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How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus)

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1 How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:03 am

Ishi Omo
Ishi had seen a lot of things in his life. They measured in the, at the very least, tens. Possibly the hundreds if he was pressing his luck. However, seeing a robot drag a small, frail lady across a large clearing after wrapping them up and cutting them? Now that. That was something that he never thought he'd see period. If he weren't sober at the time, he would've suggested that he were seeing things. He was not, though. He had shortly after learned about them being a student at the academy, and had elected to take this robot and teach them that flesh was a thing.

It wasn't a very tough thing, for the most part. It was a frail thing that broke at the most random times. All in all, most annoying thing about being a human was the whole flesh thing. Made it hard to survive sometimes, but it protected the muscles. That's its job and it does it well. He had had a T.A. put a note on the hall where Maestus was to come for some tutoring on flesh and how it's very easy to break. It was done, only in front of their room. Made sure of that by choosing the right T.A.

He was dressed in his normal get-up, lab-coat black shirt and blue jeans. Along with a pair of sandals without socks.

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2 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:22 pm

Maestus had just finished up the maintenance on her chassis as the T.A. finished putting up the note directed to her.  After staring down the stranger until they left the area, she picked up the note to look it over.  Something about flesh.  The android sighed audibly as she finished reading the note, remembering quite vividly how she accidentally harmed a civilian physically and emotionally in what seemed to be a good idea at the time.  "I guess humans are pretty sensitive physically, more so than I thought." As she spoke, she awkwardly realized she wasn't speaking to anybody before heading off towards the classroom she was directed to by the note.

Walking down the hallways, she extended her claws halfway, showing her golden blades as a sign that she didn't want to be bothered as she walked by.  As she walked the metallic hum of her claws calmed her down, giving her at least some confidence in meeting a teacher that probably wasn't too happy with her performance at the attack on the concert.  When she reached the door, she hesitated to open it.  What if this person was too annoying or harsh for her to remain calm?  Attacking a teacher could mean the end of her time here as a student, not to mention how the government would be after her.  Shaking these thoughts out of her head, she opened the door, doing her best to seem confident about her situation.  Stepping into the room, she prepared for whatever was next.

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3 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Thu Nov 02, 2017 1:53 am

Ishi Omo
Huh. The robot was still weird the second time. Well, Third time. He didn't really pay much attention the first time, if he were to admit. He just cared about the fact that she had actually arrived. He stretched before looking at her.

"The name's Ishi Omo, if you weren't aware. I was at the attack, the one with the three nevermores, and shortly after learned that you needed to learn how fragile human skin is, so I'm here to show you some examples of human's being the most fragile species on the plant, while still being the toughest."

He took off his lab coat to show a white tank-top under it, and stabbed himself in the arm with his fingernails, which broke the skin. He got up and showed the robot this fact, and would continue talking.

"It's like I said, humans are fragile. Imagine what a sword can do to us. I'm going to try to help you understand the level of force you can use with most humans. I'm a reasonably durable fellow, a little bit above average if I were to say so myself. I want you to hit me, once. As hard as you can, hit me in the stomach. Then I can show you why humans are immensely durable at the same time."

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4 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:55 pm

As Ishi spoke, Maestus nodded to most of what he said.  She didn't remember much about him from the attack of the nevermores, but she pretended that the man was at least somewhat familiar to her, even if she only knew his name.  As he mentioned an example of how fragile and tough humans can be at the same time, she tilted her head and stepped closer to him, away from the doorway.  She already wondered if that was a mistake as he began to take off his lab coat which, as with other clothes, never really proved itself to be a good sign.  However, she was presented with quite the example as Ishi tore into his arm with his fingernails like some sort of psycho.  "Waitwhatwhy-"  She was cut off as the teacher began speaking again.

After hearing him ask to be hit once in the stomach as hard as she could hit him, Maestus paused for a moment.  "Are... are you high? "  The man didn't seem like he was under any influence, based on his speaking and composure, but the guy did dig into his arm with his fingernails and volunteered to be hit in the stomach as hard as possible.  "Well... If you're sure... Sorry in advance."  With that, she stepped back a couple meters before activating her semblance, giving off that signature golden glow.  She sprinted for just a moment before jumping into the air and performing a flying drop kick, her feet slamming into his stomach like a pair of cannons.  After the initial impact, Maestus dropped to the floor like you would expect from performing a kick like this.  "Are you okay?  Say something if you're okay!"

