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Laurance Lawrence Jr. Finished

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1 Laurance Lawrence Jr. Finished on Thu Oct 26, 2017 6:10 am

Laurence Lawrence
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Laurence Lawrence Jr.
Age: 22
Birthday: September 15.
Gender: Male
Race: Crow Faunus [Missing Wings]
Height: 179 cm [5'10"]
Weight: 110 lbs.
Face Claim: L Lawliet: Death Note

STR: 4
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 2
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Tech
1.) Sweet food
2.) Flying
3.) Reading
4.) Older women
1.) Sour food
2.) Annoying people
3.) Being grounded
1.) Thalassophobia [Fear of the ocean]
2.) Astrophobia [Fear of space]
3.) Basophobia [Fear of falling]
Talent: Engineering
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: Typically noted to be a somber fellow, moving rather slowly despite his love for speed in the air, typically while on the ground he is awkward and clumsy, always tripping over his own feet which he has come accustom to wearing no shoes as it allows him to feel his way around better. Usually he has a slouch in his posture which comes from being awkward on the ground, he sits unusual, usually putting his feet right up on his chair, curling his toes in the process, however this is usually a means to lure people in more, or keep the away. Typically he is like this all the time, but he has grown accustom to being on the ground that he will change posture, stand upright and take you by surprise, he does this even while in his lazy stance. Despite his awkward and something zany movements, he is quite agile, moving in ways that would confuse others, giving him the advantage while in mobility, however he likes to keep his distance due to his primary means of attack being his rifle. Laurence also shows symptoms of being a kleptomaniac, he has a urge from time to time to "scavenge" as he likes to call it, anything he can get his hands on, typically he knows what he wants and at times, doesn't.

Despite all this, he is quite intelligent, having a astounding knowledge and IQ for engineering, able to make almost anything from random items, this however comes at the cost of conversation. He lacks any social skills, often staring blankly at people, but having a witty response if he is questioned, typically he likes to bluntly ends conversations before they even start by staring off into space. This however does not mean he is a rude person, he just has a hard time talking to people, he does have heart of gold and will help people if they need it, and is quite determined if he is pushed, he isn't a wimp and doesn't back down. But he also doesn't insight trouble unless it is to defend another individual, typically avoiding trouble unless someone is in danger, this doesn't mean he will run from a challenge either, Laurence is just a strange case. Never truly being as others think him to be, always changing his personality to fit the need if need be, it is one of his greatest traits, being unpredictable keeps him on top, which he likes.

Aura type: Recovery: +5 SP e/p.
Aura Color: Sapphire Blue
Semblance: Icarus Fallen Wings [Utility]

Icarus Fallen Wings:


The purpose of the Icarus Fallen Wings are simple, the replace something that was lose to Laurence long ago, before his powers merged with the mechanical limbs he calls his own, he once had wings that allowed him to fly, all he knew was that his energy would slowly drain whenever he took flight. But due to an accident one day, he lost the ability to fly as his wings became too badly injured and eventually had to be amputated to avoid infection, this put a burning passion to replace what he lost. He eventually created the mechanical limbs and the rig to wear it all, thus his Semblance truly unlocked with a blaze of sapphire blue, much like his organic wings, his mechanical ones allow him flight and also self repair of ever damaged.


How the Icarus Fallen Wings work is simple, Laurence wears a neural implant along his spine, this looks like a pair of metal plates stacked upon each others, these allow for the wires and electrodes to send signals to his "Arcwings", how his Arcwings operate is very similar to how a jet engine works, but they use a completely different method of fuel. While normal engines use gasoline or alternative sources, Laurence's Icarus Fallen Wings use his own Aura as a energy source, converting it and then using that converted energy as a fuel to emit raw kinetic energy, this raw kinetic energy pushes Laurence while either in flight or in hover mode.
Requirements: Laurence allows the wings to drain 10 Aura per post to allow him flight.


[Idle Mode]: While out of combat or not in use, his wings break down into a belt like object that wraps around his waist and thighs as well as up his lower sides and back, this allows him to have his wings in idle mode so they are out of the way.
[Standby]: Standby mode is the next stage his Arcwings take just before combat, they are essentially powered down variants of his Flight Mode, as no energy is being emitted from them.

[Flight Mode]: While unlike his idle mode, his Flight Mode usually occurs right after Standby, the only difference is when in Flight Mode, there is energy running through them, they are upright and releasing small transparent waves of energy.
[Hover Mode]: When his wings enter Hover Mode, they change in appearance, while they are in Flight Mode, the wings appear to be folded up limbs, but when in Hover Mode, his wings take on the appearance of a pair of single membrane bat wings.

Item 1: The Sydao [Physical Weapon: Tier 1]


The Weapon

A reversed engineered, medium to long range lever action, experimental firearm, that resembles a shotgun or rifle, the Sydao uses a using a cylindrical disk magazine system to feed in the ammo, which holds about 12 rounds, the Sydao appears to use oak wood as the décor and carbon fiber metal to increase durability and reduce the weight of the weapon. Having no form of range sights other than glowing iron sight, it however has the ability to be further modified due to the removable stock, side and tops rails and various other customized parts, when not in combat. The Sydao has the ability to collapse on itself, the barrel becoming shorter, the grip folding inwards into the bottom portion of the weapon, the sights inserting to the upper portion while the stock becomes the activation trigger when pulled back into the original position.

