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Do androids dream of electric Grimm? [Closed / Major mission]

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Mathilde Harmaa
It was a calm night. Remnants fractured moon was out, the crickets chirped. And a rather large woman with an even larger scythe moved across the courtyard. The soft tapping of her high heels resounding rhythmically. It was simple patrol duty she had signed up for. Nothing too difficult, certainly not when you didn't attach so much value to 'sleep'. Or the next best alternative for someone such as herself.  Though she had to tip toe, to make sure not to wake her roommate. She just moved on, rolling her shoulders ocassionally, pondering to herself what the next best course of action was. Whether to improve her body in itself, or add things to hallowed redeemer. Or maybe upgrade her energy field? A brow forruwed as she sunk deeper in thought. Her slow walking coming to a halt.

Though, that was also partly to blame on the low growling that managed to catch her attention. Thoughts interrupted and she glanced over at a small pack of beowolves. How'd they even get here and reach her? A gentle breath came from her, and with a soft sheen in the faint moonlight, the scythe was lifted from her shoulder with a massive arc. With a burst of movement, Mathilde charged the pack head on. A ferocity that made the beowolves hesitate ever so slightly. Her charge came to stop as she ducked down and used her momentum to turn on her feet, flinging the massive scythe to hit the flank of one of the creatures. Moving forward to stomp down on it's face and pull the scythe back. Rending through it's entire side.

Though the second one saw it's chance and moved in for the kill, aiming to pounce on her. Which would've succeeded if it wasn't for Math's rather heavy build. She turned on her feet and used her shoulder to resist the pounce, her free hand moving up and grabbing it's throat, smacking the creature down in the paving of the courtyard. Several tiles cracking under the sheer force put behind it. Once again, a kick down, heel pressing right into the throat and ending it's existence then and there. She glanced over to the third being, grabbing her scythe again and moving towards the last beowolf that had decided to attack her. Another pounce, countered by her scythe moving underneath the being. The blade pointed upwards and the polearm pulled into an arc over Mathilde. Causing the beowolf to be impaled and dragged through the air to smack into the ground, the scythe slamming through the Grimm and paving alike. A split second later, the being was torn in two by Mathilde pulling her weapon back, grinding through stone and rending through flesh.

Another roar resounded. Though it didn't belong to a beowolf. She turned on her feet, before a massive paw backhanded her abdomen, sending her flying through not one, but two pillars that decorated the courtyard. Coming to a halt against a solid concrete wall after said pillars had slowed down her momentum enough. Momentarily dazed by the blow, her aura had taken the brunt of the damage.

But she was still an android. A huntress atop of that. The Ursa came closer and closer, roaring and groaning at it's prey. A gloved hand gripped at the concrete, hard enough to leave cracks and the imprints of her fingers on it, before she pulled herself back to her feet. A chunk of concrete in her hand. Mathilde flexed her shoulder, before flinging it over at the Grimm, hitting it's head and shattering in a dozen of pieces against the mask. It bought her enough time to properly recover.

She was just getting started. This was a challenge she'd definitely rise to.

She clenched a fist, moved each finger individually, before grabbing the shaft of Hallowed Redeemer again. The weight of the scythe being a welcome and reassuring feeling in her hand. She grabbed the weapon in both hands now, holding it up with a soft smirk. Rolling her shoulders once again.

The Ursa, by now also recovered, roared once more in frustration and charged Mathilde. Paw extended with massive claws to tear through her. Mathilde ducked, pushing her scythe up to deflect the blow and redirect it sidewards. The scythe was turned and Mathilde let one hand go, using it to grip the beast's fur tightly and push the arm down, before pinning it down with her foot and pulling her scythe upwards, tearing through the Grimm's arm and slicing it clean off. A guttural cry of pain resounded, and a wild, desperate flailing ensued. Though it was too late. Hallowed Redeemer was still in motion and crashed down on the Ursa's head, piercing through skin and skull. Ending it's suffering then and there. With a loud clunk, the scythe smacked into the courtyard again, the corpses dissipating. It was then that she heard an engine starting. An airship of sorts. So someone dropped these Grimm in? Where they a distraction, maybe? To have her combat the Grimm while someone else snuck in? It was then that the littlest of sound reached her ears. A snapped branch.