Although Maestus is quite a powerful person, she doesn't like using this power on those that don't deserve it. This was quite the uncomfortable situation for her, and she was left wondering for a moment if this was something she would regret later in the year or in her life. It's no surprise that she would feel this way, either. The whole reason she came to this academy was to control herself. She would accidentally hurt her father sometimes and would almost always surpass him in any physical event. Maestus got up from the ground to observe Ishi, hoping that he was able to take the hit.

HP : 200/200
SP : 100/110 -10 (Semblance used)

Attacks (2) : Flying drop kick using both feet, no intent to cause bleed. 80 damage, not counting armor.

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5 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:52 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi was a tough fella. He had taken that kick like a madman, and smashed into the other wall. Sure, he felt some internal bleeding and some face bleeding, but that was no matter. Just because a man was bleeding vigerously, does not mean that a man was dying. Okay, most of the time it did, but not in Ishi's case. He put his hand to his stomach, and would heal all the damage that his body had taken in a simple move. He'd then get up.

"I'm fine. That's a wonderfully powerful hit. If my sister knew how to hit that hard, whew. That'd be a rough time."

He'd stretch, making sure his body had kept its form. It had. That was good. The robot had no lack of power, though. That was a thing. That was an interesting fact, but it also seems like the robot cared that he was injured. That was a good step in the right direction, however, he had to get some data first.

"Now, admittedly, that probably would've killed a normal man. I'm just a bit tougher. Do you have any...internal settings that you can turn to hold back?"

He didn't know how to robot, but he knew how to human. Hopefully those would transfer over.

-60 aura + 40 health

100/100 HP

150/210 aura

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6 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Fri Nov 10, 2017 6:21 pm

Maestus felt more than relieved to find that she didn't cause Ishi too much trauma with her kick, he was even giving her a small compliment on the power of the hit!  She ran over to him, looking him over to make sure that he wasn't just acting tough just so she wouldn't think he made a mistake.  Sure enough, he was actually doing just fine after healing himself.  She laughed and gave him a quick and light punch in the shoulder while saying, "You could've at least told me you could heal yourself! I'll be honest, I was actually worried for a minute."  She stepped back and listened to what he had to say.

Even though she was ready to answer some questions, she somehow didn't expect the questions to relate to holding back her powers.  After Ishi brought up internal settings, Maestus looked downwards and shook her head. "No, I... I don't know about settings and all that junk.  It's sort of hard to explain.  I'm not sure exactly how I work, to tell the truth, but I do know that I don't have 'settings' or anything like that."  Although she hated to admit it, Maestus knew almost nothing about herself compared to what others knew about themselves.  As far as she could tell, she perceived the world the same way any living being could.  The world wasn't 1's and 0's or anything, and neither was she.  "It's hard to hold back when I want to do basically anything.  If I'm going to hit someone, be it a person or some sort of Grimm, I don't have a choice on how hard I hit them.  When I punched you in the shoulder just now, the only reason I didn't try to break your bones was because I thought of it as just making contact."  She wasn't sure if she felt so comfortable sharing what she once considered secrets with someone that she hardly knew, but if Maestus was to get any hints as to what she was, this seemed to be the way to go.

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7 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 8:47 pm

Ishi Omo
Hmm. It was an odd thing. The robo seemed to care. The robo probably cared more about him than most of the other students. That was certainly odd. The only other time he had felt, dare he say it, pity and worry for him in the academy was with Valerie. Even then, he felt like it was just perceived. He put on a smile upon realizing this. Well, he had a smile on before this, but that still didn't change the fact that he had deeply ponder what he had gotten himself into. This wasn't where he needed it to go, but he also knew that this robo was probably one who wanted to hold back and didn't want to.

"Well. That's a trial we need to get over with the help of engineers, probably. However, you also have a sort of mental block. Sorta of. Robots like you are weird, because you have the human aspect of personality, but not the human body."

The real reason it made him slightly uncomfortable, is if people learned how to really harness the technology, people like Ishi would be out of a job.