The Ammunition

The Sydao uses a unique ammunition documented as "The Lockdown System", this special Ammunition requires special treatment due to the highly volatile nature when in contact with oxygen. The TDS ammunition is a chemical based projectile that is encased in heat resistant and vibration resistant tempered glass, which is then surrounded by a shell of vibration resistant metal to ensure maximum flight time, the casing used houses a larger powder count to allow for more power behind each shot. The ammunition when fired, leaves the chamber and flies for at least ten feet before the metal shell is released to allow the glass projectile to soar further, upon either heavy impact force or the glass shattering while in flight can ensure different outcomes. If the glass should shatter from a hard impact, the result is a small explosion followed by the contents becoming ionized from the air and converting into Plasma, but if the glass should shatter before impact, the glass will break down as the chemical quickly ionizes from the air and a small glob of energy flies towards said target.

Item 2:  Astlastian Armor [Physical Armor: Tier 1]

Astlastian Armor:

The Suit

A suit of armor fashioned from microscopic bio-organic nanobots, these nanobots operate on a subatomic level, the Astlastian armor is fully operation and connected to the neural network of the individual whom it was programed to be piloted be. Laurence was able to reverse engineer this armor from a crashed Atlas Cargo Train which was captured by White Fang agents, the suit will only respond to Laurence. The Astlastian armor is also quite versatile, while most of the functions aren't very useful in combat, it however allows the user to interact with them at anytime, being very user friendly.

Its Functions

The Astlastian Armor comes equipped with a UI and HUD elements such as vitals like heartrate, dehydration levels, malnutrition levels and even sleep deprivation levels, it comes equipped with a combat assisted visor, allowing for zoom, target identification, facial recognition, as well as including a morality identification module, aka friendly or foe sight. A climate conditioning setting to allow the suit to cool Laurence while in hot climates, dry if in humid climates, moist in dry climates and warm in cold climates, is also allows him to breath underwater and is able to change color or shape depending on the upgrades implemented into it. Outside of combat it retracts into his skin, however this doesn't make it invisible; the suit is can be damaged, but is supplied with the ability to use a quick system diagnostic to repair itself, the suit can even administer chemicals to the users brain if under heavy stress. (Only for flavor.)

History and Sample
Born off the coast of Mistral on one of the few idle islands, Laurence was born to Laurence Lawrence Sr., and Martha Lawrence, Jr had a stable life despite being a Faunus, his father was a officer for his town and it paid well, when he was born the first thing his parent notices was a small pair of wings at his waist. These quickly grew to be much larger as he grew up, and as he grew older he fell in love with engineering and building things, he loved the make mechanical objects, usually making small gadgets for his family to use. As his knowledge became better at this, so did his understanding of his own powers, finding out he could fly was his favorite thing, usually spending most of his days in the skies away from others. But at the age of fourteen, his entire life changed. He lost his wings from being shot out of the sky by a military official whom didn't recognize Laurence, when he was rushed to the nearby clinic, his wings were completely shattered.

When he awoke, he found out the bad news, his wings were amputated as the were unable to be fixed, this put him into a depressed state for a year and a half, until he got a brilliant idea, he didn't tell anyone about this. And after two years, being at the age of seventeen he completed his work, he had developed his first prototype which was a pair of mechanical wings, he tested them and they worked out well but were short-circuiting a lot. It wasn't until a individual who worked for the Mistral militaries Research Division stumbled upon Laurence and his little invention, after the two talked for some time, the man revealed his name to be Albert-Vons Clause, he offered Laurence the chance to get his wings back. Laurence agreed and went with Albert after telling his family of the opportunity, for another three years he studied engineering with high certified specialist, they taught him everything a institute would teach a student and upon exiting it he had created not only several prototypes, but his first successful set of Arcwings.

Laurence was happy, but knew he could do better, despite the success of this and his first model, he stayed for another two years, making better version until finally making his last model as he overheard from one of the researchers talk about their kid. He was a student at a school and had been reported dead, this struck Laurence as a shock as the person was his closest friend, a female researcher named Alexandria, Laurence and her often had close relations whenever alone. However this was a fling, and promised her that her son would not be forgotten, he set out with all of his gear he acquired over his time in the Mistral Research labs, getting paperwork filled out and permission to head off to a school near where Alexandria's son was killed. He told his parents that he would help others by being a Hunter, they were proud but also very worried about him, and like that he set off, going towards Bellmuse, knowing that upon his arrival he would begin working as a Hunter in training.
RP Sample:
As the cool air of the open skies, knowing the large body of water would be too much for him to fly across, Laurence embarked via Airship for the majority of his trip, but upon reaching Atlas did the young lad take his own route, jumping off from the ship minutes before landing. Sprouting his own means of transportation, making everyone scared to near death by his sudden jump, it did take him quite some time to build of the courage to do so, since he hated falling. Taking flight and soaring through the air, he loved the stinging sensation of the crisp fall breeze on his skin, taking his time to enjoy the feeling of freedom, basking in the brisk enjoyment of the rush of air all around him, his destination would be quite a ways ahead of him, but as he kept his pace and the speed that he was going, he would be there in mere hours. He was however vigilant to be sure no one got the drop on him, despite how fast he was moving in the open air, the ground beneath him about seventy feet, his speed nearly one-hundred miles an hour, he held no fear of being ambushed, and as he soared, all he could do was wonder how his life in Bellmuse and Syne would be, this would stay as he made his grand entrance to the academy he would call home.

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2 Re: Laurance Lawrence Jr. Finished on Thu Oct 26, 2017 1:38 pm

Yuri Rastenov
Approved. Enjoy your stay.~

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