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Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more]

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1Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] Empty Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] on Sun Oct 29, 2017 12:20 am

Jordan breathed in the fresh air. It was different here. Not like the air in Atlas. He sat down on a bench. He finally sighed to himself,finally able to relax. What he didn't notice is that there were 6 people on the bench beside him. How long is this bench,5 feet long? Jordan peeped over his shoulder to see the bench is actually 5 feet long. Well this sucks. He pulled out a book and pretended to be very absorbed in it. Maybe reading will take his mind of this. He read for a good 20 minutes before deciding to get up. He needs to find the academy,and officially join the school. He walked down the street,under a small bridge,and around a corner,where he bumped into someone. "Oi! Where do you think you're going? Can't you see I'm walking here? Who do you think you are?" Jordan got a few eyes from some people around him. Maybe yelling at them was a bad idea. It was an accident after all.

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Topaz James
Noir hated the beach, something about large bodies of water really bothered him. He was here because one of his classmates ask to meet him here but he could already tell he was prank yet once again. This had him steaming mad. "Hello? Taxi? I would like to hire your services to Syne academy. 2000?! Have a great day." Noir said as he hung up the phone as he bump into someone. "Oi! Where do you think you're going? Can't you see I'm walking here? Who do you think you are?" the person roared. This tick Noir off as started to bark back, leading into argument. "you didn't even give me a chance to say sorry asshole. Don't make me kick your ass!" He said as he brawled his fist.

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Laurence Lawrence
As the crisp fall air filled the skies, making things more than enjoyable, the sounds of humming behind a figure as the streams of sapphire blue trailed behind him, way up above the land of Bellmuse as a strange figure cloaked in a stark white coat with other colours soared quite quickly overhead. The sight of two giant appendages behind him gave way to how he was achieving such a feat as flying at such breakneck speeds, upon zipping over a small town he decided to stop, circle around it and view the scenery. Upon spotting people around whom all were looking upwards at him, pointing and recording him with their scrolls and or camera's, he decided to quickly float down as the appendages opened up to reveal wings. They represented bat like wings and where glowing sapphire blue, upon reaching hearing levels, he heard the sounds of a individual yelling out over yonder, it made him curious which caused him to float about fifteen feet off the ground towards the direction of the voice. Upon reaching the location he spotted two figures about to duke it out, or how it seemed, one was yelling at the other for bumping into him, which the floating figure didn't like, he didn't even give the other male a chance to apologize. However, the people whom were now gawking at the people were no focusing on the new person whom was floating there, along with the individuals who followed him, still recording, it seemed none of them had seen a flying person before. "Damn... there's too many people here, at least they can't reach me." He said quietly to himself as the humming sound of his wings jets was giving the area a slight sound check as the dust and sound would be greater under the bridge with little space for it to travel around.

HP: 100
Aura: 195
-10 Aura lost for Semblance use.
+5 Aura gained for Aura Recovery.

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4Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] Empty Re: Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:10 pm

Jordan blinked a couple times. He got back on his feet and saw the man he bumped into with his fist balled up. He reached down at his boot and grabbed a hold of something.He stepped back a little bit. "I don't want to fight here. I'm not good at conversations." could fell on the eyes on him. He looked up and saw someone in the sky. he couldn't get a good look at him because he heard someone yell at him. He turned towards the man and his anxiety kicked in. "No need to start a fight here people. I'm sorry about yelling at the guy. Really." He backed up again and found his back against a wall. He pulled out his kunai blade and ran up the wall with it and stabbed it in the side of the building,before pulling himself up with it to reach the top. He fell down in his back,and his blade by his side. He felt that same felling he has felt before. The weird feeling whenever his anxiety kicks in. Sigh. "Every time I meet someone I embarrass myself."

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Topaz James
Noir right eye twitch, "no need?" he ask himself. He wanted to make sure he heard everything correctly. "No need?!" He roared as he race toward the building. Noir wasn't about to let this guy escape, bump or no bump, Noir was beyond the point of reason. He used his climbing shoes to easily scale the building, seeing his target laying flat on his back. Noir launch himself into the air performing a quick spinning heel drop aim at the man. "Here's your reason to fight!" he roared as he drove the man through the roof of the building. Noir activated his aura to block the damage of the rumble falling around them.

