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Cooking with Lava (2 openings)

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1 Cooking with Lava (2 openings) on Sun Nov 12, 2017 1:09 am

Quill wanted to make some food but the kitchens did not have the items he would normally used, so he went to the outskirts of Springwood and went foraging for food. All the ingredients he found are the same that he would find in his home land, or at less similar to it. He then set up his own kitchen without a fridge, the counters were all smoothed out volcanic rocks and the pots and pans were brought with him from his home, his cutlery is made of 100% obsidian and they are pretty sharp. He started cooking by making a soup, it was more of a mushroom stew the soup, still it had mushroom and herbs in it. Next he made a fish dish that would make mouth water back home, a salad was made as well with some wild hard boiled egg cut in half in them. His cooking did attract some people and animals, more animals then people though.

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