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8 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:24 pm

Normally, Maestus would be offended if she wasn't referred to as anything but another person, but the relief of not injuring Ishi and the fact that what he said wasn't actually wrong kept her from being angry with him.  However, she shuddered at the idea of being modified by somebody else just to limit her abilities.  As she thought about having someone else modify her, she remembered what happened when she tried to make some changes to her own body.  "Well, even if this was something an engineer could fix on another android, I'm not sure it would work on me.  Here, check this out."  Maestus walked up to Ishi and held her left arm up to him sideways, using her right hand to grab onto her forearm and move the material around.  The way the plating on her arms moved was like that of tough cartilage, being incredibly flexible compared to most metals. "I'm made out of this... stuff.  I don't know what it is, but it's perfectly flexible until..."  The android knock on her arm with her hand as if she was knocking on a door, producing a metallic sound.  "See?  And it's not just sudden impacts either.  Anything that could harm me, like a blade or heat, makes my body react in a way that metal would."

"And I'm not just saying that it would be difficult to crack open my skull and rewire a few things, although that's probably true.  What I'm saying is that so far nobody has been able to figure out what I'm made out of, including me."  Maestus moved her arms back to her sides, unsure of if she said too much or not.  "There's only one person that's been-" "Hey, don't just bring us up like that!  It's supposed to be a seeeecreeeeet.  Andalsothereareconsequencessopleasedon't."  Flinching at the sudden familiar voice, Maestus almost yelled out at the voice before remembering that it was in her head.  Although she already cut herself off and flinched for almost no reason at all, she didn't want one of her superiors to think that there was something wrong with her.  Maestus focused her attention back on Ishi before saying, "Anyways, I think modifying me would be difficult.  Unless you've got any idea what I'm made of."

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9 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:28 pm

Ishi Omo
He sat and thought about what the robo said and did. That metal was certainly odd. Most certainly man-made, but that isn't what concerned him the most. It was the stopped words. That entailed something stopping it. That was slightly concerning. This flashed about 80 separate alarms. Most of which were from his assassin days, which were not the robos fault. He just simply couldn't let that bit go. Despite the fact that the metal problem wasn't exactly something normal, that could be explained away fairly easily. Explained away being the key word. He'd want to go down that road in a little bit.

"Metal is likely man-made to have such exact properties. That's not what concerned me. You stopped a sentence. That's not how you talk. You aren't shy, even if you aren't boisterous. What stopped you? What made a bot like you flinch?"

Despite noting that Maestus had emotion, he still refused to call Maestus a being beside a robot.

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10 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:57 pm

Maestus's arms tensed up as she felt the mood in the room change completely.  "Way to be subtle about it, M.  How are we supposed... Nevermind that, just try and get him off your back or something."  "Uh..."  If there were any words Maestus had planned on saying to him in response, they were gone now.  For a few moments she would fall silent, talking in her head so that only the voice could hear her.  

"What the hell am I supposed to say?"  

"I don't know! It's not like I caused this problem! You fix it!"


Oh.  That one was out loud.  Maestus froze, staring straight at Ishi's face to try and see what he'd be thinking by his expression.  "Look at what you did!  Look!"  She didn't even try to communicate back to the voice, she just stood there and tried to talk to Ishi instead. "I uh... Everything's fine!  Everything about this situation is normal!  I mean... You don't know that this is strange, you've never really met me before so... I might just be doing that for no reason!"  This is bad.  This is really bad.  Not only was she unsure about what Ishi was going to do if he found out about the first incident involving the voice, but what were the consequences?  "Don't ask me about the consequences.  I don't know!  That's just what th-  That's just a thing I'm supposed to say!"  Looks like she wasn't the only one slipping up today.  The android stood there, her claws extending and retracting like the Maestus equivalent of someone tapping their foot nervously.

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11 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:17 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi is a paranoid man who had tendencies to assume the worst. His time as an assassin is the main reason for this terrible trait of his. Not to mention, students have a tendency to lie. 'Oh no, I missed an assignment lets say the dog ate it.' That was a classic, but also the good old, 'I deduced he was faking so I slapped him' which he remembered with a sort of fondness. This sort of fondness isn't something he often felt. He was a terrible person who has killed more people than an anti-social people scorned a month. It was both impressive and depressing, and if it were something he got arrested for, it would've been a death penalty.

That, however, didn't stop the completely obviously lying Maestus from getting a shrewd glare from Ishi.

