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Home Invasion (2 openings)

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1 Home Invasion (2 openings) on Sun Nov 19, 2017 1:28 am

Claw Elderwood
Claw went out to check his mail today and saw a different colored paper letter then he normally gets, he turned it around and saw his homelands crest on it. The color was green which means that it is from a relative, the tone of it was ocean so it was important. Claw opened up the letter, it was from his cousin, he was getting married to his long time girlfriend who was part of the weapons devilment sector to be more blunt the head of it. They were dating before she got into that position of power. The letter read as follow,"Dear cousin Claw, me and Alice are getting married and i want you to be the best man since you were the one that introduce us, we are glad you did because we are madly in love..." Claw had to pause and puke a little cause he remembers what happen after he introduce them together, then he started back up,"The wedding will be held on are anniversary of when we first meet, from your best cousin Magnus, P.S. I know you aren't in a relation ship so if you don't show up with a date, I will play match maker and set you up with one." Claw started packing for a 2 week trip, the boat ride will only be 6 hours but he knows he is going to stay a while to see family and friends. He set off and got onto the boat heading to his home lands, he did see two figures getting on but he just thinks they might just be workers getting on the boat before they are left behind.

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