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An in-depth analysis on the activities of Mr. Busan Jackson

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Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Busan Jackson
Age: 25
Birthday: 1/1
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 7’0”
Weight: 300 Lbs (500 in Cannon mode)
Face Claim: Sig Curtis: Full Metal Alchemist

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: Hard Work, Feats of Strength and Athleticism, Making Weapons, Heavy armor, Big weapons, Single combat, Briseadh, Beards, Saving lives, Honor
Dislikes: Laziness, Meekness, Fighting styles he deems as cowardly, the Beardless,
Fears: Growing Weak in his age, Never becoming the greatest smith in the land, Mice
Talent: Weaponsmithing
Weakness Tailoring
Overall Personality: The man, the mighty man himself Busan Jackson values his physical and mental fortitude over everything else that he has, aside from his smithing skill. He values the physical abilities displayed by others equally so and considers anyone that can even come close to his own ability to be a worthy and trusted ally on the battlefield. He loves to make weapons and armor for people and aspires to be the ultimate blacksmith in all the land. He values combatant honor over physical prowess, even the weakest of fighters are spectacular warriors in his eyes so long as they fight honorably, with valor, and face to face.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Busan Cannon: (Buff/Damage)
Buff: Ordinarily, Busan’s physical fitness is high, but he looks normal and muscular, even with his height, but using his semblance, Busan massively expands his muscle mass to superhuman heights and becoming the hulking form that he loves. (+2 STR)
Damage: In Cannon mode, Busan’s fists become embued by pure auric force, so if he chooses to punch someone, no armor could save them from the full blast. He can even punch the earth to cause a mild shockwave blast from the point of contact.
Item 1: Briseadh: The mighty warhammer, as tall as Busan himself, but his mighty strength allows him to heave it with ease, even capable of using it with one hand for smithing.
Item 2: Aegis Armor: (Physical) A full set of platemail that covers Busan head to toe in only the finest of steel and expands to fit his form in Cannon mode. Made himself using Briseadh and modified to include more mechanical functions and the use of his rocket jets.



History and Sample
Well this is the tale all about how Busan's life was turned upside down, but this might take a while so stay right here, and I'll tell you how this blacksmith ended making Syne's gear. Now in West Bellmuse he was born and raised, in his family's shop is where he spent most of his days, working and talking, making sure the metal was good and helping out any way that he possibly could. There was a drop in the sales so fierce that his dad had to say to his mother that "It wasn't that bad." But Busan knew the truth, and to his family he'd say "I'll go train with the guards and bring home a little more pay." He trained and exercised day after day, until he got really strong and felt like he could say "I'm strong to protect everybody I've ever met, and when I'm finally certified, I'll be all set." He graduated and boy was he glad to make sure his family's life wouldn't be all that bad. Is this really what the huntsmen feel like? Wow, they're doing what's right. Wait now, what about his family's shop and all that? Can he really abandon them at the drop of a hat? They said they'd be okay, if he wanted to go there, so he thanked them and he went on his way. He started off working and keeping his post, when he met the worst criminals with worse crimes to boast. Busan despised them, he had just started here and he stopped them all with with a mighty fear. He did his best every day he worked there and every day he felt worse when crime was everywhere. If anything, he felt that his feelings were real, but not stopping it just felt so surreal. He finally left for the school on the day that he quit, but he told his family "Don't worry, I'll see you later." I looked at my future I was finally here, "I hope they're ready to see my new gear. "
RP Sample:
Today had already been a pretty weird day. Busan didn't have time to groom his beard like he always did, never mind the coffee, all this because some criminal actually had a semblance and was wreaking havoc with it. Now it was one thing to have a semblance like Busan's which was specifically tailored to him and only affected him, but this guy was literally ripping concrete out of the walls and the ground and throwing it at civilians as he tried to escape from the police. Basically, the guy robbed a grocery store, Busan and his unit were called in on a day off, and now here we were. So admittedly, Busan was pretty angry about the civilians being the prime targets of this, but was glad that his semblance was a hard counter to the criminals. Busan was standing in the middle of a street with several people behind him as the criminal launched a massive boulder down the middle lane like a bowling ball.

"Always the ones that can't fight for themselves." He said as he slammed the hammer into the sidewalk leaving it lodged into the cement. He cracked his knuckles and summoned a primal roar as he sprinted directly at the boulder and with one punch it stopped in its tracks. There was a slight pause, an aura of tension before the boulder cracked everywhere from the point of the punch and fell apart, simply a pile of dust. Busan rubbed his head and looked for the criminal. "Gone." he sighed in his gravely voice. He turned around to see the civilians he'd just saved all cheering him on. At least something good came out of today.

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