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Rae Seraphina [Ready (I think)]

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1 Rae Seraphina [Ready (I think)] on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Rae Seraphina
Age: 18
Birthday: 7/9
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus, Flying Fox (Ears usually under headwear)
Weight:150 lbs
Face Claim: OC

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Music, Her guitar, her laptop, tuning her weapons and instruments, one on one conversation, video games
Dislikes: Performing for crowds, people that push issues too hard, being bossed around, grimm, painting
Fears: Stage Fright, Breaking her guitar, Leaving behind her music, Disappointing her friends
Talent: Musician
Weakness Fine Art
Overall Personality: To describe Rae is to truly capture everything that Rae is as a person and all her complexities and quirks, so let's keep things simple shall we? Rae is, at her core, a kind girl and she does her best to show it in her own teasing, tomboyish manner. And a tomboy she can be at times, often jumping head first into situations that may dirty herself if the end result is something positive, be that some fun or helping somebody. On the contradictory side, she is very meticulous about the way she appears and is likely to take hours out of her morning to dress and keep herself tidy. So often after she takes part in her dirtier activities does she spend a similar amount of time cleaning herself and appearing as though it never happened in the first place. As a result of this rigorous routine, she has developed into quite the morning person, albeit with a mild dependence on coffee given her night-owl habits. Her focus on music tends to land her in a lot of concerts and performances, given that her preferred genre is rock and electro, one can assume that many of these performances take place later into the night. Rae can read music fluently and can play the guitar, drums, use her laptop for techno, and can even sing. However, she despises performing in front of groups of 3 people or more, provided that they all aren't close and trusted individuals. She seems to hold a special resentment for singing in these public squares above all else. Despite her stage fright, in all other scenarios she displays a confident demeanor, even when seemingly backed into a corner and a level of nonchalance that one would expect from her punk-like appearance.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Sound Wave:(Damage/Healing/Buffing)

Music played by Rae has a habit of doing whatever is on her mind. When she wants it to, she can even use it to make her more efficient when she fights. The music forms in the air whenever this is used, and any effects only take place after the physical manifestation makes contact with the target.

Damage: Whenever Rae strums a chord with anger in her mind and the desire to cause harm to her opponent, she can make the sound come with such ferocity that it will come forth and bludgeon foes within a 10 foot cone in front of her with a strong shockwave. This shockwave can push away unwary foes and only affects those caught within the cone indicated by the bar lines that come from her guitar. This must be done with an instrument as Rae is not capable of singing loud enough to perform this. There is also a short wind-up required to generate a chord strong enough. (20 SP per 20 Damage dealt)

Healing: When Rae chooses to play more slowly and with a soothing tone, the music will do as she does and move to her allies and ease their pains through her own power. The notes make contact with her allies and herself as manifestations her reserved semblance power and fill the cracks and damaged portions as needed. (30 SP per 20 HP healed)

Buff- STR/SPT: When things get heated, that's how Rae likes it, so she plays a small song to buff her teammates damaging skills. Notes flow from the bridge of the guitar and wind around her targets arms and remain even after the song ends and do not disappear until Rae wills them to or she can no longer bear the stress of keeping them there. Red notes signify strength and blue signifies spirit. (+2 buff to STR or SPT to one target)

Item 1: Red Ax (Weapon): A guitar with both electric and acoustic options as well as a button to release a set of blades from the body to create a large battleaxe and steel reinforcements over top of it's wooden internal body. As one could assume, it is red but has a black dragon encircling the sound hole.
Item 2: Hoodie (Armor): It's just a cutoff hoodie with a kevlar lining to soften blows. Rae spent a lot less time on her hoodie than her ax. She is usually wearing this hoodie regardless of anything she's wearing underneath it.

History and Sample
When Rae was born in Vale 18 years ago, her parents found themselves in a tight position. They weren't tremendously wealthy, not so much as to be able to afford the caretaking of a kid. Couple this with the fact that Rae wasn't exactly planned made things all the more simple for her parents to leave her in foster care. If you asked her today Rae would admit that she never knew a thing about who her real parents were but plainly expresses an interest in learning more about them if the opportunity were to ever present itself. But, back to the past. Rae ended up growing up with 5 other children around the house as she got older, and the foster parents could be characterized as caring, yet aloof. Rae could never quite put her finger on why that was, but she feels like it has something to do with her faunus heritage. Anyway, growing up with 4 brothers and 1 sister certainly has a way of warping the way one may grow up. Her siblings were very close with one another and could be protective at times, despite the constant bickering that is to be expected from a family such as hers.

