single powerful server. Anyway lets examine each game and see what they are all about.

Guild Art: Guild Art is in a fantasy setting with trolls and goblins and all that other stuff. there are 8 classes to go by, Warrior, Archer, Technomancer, Thief, Mage, and Tamer.

War Games: This game is self explaining, you play as a solider in 1 of three settings, old age where you are a warrior, mid age where guns where used more and they where fired with a black powder, and new age which is pretty much today's weapons.

Blood Hunter: A horror game that portray you as a old school hunter that hunts down and kills demons spawned in by a evil witch called Morbid.

Survival: Another self explaining game that basically lets you survive any (what ever we have) situations out there. More locations and situations still being added in.

Lounge: This is more of a area where you can meet up with friends and play any kind of sport with them in a safe and calm lounge area.

If you have any question about the Midgard system or like to report something please contact your nearest Grid Moderator as soon as possible. Thank you.

(ooc just contact me if you have questions about it)

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