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Dust class (Open to 4 students/open to staff)

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1 Dust class (Open to 4 students/open to staff) on Sun Oct 29, 2017 10:39 pm

Luka White
ok … hmmmm.” one of her arms holding some papers for her new class. “Hmmm….so it’s like mid or later school year. What can i really do hmmmm….I’m so going to have to have a talk with the headmistress after this.” She stopped in front of the door to her new classroom. She still have no idea what she was going to do so late in the school year.

She opened the door and walked in and looked around and giggled a little. “It still looks the same as it did last time i seen it.” She smiled and walked to the front of the class and sat on her desk and set her papers down next to and just waited to see if anyone would show up. She than started to write some rules on the bored it didn't take lone to do. What there still some time before the class starts she pulled out the book she had on her and started to do some reading.


1.Be on time
2.NO fighting in class
3.No dust use in class without Dust professors permission weapons in class
5.Do you're class/home work
6.No foul language

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Topaz James
Noir silently watch the teacher enter the class room and start to read her book. "welp, i'm easy to overlook." he said as he raised his hand. cough "Excuse me, teacher? Is this the class for dust?" He said nervously from his seat. Noir had a severe case of resting bitch face but he hope that the teacher is able to look past it and see what a kind student he is. Noir started to fantasize a teacher student relationship as he awaited his answer. He quickly cut his fantasizing to a quick end considering multiple things. Noir came here due to his father and the last thing he want his father to heard is that he was kicked out for something really stupid. He would never live it down, it would haunt him all the way to the grave.

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Shun Shinobu
It had been a fun time with her friend Ray, and as he was finally a member of the school she was happy that he was around, even if her little secret about him was slightly figured out, but her Scroll told her of the current classes and one was a Dust class. No matter how much she despised Dust due to her condition, she had to learn more about it, it was the one attribute to what made her have her powers, her immense strength, speed and energy manipulation and bodily buffing. As she held a not pad, pencil, pen and her scroll, she approached the door that her class was in, unlike before, she quickly gripped the door knob and slowly pulled, however she didn't realized that her hand was squeezing the knob and bending the metal which made a loud creak. She sighed at how useless it was to control her strength, garbed in her red leather coat that was too big for her, her bandaged wrapped hands and feet as well as her red cotton trousers. The attire she always wore, in combat and out of it, however, when she entered the class and saw the rules upon finding her seat, she held a nervous look on her face as her hands and feet were bare all accept her bandages which were her weapon. "Aww, crap... let's hope she doesn't ask me to remove them, I didn't know about this." She thought kindly to herself, the small five foot one figure pondered, slightly long brown hair, covering her right eye while her topaz-brown left one gleamed with curiosity, the tomboyish being whom looked like a small boy with the large jacket sat at their seat.

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