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Misunders-tan-ding (Open)

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1 Misunders-tan-ding (Open) on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:44 pm

Flash Driver
The first snowfall had begun to... well, fall. Late autumn snow was rare for Bellmuse but, being an island, weather was typically amplified in the area. Despite the snowfall being so early it was coming down rather heavily, the beach in particular had gone from sandy yellow to a driftwood white; the lapping tide exposing the sand before it vanished beneath the fall once more only to be revealed in sequence; tide currently receding into the ocean. Naturally the beach appeared empty, few souls would dare the beach on such a cold day; even creeks tavern appeared firmly closed with orange light glowing within.

The beach was empty that is save for one individual. He appeared but a mass of snow, almost like a car had been driven onto the beach and abandoned or a poor attempt at snow-fort creation. A lumpy cold mass which only the observant would notice the slight movement and with it the shift in snow. Lain beneath the mass of frozen water, as if trapped within a sarcophagus, was an android painted a bright green with what looked to be a television screen for a head. Beneath the frozen mass he was reading what looked to be a comic book, thoroughly soaked by the snow, but his calculated and delicate movements kept it from tearing. The droid had been so immersed in his comic that he'd lost track of time.

You may be wondering quite how that was possible, would a robot not register data at a much faster rate than a human and thus finish the comic in mere minutes? Well... the droid beneath the snow, Flash Driver, had not only been designed in a manner unbefitting or reading but he was taking in the details of the art incredibly closely... how closely you may be wondering? Well he was attempting to understand human and faunus anatomy, that's how close! But learning anatomy from comics of all places, let alone the superhero one he was reading, was most unwise... not that anyone would know just what he was doing until he was uncovered.

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2 Re: Misunders-tan-ding (Open) on Fri Dec 08, 2017 4:15 pm

Myra Chegernt
Cold day O Cold day, how dare you forsaken a young lady from her usual clothes for something that was out of her comfort? This was the plea of Myra currently, absolutely not used to the cold climate that Bellmuse had over Menagerie. Going from a tropical island to one that was way more up north than the other was a great shock for the faunus that had arrived only recently. The girl had just finished shopping for some winter clothes to which she had already changed to with her usual clothes in the bag she was carrying. Wearing a short but thick coat rather than her usual asymmetric yukata and warm thigh high boots with a large scarf covering most of her head, it would be hard for anyone that knew her to recognize her on the spot.

Taking this chance to explore the city beyond what she had already visited on past occasions as well as going further than the shop she just exited from, Myra was slowly being led towards the beach of Kompress, the one that she heard welcome thousand of people each day during the summer to enjoy its warm sand and its waves although the season was now long gone and its sand barely visible under all the snow that had fallen already. The beach was totally vacant, no one could be seen, the whole area was uniform in its whiteness and snow... albeit one large mound further down the beach. Curious by the sight, the girl began making her way towards it, each step in the snow making the distinct and unique sound of creaking snow, a sound that Myra was quite unfamiliar with but it was a pleasant discovery, so pleasant that she would even jump from side to side and all over just to step in more snow, nearly forgetting why she was here in the first place.

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3 Re: Misunders-tan-ding (Open) on Sat Dec 16, 2017 6:00 pm

Flash Driver
Flash was picking up a repetitive crunching sound toward his left flank, finally someone else had arrived on the beach! That or it was an animal, but regardless a friend! There was a sudden his of steam, the vent on the front of Flash's face releasing a warm jet of air as his internal systems began to run at a greater capacity. There was a shudder and the shifting of snow, though relatively little sound came from the snowy form. He rose as though he were a vampire rising from their tomb, stiff and straight in a manner distinctly non-human/faunus. With a stretch of his arms a majority of the residual snow fell from his body, soggy comic being waved from side to side.

The teal green form towered over the faunus by at least a foot, not taking into account the girl's horns, and he distinctly lacked facial features. No ears, not eyes, no nose and certainly no hair... sans a slight dusting of snow. The tall droid pulled open a compartment on his right arm, placing the wadded comic within, before turning to the faunus and bowing deeply to her; keeping his head angled such that she could read.

The text on his face read; ">.< I am sorry to have kept you waiting, I did not think it a-snow-priate to address you  in my prior state. It would not have been cool of me. My name is Flash Driver, I am very pleased to make your aquaintance fleshy one! ^O^ What is your name? Do you Snow why the beach is so empty? It's quite strange isn't it? Usually it's real busy." The large droid was garbed in only a, now soaked, zip-up jacket. It appeared this machine had little need for clothes.

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