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Quill Darwind (re-amp)

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1Quill Darwind (re-amp) Empty Quill Darwind (re-amp) on Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:04 am

Quill Darwind
Enrollment Form

Quill Darwind (re-amp) Ec52bfc86a6ec5a0ba42c3d7a567c7c3--anime-sexy-anime-guys

Basic info
Name: Quill Darwind
Age: 18
Birthday: 1/25
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0
Weight: 142 LBS
Face Claim:

STR:  5
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Comat
Likes: Faunus girls, cooking, and hunting
Dislikes: Bullies, racist people, and stuck up people (aka Atlas citizens)
Fears: the pitch black, losing people, and his weapon
Talent: Cooking
Weakness Fine Art
Overall Personality: Over anything Quill is mostly easy going and normally doesn't talk to new people unless they talk to him first. Quill is also quick to rage and can act somewhat weird at times. Other times he can come off as a little normal, if you think having a animal that can burn down your house a good pet or finding a lot of animals adorable then ya pretty normal person. It is strange cause what people find normal he either agrees or finds it stranger then how people think of each other like they aren't normal, his definition of normal is that everyone acts like people and not some sorta thing that needs attention to survive and all that noise.

Aura type: Strength
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Inferno: A semblance that causes lava to created by the user, the lava can not melt other weapons or armor but still can do some damage. (range of effect is 10 meters)
Damage: The user can throw lava at people which can harden in mid air causing it to become a rock, or the lava can burn people just like fire can.
Defense: Lava can be formed in the ground which can be launched up to create a way or shield that can protect the user.
Buff: The user can engulf their weapon in the lava to give it +2 in strength
Utility: The lava can be formed into many things, chairs, lights, bridges, ect.
Item 1: Gomorrah: A weapon said to have been found inside a demon of inferno. It is a shield with a bladed edge, it is like a sword that was fused with a wall. (physical weapon)
Quill Darwind (re-amp) Latest?cb=20140506082848
Item 2: Labolas: Unlike most armor this armor is meant only to be wear into combat only, when the user needs it it will appear on him, this is thanks to a special system in it that allows only the armor it self to teleport and appear on the user (physical armor)

Quill Darwind (re-amp) E0da6368c8efa5445d960f5f27e31aeb--death-knight-knight-armor

History and Sample
Quill was born in a town located near a active volcano called little torch town, it was named that way because the volcano's name is little torch because it is a smaller then normal size volcano. When Quill was born his parents didn't really want to raise a male child so the gave him up for adoption, males in the town are normally sent to the volcano elder which they would train under but that is only if they are worthy of it so normally most couples want to raise women and rarely male children. The orphanage where Quill grew up taught him many things, one of which was cooking which he soon fell in love with. Once he became the age of 10 he was chosen to become the elders new student. After training with him for 6 years he had finished it, the elder then gave Quill Gomorrah a sword and shield combo. It also turns out that the elder is also Quills grandfather, he did say why his parents abandon him and that he also disown them from the family so they can not inherit anything from anyone from the family. Soon after he was given his armor by the Golem group that told Quill to join syne academy, he began at 17 and is now a second year student. Quill majors in combat because he can do more in combat base work and can earn more money that way he can one day settle down and follow his own dreams. Quill is also part of a religion called the children of the Inferno, it states that after the creator and destroyer created humans the creator also created demons that live in a inferno realm to protect those's closes to the element fire, these demons protect their own world now but they still will protect those's fateful to the flames. But due to his semblance strange ability to make him immune to natural fire and lave, his village believes he is a inferno demon made flash.
RP Sample:
Quill was a little nerviest going to a island where there was a lot of water and not a lot of land for him to walk around on. He was about to not even go but he worked up the courage to get on the boat and attend syne academy, then found out that you should not eat before getting on a boat. Once he arrived at the island he asked around asking where the academy was located at, he show many people and many faunus, he tried asking one of the faunus ladies out but got turned down. After a while he found himself at the entrance of syne academy and went on the air ship that takes him to the academy directly, it was a new and strange sign to behold but a lot of things are new and strange to Quill even the animals are new and strange to him but eventually he got used to it.

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Ishi Omo
looks fine to me.


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Richard Lionheart
Wasn't moved into approved but I'm having to pull it out, you can't have a sword and shield combination as one item. To duel wield items they must be identical outside cosmetics. Additionally you cannot have immunity to an element regardless of it's natural or unnatural basis.

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Quill Darwind

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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