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Let us rethink things (Personal Advancement)

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1 Let us rethink things (Personal Advancement) on Thu Nov 09, 2017 12:50 am

Ylva Adara
So, it's fair that Busan is sore after every scrape and tussle he's been in recently, but his mind runs heavily as he sits in his family smith shoppe. He scratched his beard as he stared at his armor and struggled to put his hand on what he feels like it has been missing. Busan has entered a new world now, and something feels off, like he's under-prepared for this entire future ordeal. He glanced at Briseadh shortly, no. Briseadh was as useful as he could make it for himself with his current set of skills.

The heat of the forge was already running and blasting through the room as Busan had been planning to make something, but this....

This was eating away at him. For now, he stood from the stool he had been seated on and grabbed his trusty hammer. He gave it a few practice swings and began to consider all the years as a city watchmen that he spent with his hammer favored over the classic sidearms offered. Rewinding a bit more, he remembered smithing his hammer with a bitty hammer that he could barely hold with his full hand, and now he used Briseadh to smith everything he made.

Wait.... That was it!

Looking at his armor, he dropped his hammer to the floor and started to pull it apart, plate by plate and move it between the forge and the welding arc. He grabbed his apron and his mask and donned them as he postulated his idea.

What his armor was missing was utility and versatility. It was fine for protecting him but... it looked dull, old, and that's all it was good for. He knew just how to change that, and he'd start here and make even more as he found need  to.

And that's what he did, he started by hammering the plates separately to become more sloped and sleek, even separating some of the solid pieces to make the full body more flexible. He removed some pieces as well and punched holes in some of the back plating all the way up and down for a way to increase his mobility. Using a large plate, he rounds it out and welds it to the plate while making a few pipes to run through them. He tests his theory upon completion of one of the boots by placing some high flammability charcoal into a fuel pipe and dropping a match in and laughing with victory as all the force travels out the back of the boot and slides it forward just a bit, and even floats a bit above the ground for a moment.

Busan mimics this style on several other plates until he gets up to the helmet. He'd never been a fan of using too many moving parts, but there were some things that had been annoying him recently. He cut a large horizontal segment out of the visor and replaced it with his strongest security mirror, allowing his eyes to be completely obscured behind the visor and having full viewing potential with the increased visor size. Moving ahead, he made it so the entire helmet  could collapse into a collar around his neck so he wouldn't have to keep taking his helmet on and off.

He double checked every thing and went through reinforcing the entirety of his armor, especially around the fuel compartments to avoid any unwanted combustion and set all of the sensory data into place so that his new utilities would activate when he wanted them to. When everything cooled, he donned his armor and took a good long look in the mirror.

Yes, this was the future of knights everywhere. He could feel it.

With that, he clutched his hammer tightly and walked out to test his new creation on some poor grimm.

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