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A Rude Inn (open)

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1 A Rude Inn (open) on Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:54 pm

Axel was tending to one of the cats in his in, the poor kitty gave birth last night and is very weak, she had about 5 adorable kittens, 3 boys and 2 girls. Then one of the trained cats Axel had brought him a letter, the letter read as such,"Dear lower lifeforms that think they are a in, I am writing this letter to tell all of you filthy low lives that i have graced this island with the only good Inn in the whole world. Not only that but im going to run all of you out of business, buy your worthless inn's and then expand my business from there. You can try and beat me in the business run but that may seem like a losing war, also don't even try to fight me because im a EX Atlas specials that has 300 confirmed kills under my belt. Have fun finding new lines of work, from the one the only Maxwell Scrooge." Axel was very confused cause he knew all EX Atlas specials and had never heard of his Scrooge person, so he went to the Inn he spoke of, it was just a hotel not a inn, even then the only people in there were stuck up Atlas people that were visiting the island for a more warmer vacation spot. Axel walked in, dropping the temp to super cold levels and kindly asked my Scrooge.

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