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Viridian Sierra (Revamp Complete)

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1 Viridian Sierra (Revamp Complete) on Mon Nov 20, 2017 1:14 pm

Viridian Sierra
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Viridian Sierra
Age: 18
Birthday: 7/9
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus, Flying Fox (Ears; Hearing)
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lbs
Face Claim: Charles Xavier- Western World AU

Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Dust
Likes: Dust, Quiet, Old Stories, Heroes, People that believe in him, Revolvers, Music
Dislikes: Intense loudness, People communicating through facial expression, People that doubt him because of his blindness, Criminals, Fear
Fears: Losing his hearing, Getting someone hurt from his inexperience, Getting someone hurt because of his blindness
Talent: Athleticism
Weakness Fine Art
Overall Personality: Viridian is something of a wildcard to those that do not know him very well. He's quiet, not the first to talk, but when he does speak for the first time it's usually some kind of a witty remark with a level of confidence that would be surprising to hear from a blind man. Once he speaks, his true nature comes out, that of a young man eager to please despite his pitfalls and lack of experience in the field of combat. He prefers to use dust in his rounds over regular bullets due to the fact that most of them make residual noise after contact, making it easier to gauge where his enemies are, regardless of if he hit them. Panic from flames, dropping stones or water, you name it, and Viri can name the sound.

He is very self-conscious of his blindness though, and gets defensive if someone brings it up in a negative/joking manner. It's a problem that has plagued him his whole life, and doesn't take well to people that take it lightly. Keeping in tone with his witty demeanor, however, he often will taunt his opponents in some way or another.

Viridian is monotheistic, but is also fairly jaded about religion. He was atheist in his younger years, often wondering what kind of god or gods would make him blind from birth in a world ravaged by creatures that want nothing more than to torment and kill humanity, though he now likens it to punishment for his heritage and a karmic absolution of the rest of his family in the form of his defect.

This jaded nature is shown even further in his evaluation of criminals, often assuming the worst of anyone that has shown such nature even once before. This leads him to be quick on the trigger, and fully willing to kill anyone that has done anything comparably heinous, and will do so if no one stops him.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Green
Semblance: Old-Town Shootout: With a click of the button on Viri's pocketwatch, he sets its time to 12:00 and issues a duel to every soul unfortunate enough to be close to him. This causes a large 10 meter zone around him to become encircled by the forces of his aura. Anyone that enters will find themselves bound by a sort of elastic coating of his aura, restricting their dexterity and slowing them down so Viri can truly be the fastest gun in Remnant. [Speed Debuff]

Item 1: Bonnie and Clyde (Weapon): A pair of Model 500 Revolvers with a chrome finish and a loud banging shot.
Item 2: 2 Vials of Earth Dust: 10x Uses

History and Sample
Being born as a child of Vacuo is a harsh beginning to any life, but it's livable. Being born with a birth defect is a harsh way to begin any life, but it's livable. Being born as a faunus is a harsh truth to accept in life, but it's livable. Viridian was not a lucky person in this regard, as he was born with all three harsh realities in mind. In Vacuo, if you can live there, then you're welcome there, but Viridian was born blind. A truth that his father didn't want to accept, and claimed that the child wasn't his, and rather that Viri's mother had had an affair to conceive him. But that is to be expected from an outlaw, one that just wants to be noticed.

A little fish, in a gigantic desert pond, so any little bit of exposure would help, because it wasn't wealth or success that he ever wanted, but notoriety. Oh, what a desire it was too. The damn man would do what he wanted when he wanted just to stir up a little trouble, especially to faunus. When you do whatever you want though, there are bound to be consequences. One of them just happened to involve a faunus mother claiming that he was the father of a faunus child.

As Viridian got older, it became more apparent that he was the son of his father, there was after all a striking resemblance, save the ears. His youth was rough, as one might expect, up until his adolescent years. Living with blindness increases the strength of ones other senses, and after 13 years, Viri's hearing had increased dramatically. Even more effective was that he was a bat faunus, his hearing was almost exact in accuracy. Growing to the point that he could eventually visualize locations of objects through sound, and as much as the stereotype bothered him, even soundwave reverberations through echolocation.

That wasn't all that Viri got as a part of his teen years though. Puberty turned him into a fiery little pissant; stubborn, some might say moreso than his old man, which was put to the test in Viridian insisting on being treated like a son by his father. The sadistic old outlaw grew tired of the boy's bothersome nature, and thought it funny to hand the boy a gun and say that he'd take him shooting.

Viri had never shot before in his entire life, so he was worried when he went out to the dunes alone with the tried and true bandit. He was directed to a horse corpse, and some vultures. He was expected to shoot the vultures to practice easy, but the real purpose was for the boy to fumble and fail with the weapon, and persuade him to leave the grizzled outlaw alone.

