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Major Mission/Shadow Mission - Escort the Dust Shipment and Stack the Shelves (Closed/Richard)

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Richard Lionheart
This really wasn't Richard's bag... no literally, he was carrying someone else's bag. Work like this, while not Richard's favourite thing certainly beat out the classes he'd have to do in their place. If he could earn his grades like this, helping out in relation to his major, then he'd most certainly do it. Making his way into Bellmuse, pushing a large crate on wheels before himself, he had left the mines and had followed the path to make his way into the city with the crate in tow. As he entered he had received some rather peculiar glances, the Bellmuse Dust company logo emblazoned onto the cart there was no mistaking the contents; and from his position behind it the cart did appear to be being pushed by a child. Richard did most certainly regret shaving today.

Making his way through the bustling city, crossing roads at the lights and weaving around crowds, it didn't take him very long to become lost. Perhaps his antisocial nature was handicapping him, perhaps it was his obscured view due to the crate, perhaps it was embarrassment; regardless he'd found himself going down the wrong alleyway and meeting with a dead end... turning to reverse however he found himself face to face with a large surly woman and a lean, pointed toothed, man. It was quite apparent from their disposition what they wanted, the knife in the lean man's hand exaggerating this point, and Richard really didn't want to deal with them. Despite his claim of being a hunter and mentioning that he was armed the pair didn't particularly seem threatened. So, after admitting it took some gal for them to do this in broad daylight, Richard drew his claws and went on the offensive.

The fight certainly wasn't a long one, while Richard hadn't chosen to draw his weapons he did thing it best to use his semblance; kicking a trash can toward his opponents and scattering mouldy food before switching places with a rotting banana peel and slashing the man's knife cleanly out his hand. With that done the woman did throw a heavy punch toward him, however the aura Richard had protected him from the untrained blow; knocking him back ward only for him to pounce forward and scratch along the woman's cheek. With this feat it must have become clear to the pair that Richard was indeed a hunter rather than the lackey, dwarf, dust merchant they mistook him for. As such the man would run the instant his knife was dropped while the girl dropped and begged forgiveness and that he stop. Richard, hardly strict when it came to the law said he'd stop in exchange for food... before realising he'd essentially asked for a date prompting him to simply wave her off and tell her to get going; very embarrassed, only asking directions to the dust shop as penance. She did so, committed another bow of apology, before vanishing into the crowds.

Arriving he successfully delivered the dust to Dusty, realising how dumb the old man's name was before proceeding to the second half of this much too busy day. Now he had to work. "So, what do I have to do old man?"

Dusty frowned at being called this, quickly realising he didn't want the neerdowell Richard in his shop for long so he ordered; "Put the dust you brought in away, the shelves are ordered by potency and type rather than price, make sure not to damage any merchandise. More should be coming in two hours."

Richard set to this surprisingly quickly, just wanting to get home and sleep rather than work slowly for hours on end. If he could get this load done quickly then he'd be able to get the next done just as fast, maybe even get a nap in as he waited for the next courier... hopefully the old bag wouldn't mind. And so he stacked dust, filled canisters and hung crystals from the walls in as neat a manner as he could... but ultimately the task was tedious and he ended up finishing just as the next courier arrived... a rather familiar face. It was the girl who had attempted to rob him, plain and simple it was that large blonde woman with fists almost as big as Richard's own head. Upon their eyes meeting, the old man telling her to help him with stacking the dust there was a moment of tension... no doubt in Richard's mind that this shipment of dust was meant to be brought in by someone else. She approached with the cart, opened it and began to stack more dust onto the wall... refusing to meet Richard's eye.

Starting to stack dust again himself he whispered; "So... is the currier alive?"

There was a silence, though she continued to stack; "He's fine, face down in an alleyway, he'll wake up with a bump on the head and a blow to his pride."

Richard was okay with this, so long as he was alive Richard saw little reason to stop her... though he kept his eyes on her lest she begin shop lifting as she worked; "Were you always planning to come here with the stuff?"

She responded; "Old man pays out, if it went missing we'd be hounded. Get the money, use it to skip the island... only enough for one ticket though."

Richard shrugged; "You had the guts to stick it out, guess it's yours."

She simply nodded and continued to work silently.

The sun had set before they finished, receiving lien cards from the old man they exited together. Richard had half a mind to wave and leave but couldn't help a twinging feeling the girl may go on to do this again, perhaps get caught by someone less... merciful. As she turned he reached up and pressed against her back with his aura, forcing hers to unlock and his briefly weakening as a result. As she turned, he assumed to question her he began to say; "Something for the road," But was cut off as her now aura imbued fist met with his weakened body and sent him flying. Richard would never see this peculiarly large, blonde, dust thief again. Perhaps unlocking people's aura without consent wasn't the smartest thing in the world.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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