Admittedly, middle school was one of the better times in her life and would really change the way she looked at things from then on. The aloofness of her foster parents led to her more rebellious side, and every time she did something like dye her hair or get a piercing, no one really tried to stop her. In fact, her siblings were very supportive of just around anything that she did. They also reinforced her ideology that racism was learned and never inherent, and any time any of her classmates poked fun at her for being a faunus, her 4 brothers usually stepped in to 'solve the problem' so to speak. Having 4 brothers wasn't all sunshine and roses though, just ask Rae's first (and currently last) boyfriend. But things got boring for her quickly, and she started to experiment with different ways to spend her time. She started with painting, and she was gawd-awful. She would prefer to avoid ever trying to paint ever again, but as for then, she started to read as well. Reading was fun enough, but it never really captured her interest to a grand extent. Rae loved playing video games, that came from her brothers but doing it too much was never her thing, the sitting still just irritated her. That's when she started to experiment with music, first with the drums. Those were the easiest to learn, mostly timings so she didn't yet have to focus too much. She learned to make music on her laptop next, then she learned how to sing. Last was the guitar, the point which would become unarguably her favorite instrument of all. Rae loved being able to play so much on just one instrument and she was able to pick out the subtle vibratory changes in pitch so well with it for some reason.

Passing the time by mastering her craft and musicianship, something felt off to her. She was learning to play, but never performing for anyone more than her brothers and sisters. Rae felt like she was drifting a bit, she had a love for her music and all, but the classes she was doing seemed bland and uninteresting. She was smart enough to grasp these things quickly when she studied them, so she wanted a bit more. Seeking a challenge, Rae filled out an application to attend Signal, completely unaware of its existence as a combat school and purely on the grounds that it would be more difficult to get in. Sure, she could have dropped out and reapplied somewhere else after realizing her mistake, in fact, that's what her foster parents told her to do.

Suffice to say... Rae didn't like that too much.

So Rae attended Signal, and struggled through most of it as did most of the Freshman class. Rae had never fought before, her brothers had always done that for her. Rae had also skipped PE more than a couple of times. She was determined however, and learned how to make a weapon to call her own, she learned how to fight, and given her rebellious nature, in time, she learned how to be a leader. With her education, Rae could have done almost anything she wanted to, except be a professional musician...

She had never broken free of that handicap, plus she kind of felt good about helping people. So why not go to Beacon to become a huntress?

Well, graduation had been tailed by the Battle of Beacon, so that made becoming a huntress a bit more complicated, especially since she had been accepted for the next semester already. Much like other prospects, she was assigned to a substitute academy until Beacon could get back into running condition. So then did she pack her items and set off for Bellmuse to join Syne academy.
RP Sample:
Rae was going through her locker, just trying to get her laptop free from all the other junk papers and scrapped projects she had inside. There was a lot to say the least, and although she had a grip on the laptop, she just couldn't seem to get it free. That is, until a small hardcover book came out of nowhere and beaned her in the back of the head, prompting her to yank the laptop out in a fit of surprise as she fell onto her butt, narrowly stopping herself from dropping her computer but spilling papers everywhere in the hallway.

"Aw, I thought bats had good hearing. Why couldn't you hear the book coming?" The pig that threw the book was laughing and nudging his friends nearby, despite his stupid remark making no sense. "Ooooh, is that music on the floor? Stupid bat-girl likes to-" He was abruptly cut off by Rae's older brother Darius punching him in the jaw.

Rae had been glaring at the guy from the start, bright red, and if Darius hadn't done it then she was going to. She was satisfied with this outcome though, as Darius helped her collect her papers back into the heap in her locker and helped her up.

Darius threw his arm over her shoulder as he walked her to her next class, and Rae turned her head back to make a face at the idiot that started this to begin with, sticking her tongue out and enjoying this victory.

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2 Re: Rae Seraphina [Ready (I think)] on Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:27 pm

Hey sorry this took a bit! I've been busy, only thing I can currently see is just a clarity issue. I want you to make it clear, probably in the initial line above where you've listed the applications, that you are manifesting the sound in a tangible, visible form and it is only through these forms you can create desired effects ^^ I know you've listed how they look in the later descriptions but just to make it clear upon a scan! bump when done

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"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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