"Come on out, you bastard! I know you're still alive." He yelled as he look through the open roof. In the air, was figure watching. Noir quickly grab one of the piece of rubble and attach one of cross tail strings to it. "Get down here! He yelled as he launch the debris towards the figure in the air.

Spinning heel drop: 35 damage
falling rubble: 35 damage
thrown rubble: 35 damage
Shield from rubble: -35 aura
Health: 100 | Aura: 165

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Laurence Lawrence
As the individual watches everything go down, seeing the one figure trying to attack the person running away, he was about to jump in and help, but as soon as he saw some debris fly at him, he quickly darted out of the way and clicked his tongue. "This is getting out of hand, I'm not getting involved." His voice held regret in it as he took off straight upwards, getting at least eighty feet in the air before heading away from the town, trying to go towards the large building in the distance that looked like a school, he knew running away was a cowardly thing to do. But that fight would not end well for him, and in this world, he had to focus on his task at hand, becoming a Hunter and helping others, not getting into fights because someone is getting bullied, even if he had distance, the way that person fought was downright barbaric.

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7Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] Empty Re: Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] on Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:18 pm

"HOLY," was all Jordan could get out of his mouth before Noir came down on him. It didn't hurt that much but it was still unexpected. "I said it was an accident,you little prick." Jordan came out from beneath Noir and grabbed his leg. He pulled him up in the air before throwing him into a wall. He charged at him and punch him with a force that can blow him through the wall. He grabbed his knife from his boot and busted out his semblance,invisibility. He moved around Noir slowly,hiding his movements. He took his weapon and stabbed it into Noir's back. "You really want to start a fight? I was the number 1 student while I was training and known for being,basically the best hunter. I can track down any grimm from a mile away,and I sure can fight one pretty well,so god forsake me,stop trying to attack me now and please just listen." Jordan broke away at the first word and ran back to the top of another building. He sat in the edge and watched Noir. Maybe he convinced him.

Throw into wall:20 damage
Punch through wall:20 damage
Stab with weapon:30 damage

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8Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] Empty Re: Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:06 pm

Topaz James
Noir was taken completely by surprise when he was toss into the wall, knock felt a little winded but had managed to put a barrier up in enough time to block the blow. The amount of strength that this man had however still blew Noir through the wall, flipping himself right side up, Noir saw the man had disappeared. "Two can play at this game" he said as he activated his semblance cloaking himself in enough time as he heard a sound of sharp metal cutting the air. Noir quickly and silently went back to the destroyed building and place some of his strings down on some of the rubble quietly waiting for the man to drop his cloak.

Health: 80 damage| Aura: 135
shield from punch: 20 aura
semblance: 10 aura

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9Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] Empty Re: Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] on Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:21 pm

This guy seems to not be letting up. Jordan stood up and looked down from above. He can just barely see him. He seems to be messing around with something. He jumped down from above with his cloak still on and kicked him in the head. He grabbed the man and stabbed his knife into his back before ripping it out and slicing him in the back. He ran back and raised his knife.He closed his eyes and focused his hearing. All he could hear was the fog moving,the breeze,even the beats if hearts for some people. He backed up slowly,listening to his environment before running off. He raised his knife and prepared for an attack. They managed to destroy a building because he tried to act tough in front of some guy with a short temper,and is now fighting said guy in the middle of town. This day couldn't get any worse.

Kick:20 damage
Stab:30 damage
Slice:30 damage

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10Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] Empty Re: Bad First Impressions[Open to 1 more] on Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:35 am

Topaz James
Noir had just finish attaching cross tail to the rocks when he felt hit in the back of the head, he was expecting another sneak attack so he was prepared this time. He rolled forward while activating cross tail sending the three rock towards his attacker from behind. Noir heard the three thumps from the rocks as his target was sent flying over heard. Noir whip his arm forward sending down his home made flail onto his attacker, as soon as he heard the impact, Noir detach the cross tail from the rocks as he faded back into his fog. Noir attach cross tail string to the bottom of his shoe. "Sting theory number 1- Seemless Leg blade," he said as stood up the string tighten on his right leg, it appeared as if he made his leg into a one edge sword. Using the rest of cross tail string, Noir quickly threw up a string barrier filling the gaps in the string with aura, "if he comes at any direction, he'll get cut by his barrier and he'll move in for the finishing blow with this." He said as he prepared to swing out with his leg.

Health: 20 damage| Aura: 105
Cross tail shield: -20 aura
Rock attack from back: 35
home made flail: 35

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