Her head snapped immediately in the direction of the sound. She lifted the scythe and moved towards. On her guard and ready to lash out at a moment's notice. Though Grimm were one thing. A sentient being, an intruder. Was something different. They were to be taken alive for questioning. She flicked the scythe around, turning the blade away. Even then, the scythe was heavy enough to cause severe blunt force trauma. It could lead to skull fractures and brain damage. Which was ill advised when the individual had to be taken in for questioning. She was taught this in class. Gauge their aura levels. Watch for the shimmer when it's depleted.  "Come out," she commanded coldly. Roughly two meters away from where she had heard the sound. A rustling answered her command, before a very poorly imitated mewl resounded. It was way to deep to be any form of feline.

"Come. Out." Mathilde repeated slowly. So she was definitely dealing with an intruder. Someone that tried to fool her. Another rustle of the bush and a man revealed himself. Raising his hands and moving out. "Alright, alright, you got me, nice fight." She gave the man a one over. He wasn't particularily armoured. Though he looked muscled. And she saw a rather large knife hanging from his belt. It made her renew her guard immediately. Brown hair, top slicked back and sides shaven. Deep green eyes and a smirk on his face. "I'm hoping that there's any way for me to get away here without having to fight you?" He asked, his hand resting on the weapon now.

She shook her head. Which caused him to sigh, flicking the bladed weapon out and moving forward, towards Mathilde. She also moved forward, slowly. Gauging her opponent's moves and trying to predict his next action. Though she soon saw an opening and brought the scythe forward with a quick thump. Her opponent seemed to be agile aswell. Ducking underneath and using his knife to push the polearm up and knock Mathilde off of balance slightly. He moved forward swiftly, using his momentum to raze through Mathilde's side. Her aura shimmering in response. Her scythe was too slow for this, so she just dropped it, turning on her feet and throwing a left hook that hit him square in the jaw. Immediately following up with a right uppercut that sent the man in a daze and caused him to stagger back. Trying to throw up a hasty defense. But he was too late as a straight jab hit him in the nose. Causing him to stagger even more. But no shimmer of his aura just yet. Mathilde threw hands up and moved closer to the man again, dodging several frantic jabs and slices, throwing punches and hooks in return. It didn't take long for her to take the upper hand. Even though her opponent was armed, she was obviously the better trained one. And the fight ended when Mathilde saw a green shimmer. She pushed the knife aside and grabbed the collar of his shirt, pulling him forward and smacking a tremendous headbutt against his nose. Causing the man to slump in her grip, before she let go of him. Letting him slump to the floor.

Mathilde let out a soft breath and pushed open her coat, glancing at her scroll. Her own aura had diminished to roughly 20 percent, though that was mostly to blame on the Ursa. She glanced at the man and turned him on his front, pulling his hands up behind his back and pressing her knee down on it enough to render him immoblized. To be safe if he came to. But not too hard, considering her actual weight. She wasn't planning on crushing him either.

She took a deep breath and dialed the emergency number she was given at the start. Reporting in and asking for a medical team and policing. It didn't take too long for them to arrive and the man hadn't been conscious since. He was taken care off, Mathilde was given the traditional one over to check for wounds or ailments she might have suffered from the fight. Though she was unhurt. And able to feign a heartbeat and such to trick the various tests both machine and man did on her. There was no superficial damage, so they were worried there might be internal damage. But she personally knew this wasn't the case. It was an irritation, but it had to happen.

"Miss Harmaa," she glanced up at the voice. The man who assigned her to this duty. Some security officer of the campus. "Good work. Though I expect a full combat report by the day after tomorrow, on my desk."

She nodded slowly, before getting up again. Pulling the scythe up as well. "Understood sir," she stated. The man nodded and moved off.

And so, after a short while of estimating the damage she had caused, did Mathilde as well.

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