"Comeon. I'm a ass, I get that. I'm also a brilliant doctor with an understanding of the human personality on a higher level than most. You bots have a human personality now, and while that makes me uncomfortable, that also leads me to believe that its possible that there's a voice in your head. Likely human. I've made a few robots in my time, none nearly as complex as you, but I also know that it'd be fairly easy to do."

He was a human doctor. Or fanus doctor. Not robo doctor though.

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12 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:44 pm

Maestus was about to say something in response to Ishi, but suddenly she heard the voice in a different way.  It was actually making itself audible to Ishi, talking like Maestus would, just in a different voice.  "Ishi Omo, you are about to receive sensitive information.  You are required to follow these instructions upon hearing the information.  Do not write anything about your interaction with Maestus down, do not mention this information to anybody but Maestus, and do not try to find a loophole in these instructions."  Maestus looked up suddenly, "You can just-"  "In a minute.  Wait just a moment while I inform someone about this."

There was a pause as the voice fell silent.  Maestus stood there, looking at Ishi and wondering what was going to happen now that the voice had just told somebody else about... something.  Of course, no real valuable information was given, but now Ishi would know that something bigger was happening.  "Alright, I have permission to talk to you about a few things, but I have to tell you something just to keep you from blabbing about our chat, kay?  Isane Curando."  Maestus was completely lost.  Who's Isane Curando?  She never heard the name before, but she assumed it held some amount of importance to either the voice or, more likely, Ishi.  "Is that... someone important?"

"Oh, right!  M, you're allowed to ask some questions too, but that'll have to be another time okay?  And by the way, the others decided not to punish you for doing something on accident.  They didn't think it'd be fair.  Nice, huh?"  Maestus nodded, some amount of stress being taken off of her shoulders.  She wasn't sure what the punishment would have been, but when someone can turn off all of your senses and take you somewhere against your will, there doesn't seem to be much they can't do to you.  "This isn't really how I thought this would go, teach.  Sorry if this causes any problems for you."

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13 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:52 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi did a slight hop and sat down, prenzel-legged on the floor of his classroom. This was odd. They knew of his previous name. He knew that some people from his past had come to haunt him, but he had assumed that was because the person who sent the kid was the only other person he knew knew he was alive. That was the largest thing about this. Of course, they held it over his head. However, he decided to lean back and lay down. These guys sucked at blackmailing him. The least they could do is threaten to ruin his medical degree or something. Ach. He listened to the voice, and obviously this was an org. Maybe they had done a face match, but even then he had used a lot of make up; and even said that he was 'probably a long lost twin' in a sarcastic tone when asked. Hmm. It was time to return with a bluff.

"Ah. I see. They can see, and hear, everything you do. That means they saw the incident with the girl. Huh. Now, now. Aren't they quite sassy. My hands are tied, my goodness."

Sure, internally, every single alarm under the sun was set off. No one else needed to know that.

"It'd be a shame if I found out who you were. Then I could talk to you about improving Maestus and giving her a bit of Leeway with her power. It almost killed a girl, although fragile. You really 'ought to fix the wild beast, so that they can become a terrifying hunter."

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14 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Thu Nov 23, 2017 12:19 am

Maestus looked down at the floor at the mention of the incident when she hospitalized a fellow student over what was probably a misunderstanding.  Although the android didn't really regret much of her actions, she didn't expect it to hurt the person as much as it did, and she couldn't help but feel sad that she couldn't handle it in any other way.  It also went without saying that she didn't really appreciate how Ishi was talking about her, calling her a 'wild beast' and all.

The voice giggled for a moment before speaking again.  "Oh? Trying to look tough in the face of a threat?  You know, we could let out some more secrets about you, like...  oh!  This little pizza delivery issue.  First times are always the most important to a man, aren't they?  Your first step down a pretty rough road."  Maestus was still confused for a moment before settling on a different conclusion than what was probably intended.  "This sounds like one of those... different... videos."  Although this one wasn't out loud, the voice laughed hysterically in Maestus's head, an indicator that this 'issue' wasn't quite what she thought it was.

