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The Wolves Den (Private/Invite only/Death battle)

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Topaz James
"Love letter, my ass," he said as he discarded the fake love letter. "I hate it when people prank me," he said as he walk along the forest path. Noir was in deep thought till he found himself in a forest clearing. "This day can't get any worst he said to himself as he breathe in the crisp air of the forest. The sounds color took Noir back to time where he would hunt with his father. It has been a while since he been hunting, "I might bring back some deer meat." Noir started to continue along the forest path till he heard crunching of leaves behind him, by the time he turn around his legs was already slashed. Noir fell forward as he saw the winged figure sprint back into the woods. Noir whipped cross onto a nearby tail and reeled himself into tree branch where he quickly looked at the wound. "I need to get out of here," he unwinded from the tree and started to sling himself through the trees to get to safety.

Health: 80| Aura:200
11 turns left till left unconscious

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Leena Lilac
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Topaz James
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