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Scarlet Marietta (Finished)

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1 Scarlet Marietta (Finished) on Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:13 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Scarlet Marietta
Age: 17
Birthday: 6/23
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus
Height: 4'
Weight: 189 lbs.
Face Claim: Honey from Ellelehman

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Medical
Likes: Sneaking around,Exercising,Strategizing
Dislikes: Taunts,Being caught,Staying Inside
Fears: Discrimination,Prejudice,Becoming Fat
Talent: Stealth
Weakness Cooking
Overall Personality: Scarlet is a bit different from others. One,she is bisexual,meaning she is attracted to any person,regardless of sex or gender identity. Two,she is a massive pervert,and often uses stealth to get what she wants. She is resourceful and can make plans on the spot. She is constantly bubbly and constantly filled with energy. She is shy around boys,and sticks out like a sore thumb around girls. Scarlet is also calm in battle,instead of becoming aggressive. She uses a fighting style known as Aikido,which takes an opponents motion to use to her advantage. She mainly keeps calm and collected,to use her fighting style effectively. She can be very random sometimes,and that is just her.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Golden
Semblance: The Golden Fleece:Scarlet can weave a special golden wool that can be used for different purposes.
Attack:Scarlet can create thread and wrap it around more thread to create a makeshift whip.

Defense:Scarlet can weave it around someone or turn cloth into the special gold wool that is tougher than steel. It enhances the armor of anyone it is used on,including her.

Debuff:Scarlet can use her thread to wrap it around people to restrict them. Mainly a speed or attack debuff by wrapping it around someone's legs or hands.

Healing:The wool also has a special healing power,that can be used to sew wounds together,wrapping them around someone like bandages,or use as a pad to soak up blood. She can use it on herself or others to give them a helping hand.

Utility:The wool can be used for other uses like rope or platform.
Item 1: Shepard's Crook:A long bo staff with a golden curved blade at the end.
Item 2: Enchanted Gold:The gold in Scarlet's staff protects her from dust.(Magical Armor)

History and Sample
Scarlet was confused. Not mentally,sexually. She had a choice. Boys or girls. Everyone said go with a boy,but what was the problem with liking a girl? Everyone said it just isn't right,and every time she asked why,people say because and left it there. She tried asking her mom and she didn't know. She asked her dad and he said that is just society. She still liked boys,but she didn't see the problem with liking girls. he also wanted to know why people found girls liking girls weird. She tried asking her friend at the school and found out,it was just a social thing. People just found it weird. That is when she decided. She was going to show why it isn't weird to like girls. So,she acted more attracted to girls. She even acted perverted around girls. She ended up getting yelled at and getting in trouble with the headmaster. She was to used to the habit of acting perverted so she stuck with it. Now you can see where that has problems. Her friends were talking behind her back,and her parents worried about her. She overheard the talking about sending her to a mental institute,which is a bit much. She had to cope with constant insults and stuff,but it was bearable. Eventually,she left the school because she was getting tired of the comments. Also her parents kept getting reports for her perverted behavior. So she was home schooled for about a year or two before she left them to go live on her own. They still call her every month though. And to admit it gets a bit annoying. But they are her parents,and she can't block them. Seriously it is impossible for her phone to block them and she doesn't know why. She stays by herself now,and is a little sad. Wish she has some company.
RP Sample:
Scarlet was sitting on a bench in a courtyard. If you look up,you can see the sun,with some clouds in the sky. If you look in the courtyard however,you would see just a massive mess of people,scrambling around to either get to a class,friend,or bench. Scarlet was lucky to be an early riser. She was rather bored that day,since her class doesn't start for 45 minutes. While she was deep in thought,a girl sat down beside her. She turned towards Scarlet. She waved. Scarlet returned with her own wave and looked at the crowd in front of her again. This would take a while. When did classes suddenly start so early.The girl beside Scarlet looked at the crowd with her and said,"Crazy morning isn't it?" Scarlet turned towards the girl and said,"I wonder when they changed the schedules to make everyone's classes start so early?" Scarlet looked down at her scroll. 40 minutes left. She looked up to see the girl she was talking to making her way through the crowd. She didn't even get her name! Scarlet bent over slightly. Well,time for her to at least get ready for her classes. She was still in her nightgown anyway. Maybe she should get a slightly smaller one,since it is hanging off her petite frame slightly.

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