"Also, way to go.  You really bummed her out, saying that.  Even if seeing how her status changes under this type of emotional stress is beneficial, I like to consider her a friend of mine.  Besides, she wasn't built to be a hunter, she was built for something else.  Something you're probably all too familiar with."  All this talk about her was starting to make Maestus feel like a subject that was just there to be studied like some sort of insect or something.  "Why do my questions have to wait, if you don't mind me asking?"  The voice paused a moment, thinking about what to say.  "Well, you're allowed to know more secrets than this guy.  I mean, they're about you after all."

This was all a lot to process, but Maestus was surprised to see how well Ishi was handling the situation.  She wasn't sure what he was thinking, but he seemed pretty relaxed, like he felt as if he was in control of the situation.  Deep down, she almost hoped that he really was in control.

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15 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:48 pm

Ishi Omo
"That's cruel. Taking my first job out of context.  Not to mention, if that nonchalant method of talking is how you normally talk, I dare say that you'd be a fantastic method actor."

He figured, at this point that Maestus was probably mildly, if not immensely concerned. That was fair. He, if he lacked the information that Maestus did, would be mildly, if not serverly, concerned. That wasn't what he wanted in this case, as that made beings like Maestus, likely built for something akin to assassination, wildly unpredictable.

"Plus, the human element is what makes it fun to evade. If robots only took the 'good shots' what would make that different than Atlas and all it's stupid robotic soldiers. I'd rather be hunted by the best in the business, than by a robot who can only think in numbers."

Simply put, Ishi wasn't impressed. If they continued this train of conversation, it'd certainly make everything slightly easier and make everything make sense when put into frame with how she was built, and the fact that she held some level of stealth.

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16 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:14 pm

"Yeah, it might be a lil' mean, but you wouldn't want Mae here to know what your job used to be, right?"  Maestus would cross her arms upon hearing this, saying, "Guys, seriously.  I still exist and can still hear you."  This was understandably frustrating for the android, seeing how Ishi was allowed to ask whatever questions he wanted to, but for some reason Maestus had to wait to ask her questions later.  The voice would speak up again. "Alright, M. I get you're a little confused right now, but you have to chill out.  I gotta talk to this guy about a couple things so..."  Maestus suddenly locked up, falling mute and deathly still, as if she were a statue.  "There we go."

The voice would be quiet for a moment or two, the sound of papers moving and a pen clicking could be heard from Maestus.  "Hey, don't freak out whenever this happens, please.  Maestus is fine, she's just uh... taking a nap or something.  I honestly don't know what happens when I do that, but I know it doesn't hurt or anything."  Although the voice wouldn't acknowledge it happening, either because she didn't know it was happening or because it wasn't too big of a deal, the android's hands would begin to twitch, as if they were trying incredibly hard to move.  "So, Ishi.  You mentioned a human element.  How human do you think Maestus is?  There's no real right or wrong answer here, but we're looking for some data to keep track of, so your input would be appreciated."  Depending on if Ishi is paying attention or not, he may or may not notice how Maestus's entire hand is twitching slightly, instead of just her fingers.

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17 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:13 pm

Ishi Omo
"Ah, I see we're alone now. For the most part, at least. It's not nice to try to out me as an assassin. Not that you could stick it to me anyway. Isane died a long, long time ago. He died when I decided to help people, and on the subject of human, she's ironically the least and most human bot I've seen in awhile."

He pondered his statement for awhile. He didn't know Maestus particularly well, despite having met her more than once. Then again, neither of those times were strictly interpersonal. They were either class related, or related to some stupid grimm attack that the hunters were suppose to take care of. No, they didn't. That was left to the pricks at the academy that thought they were good, and in fairness, are good for the most part.

Of course, he noticed Maestus' hand but that wasn't the matter.

"I'll answer your questions with a question. Why send her out in the wild, even if it is Syne Academy? If I'm right, and I'm sure I am, why send an assassin out to syne? There's no one that particularly wanted here, as far as I know?"

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18 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Tue Nov 28, 2017 6:38 pm

"I mean... she could be an assassin if she wanted to, but I think she's too nice to start killing people for money or something."  The voice began to speak about Maestus as if she was familiar with her socially.  "But yeah, you aren't right about her.  She's not an assassin yet - I don't think she'll ever be one - and we didn't send her anywhere.  Maestus just sorta ended up here on her own.  See, a while ago she was living with some guy that was sort of a father figure to her.  Since she's built to take on threats that are much larger than her, this guy obviously couldn't keep up with her physically.  After she accidentally hurt him, M. decided to learn to control herself here."