The thing is, the revolver was so mechanical and open. Every part made noise when it moved, metal on metal. Viri loved it and took aim at one of the vile birds, blowing its head straight off. That was when Viri started to hate it, it was so loud that Viri panicked when his ears started ringing and dropped the gun.

His father on the other hand saw something in the boy then, a crack shot. He was proud in that moment, so much so that he picked up the gun that Viri had dropped, slammed it back into his hands and forced him to keep doing it, despite Viri screaming and crying in fear. Suddenly the roles were reversed; Viridian wanted nothing to do with the man anymore, but the man regularly came back and forced Viri to learn to shoot.

In no time at all, Viri was shooting like a pro, despite his disability. And what worried him was that he began to enjoy the sound of gunshots, the pain that they caused him, anything else was the worst, but bullets leaving his revolver was one of the most beautiful things he could hear now. Viridian resented the old man, but he loved to shoot now, so it was all worth it.

Reality really started to hit as he mastered the craft as to the reason why his father wanted him to be so good at shooting, why he took so much interest at all. His father took him on a trip out into the desert again, which Viri suspected was just another shooting practice. Instead, he was surprised that his father gave him a 500 Magnum, and promised to start being a better father for the rest of his life. It meant a lot to Viridian, and made Viri think that their family had hope after all.

A short lived fantasy until his dad fired a round off and murdered a man running a caravan of two in the middle of the dunes, right in front of Viridian. His dad was planning to introduce him to the family business, as he held the head of the other wagon at gunpoint. He dragged him down and put him on the ground in front of Viri, and told him to take a shot of his own. Viridian hesitated, and his dad gave him an ultimatum, take a life today, or lose his own.

The thing is, Viridian wasn't ready to die yet, so he pulled back the hammer of the revolver and took aim at the wagon driver as he begged for his life. Viri started to slowly squeeze the trigger when he whipped the barrel of the gun into his dad's gut. Viri heard the gun leaving his dad's holster long ago, and he heard when it fell out of his hand from behind his back. As it turns out, the old man tried to draw on Viri as well in that moment, but Viri had managed to be faster.

His dad died there, collapsed in the Vacuo sands in mere moments after the shot rang out. Viri dropped his gun as well, as he sat down and wiped his face, trying to grasp how close he'd come to death in the span of a few seconds right after having so much hope for the future. The wagon driver left, and Viri just stayed there as he tried to adjust himself. A mixture of fear and adrenaline slowly working it's way out of his veins.

When he freed himself from his stupor, he stood up and walked over to his dad. That was it, a man so filled with evil that he forced a young man to bloody his clean hands. So wicked a man, that Viri decided that common decency was not to be wasted on him, and instead, he claimed the man's holster and revolver. Perfectly matching his own.

This all felt so ironic to him that it was surreal, like something out of a story he'd often heard from the old huntsmen in the slums. Men he'd looked up to in fact, and he left that for this creature, even his mother had warned him not to get involved with him back then.

Viridian didn't want to face any of them until he corrected this somehow. As he stared at the corpse of his father, he realized how much he hated men like him, and would do anything to be the exact opposite of him. That was when he made a promise. A promise to protect the world from men like this, so help him God.

So the young man left, sailing for a quiet island among the seas to pursue that goal, never going as far as to return to say goodbye.
RP Sample:
"Alright, we're here! You want some father/son bonding time?!?" Came the growling voice of a man pushed too far, as Viri was dragged out here, and had a small revolver thrust into his palm. "You can't see it bat-boy, but that there is a gun. Use THAT, to shoot those vultures picking my old horse clean over there. Oh wait, no over there."

The grizzly bandit crushed Viri's hands around the revolver and directed him toward the vultures. Such noisy creatures, always fighting among one another over the same piece of carrion and being chased away only to flop their way back the second you turned your back.

The revolver on the other hand was quiet in it's noisiness. The individual bits affixed to one another often clicked melodiously against themselves, and he felt like he could make out damn near every groove. Viri leveled the clunky weapon toward the noisy birds and took aim at once of them using the reverberations of their constant noise to pinpoint where it was. He squeezed the trigger slowly until the gun abruptly flew from his hands and into the sand at Viridian's feet.

Viridian was suddenly clutching his ears shut over the sides of his head as they rang and rang. The constant ringing threw everything off, it was so hard to tell what was happening like this. "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god..." Viri was just chanting to himself as his heart raced in what seemed exactly like a heartattack.

Also, due to the nature of Viridian's blindness, inflicting the blindness status on him is only capable by restricting his ablility to hear.

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Hey sorry this took a bit! I've been busy, only thing I can currently see is just a clarity issue. I want you to make it clear, probably in the initial line above where you've listed the applications, that you are manifesting the sound in a tangible, visible form and it is only through these forms you can create desired effects ^^ I know you've listed how they look in the later descriptions but just to make it clear upon a scan! bump when done

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