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The Quest For Lien[Private-Seraph]

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1 The Quest For Lien[Private-Seraph] on Wed Nov 01, 2017 8:32 pm

Jordan walked around the forest with one hand in his pocket,one hand holding his knife. He was out hunting,hunting for grimm. He was short on lien and needed some extra money. He made it over to a rock and sat down on it. No luck so far,but can't give up. He stood up on his feet and scratched some marks in a tree. He went deeper into the forest making strange marks in the trees. After a while he stopped and made a huge mark in the tree. There. Now he can find his way back. He climbed up a tree and sat on a branch silently. There is no way a grimm can reach up here unless they can fly,and he hasn't heard of reports of Nevermore int eh forest for a while. He waited. 5 minutes. 30 minutes. A hour. Okay this is boring. Jordan heard a noise. Now the fun begins.

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