The voice quieted herself for a moment, audibly typing something down and mumbling something almost silently to herself.  Just as quickly as it was taken away, Maestus would regain consciousness, but there would be no physical signs of this happening.  Maestus gained her vision and hearing back, but she found herself incapable of making any sounds or moving any of her limbs except for the slight movement in her hands.  "Now, what did you mean by 'least and most human?'  We're going to need a better answer than that.  We're trying to see how her mental health is, so it's important that you answer as specifically as possible."

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19 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:37 pm

Ishi Omo
"You can't be serious with the 'what do you mean?' I mean, comeon. She has the emotions of a human but she's the least human thing in this academy. We're talking humans that are basically bots, bots in disguise, some straight transformer business. The problem with that is, while in this world of powers and such, she still doesn't have that human element.

He spoke, mildly annoyed that the person behind the mic that was Maestus, was apparently a blazing idiot that had to ask all the simple questions and not any of the interesting questions. He found Maestus more interesting than her creator. The guys who made the bot just seemed like terrible, low-quality professors that were generally of medium intellect. Ishi probably could do what they're doing fairly easily. A wi-fi signal, a mic built in and just generally easy access to a long distance signal producer was probably the easiest part about this.

He had taken in the previous statement, but chose to not comment on it.

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20 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:08 pm

As Ishi spoke, his words began to sink into Maestus's mind, filling her with more and more questions, but most importantly, it hurt.  Although she never felt any amount of physical pain in her entire existence, Maestus always hated the way that people would talk about her.  Even upon entering the school, she was avoided and talked about behind her back just based on how intimidating she looked.  "Wait, you're awake?"  The voice spoke in the android's head, but it would go ignored for now.  Maestus brought her head from looking at the floor to looking directly at Ishi.  Even if she didn't know him well and he could say something similar, she didn't expect him to talk about her as something as 'the least human thing in this academy.'

Maestus said nothing.  Did nothing.  Although she was physically incapable of expressing how she felt without words, the voice that had been doing the talking for her clearly could tell how she felt at the moment.  "Fuck you, Ishi."  Although she didn't move at all, Maestus felt a bit of surprise at the sudden hostility from the voice. "Maestus is probably more human than you could ever be.  She's never... No, I don't care about keeping things quiet!  You can go tell them, they can't get rid of me!" Maestus sat there, confused and still quite hurt from what was currently happening.  "She's never killed someone for money or any reason aside from self defense and the defense of others, yet you have the nerve to say that she's not human?  She never asked to be put in that thing, so don't you dare try to use it against her.  I know for a fact she deserves better than that."

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21 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:28 pm

Ishi Omo
Ishi let out a massive laugh. The voice was an idiot. Letting out a bunch of information, and insulting him thinking that he pretended he didn't kill people.

"Gee golly. I sure didn't kill those people. Well, I didn't sort of. My hands did it though. I make no mistake. I did it for money and nothing more, nothing less. This whole 'shoved in there' thing sounds odd. What happened? A lost soul wandered itself into a robot?"

He continued to laugh, making a full effort to anger the voice and get her to release more information. The more information he had, the better.

"That's like saying I killed some like, important crime boss or something. I'd never do that." He had, of course, and was just trying to goad the voice into giving what they had on him and more about Maestus, a student at his academy. After all, shadowy orgs trying to get into students head was not a good thing.

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22 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 10:57 pm

The voice changed her tone from furious to what seemed to be... mournful? "I mean... that would make more sense than what we could come up with so far.  It's sort of what we've been trying to figure out."  Maestus finally gained control over her body again, probably due to the voice realizing that she was awake anyways and that not moving wasn't usually comfortable.  "What do you mean? Keep talking!  Tell me what happened!"  The voice paused for a moment, most likely to make sure that Ishi was done being a nuisance.  "Well, I... It's not something I like to think about.  Besides, someone that talks about you like this doesn't deserve to know."  Maestus turned her attention back to Ishi, looking him over as he was seemingly having the time of his life at the voice and Maestus's expense.  For the first time in her life, Maestus didn't know how she was supposed to feel.  Should she be depressed that someone she was starting to trust was now treating her terribly, or should she be livid at him for putting everyone in such an awful mood?

