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The Snowy Cat Inn (2 openings)

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1 The Snowy Cat Inn (2 openings) on Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:10 pm

Axel had, had one of his people go out to bellmuse and buy him a Inn to have for himself, Axel named it the Snowy Cat Inn because when he first got to the place it had little fluffy cats in it, so he named it that way cause of that reason. He really didn't open it but it was a good cover up to have a lot of people come in and stay a bit. The place also doubles as a cat sanctuary and bar, mainly a bar and inn. One day Axel heard a knock on the main door, it was strange cause the door was always open, Axel also let his semblance run a mock and had it snowing in the area a lot, it was also located a little bit out of Springwood."Who could that be, creature if its that weasel again i swear i'm going to turn him into a Popsicle." He then open the door and let who ever was knocking in.

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