"I don't care, just tell me.  If anything, I'll want a second opinion on this, even if it's from someone I only thought I could trust. It's better than being alone."  The voice audibly sighed and took some time to itself before speaking again. In the background, several quiet arguing voices could be heard.  "Well, since I've already said a lot, and since I can't stand to see you this way, I'll tell you.  Besides, I don't think I have a lot of time to say much anyways."  Maestus sat on the floor, waiting as the voice formulated her thoughts.  "So, Maestus.  This is going to be a little hard to hear, but..."  The voice started to get shaky, like just talking about the subject was painful for her. "You aren't actually an android."  As soon as she finished her sentence, an alarm could be heard coming from the voices side, and after the alarm rung out the third time, silence fell over the room.

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23 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:12 pm

Ishi Omo
He was pretty sure the voice was dead. Oh well. The sacrifices one must take to protect their students from the harm of their makers. Anything that wouldn't come visit their creation in person was obviously something either terrible, or angry. Or something. The way that the voice answered made him think about something. He went to his closet and rummaged through it, bringing out a book he had bought a long while ago.

It was some book he had considered a sham, but brought back out for the sake of this. He went back to his desk and placed it down, inviting Mae to come closer.

"Sorry about all the insults. I had to get information from the voice. It said you aren't an android, which makes me believe that there was about 950 ethic code violations. There's only like, 200 codes of ethics. Now, this book is a sham, i feel like. It quoted something about transfering a soul over, which is maybe something like aura."

Hmm. This was still odd.

"If I had to guess, you were created from some type of human in some manner. I'd aruge, even, that the human was older then I. These are assumptions, but not unreasonable ones considering the information we were just given."

It was time for Ishi to actually help someone.

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24 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 11:34 pm

Maestus stormed over to Ishi, the claws on her feet tearing up the floor as she did so before she reached him.  Using both of her hands, she grabbed him by his clothes and picked him up into the air.  "Words can't express how much I want to absolutely ruin you right now.  I want to tear out your throat and show it to you before I crush it under my feet..."  Maestus slowly began to set Ishi back down on the floor, turning her head to focus on the book.  "But right now, I just lost my only ally.  I can't afford to waste this chance.  All I really know is that I know nothing.  I'm going to have to trust you, so don't make me regret this choice.  Actually, this is more of a lack of a choice."

Slowly, Maestus began to fill up with a sense of dread.  What happened to that voice that was trying to help them out?  She didn't do anything wrong as far as she could tell, so why did those alarms go off? Was she okay? No, this wasn't the time to be worrying about that.  What was Maestus supposed to do if she knew, anyways?  It wasn't like she knew where the voice was really coming from. For now, she had to learn about the things she could actually do something about.

Maestus took a look at the book. "On Spirits and Aura."  She shrugged.  So far, she never really took any classes on Aura, and she never even thought about researching spirits.  As far as she used to be able to tell, the soul was just a person's way of explaining something they couldn't understand.

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25 Re: How to make Robo Gentle(private/Maestus) on Thu Dec 07, 2017 5:25 pm

Ishi Omo
"You could just leave and never come back. That's always a choice. But I don't see a coward in you. I see a confident, strong robot that can get through this. Besides, if they aren't dead, they're going to be back. Chances are, if you're that close, they are not dead. They're just hurt."

He spoke calmly, keeping a stern look on his face. He realized the situation, and despite his feelings on the female race of any sort, robot or not, he'd simply have to comfort her and be a human. Somewhat sometimes. He was one of those, despite other peoples sayings. He was just a healthy guy who was a bit old and a bit worn from all he did as a youth. That's just how it was. However, this book... he opened it to the first page. He started to read aloud.

"I postulate that the connection between the two, while wildly disputed, exists. I believe that if It is to be understood, we must connect the Aura to the Soul. I'd even argue that the soul was the fuel of the aura. The aura an extension of the soul."

He pondered this. He still thought it was garbage, but he could see why it was connected. He disagreed that it was the connection that existed, but still. Ishi didn't have any better way to explain the manner he healed a lot of the people he did. That was the problem. He didn't understand it any better than the book did.

"The book poses the point. Perhaps, your soul was so strong when you were human that it refused to die and entered a robotic frame. I'm not entirely sure, but it sounds vaguely possible."

He had said it as a joke earlier, but realistically, it was a possibility.

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