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What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join)

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1 What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:00 am

Cain Magien
'Quite simply put, I don't know why I accepted a mission with so many variables and open ended questions left unanswered. This section of the mines has been quartered off for weeks now on account of some eerie noises occurring within. Not your classic shaft either, maps show that there are some pretty expansive caves systems in here. This bounty has been in the pool for a while now, just gathering dust, well now it's mine. I don't know what to expect down here, but I strongly doubt that this will be an easy task. Which is why I am writing this, on the chance that some horrid fate may befall me, I pray that you find this journal in good condition to know my final thoughts. Let it be known that upon completion of reading shall you inform my brother, Momiji, that my dying breath is used solely to curse his name.'

Cain read his thoughts and nodded as he snapped the booklet shut and looked straight ahead into the quartered section of the mines. This area had always been an issue, but given his faunus ancestry and warrior bloodline, the odds were in his favor. That said, Cain did still have some strong concerns over the ambiguity of this bounty. Shaking those thoughts away, he was walking forward into the depths of the earth and began to explore the beginnings of the mineshaft segment of this cavern.

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2 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:38 am

King Taijitu
When a being spends it's time waiting in silence, even the quietest sound becomes a deafening alarm. As the hunter walked through the cavern, the once resting beast deeper within took notice of his presence, pulling itself towards the intruder. Such a sudden invasion of it's territory would not go unpunished. Swiftly and aggressively, the snake moved pushed itself towards the threat, curious as to what creature would willingly walk into danger.

Upon it's arrival, the Grimm would slowly make it's presence known, blocking the  hunter from continuing with it's huge form.  For just a moment, the heads of this snake would observe the intruder closely, as it expected to find something either much larger or with allies at it's side.  Content with having an easier time killing a lone victim, the beast would lunge both of it's heads at it's prey, swirling them over each other in an attempt to make itself harder to dodge.  If either of these lunges met their mark, their jaws would close on the hunter and begin pulling them deeper into the cavern.  What a fool this human had to be, walking into this beast's territory alone.

HP: 150/150

Two Attacks - 35 Damage each, not including defense.

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3 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:39 am

Cain Magien
Faunus ancestry comes with 2 definitive perks despite all of the alleged down sides. One would be the night vision which all of their kind possess, and two would be anything gained from ones apparent trait, Cain's being his spectacular hearing from his wolfish ears,

Couple this with the fairly two dimensional nature of the mineshafts, and it's simple to see how he was able to catch his opponent and avoid their attacks.

The moments that Cain could all hear, feel, and see the Taijitu, he was reacting. Beginning by planting his foot into a wall, Cain got a head start, leaping up over the snake whilst drawing his blade. The thing would not be able to be extended to it's full length given how narrow the mine had been, even without being smushed between a Taijitu and the ceiling.

Despite this, he slashed a few times. Once at the snake's frontal head, once down the body, and again at the far end head. After hopping off the snake, scramble up to his feet and would run down deeper into the mine while sheathing his swordl There wasn't enough room here to fully utilize it. Instead, Cain went looking for one of those huge open caverns while leading the thing away from the workers.


HP: 180/180

Actions taken: Cain leaps above the Yaijitu and treadmills it down, swiping at the top of its body three times as he does, and scrambles deeper into the mine to lead it to and open cavern,

3 Slashes: 30+30+30 (before Def)

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4 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:22 pm

King Taijitu
As the hunter slashed at the Grimm's head, the thing would tilt it's heads in the direction of it's attacker, forcing the blade to strike bone instead of flesh on both sides of the beast.  Furious at how one hunter managed to slip past the being so easily, the snake would charge after the man as quickly as possible.

Upon reaching a favorable distance from the hunter, the snake would lunge it's head at them, pulling back just before it met it's target.  The Grimm expected the hunter to dodge, so it tried faking out it's prey before striking again.  Whether the hunter tried to dodge as the beast planned or not, the second head that didn't attack yet would pull itself forward almost immediately after the other head attempted it's fake out, biting at the intruder to try and get a grip on it.

HP: 130/150

One attack: 35 damage, not including defense.

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5 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:44 am

Cain Magien
Cain wouldn't need to dodge at all, considering he was sprinting away from the snake deeper into the mine, in fact he would still be able to attack even while running away. He crushed his hands together, palm against palm so that the eight blades of his semblance could form. This was a fairly narrow corridor, so aiming shouldn't be too big of a deal when you think about it, but there was still plenty of space for error. The bright white blades would swirl behind his back in a single halo before they launch off toward the Taijitu in a barrage of 3 blades, 3, and 2. Hopefully the sheer number of blades would be able to guarantee that at least some would hit their mark.

Though by now, Cain had made it into a large junction of space in the caverns. Attempting to stop himself as he spotted a ledge, Cain was just barely able to grab the ledge before he hurt himself, but glancing down, the fall was fairly short. Cain released his grip and fell into the quarry, rolling over his shoulder and onto his feet before once more drawing his Odachi and backing up while facing the wall he had come from, allowing the blade to unfold to it's normal length as he scanned for threats.


HP: 180/180

Actions taken: Cain avoids the attack simply by sprinting away into the caverns and unleashing the blades of his semblance to attack without stopping. He runs off into a cavern and grabs the ledge before dropping into a more spacious zone to face this beast.

3 Providencial Barrages: 20+20+20 (No Def added: Semblance) -60 SP

+5 SP- Recovery aura

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6 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:47 pm

King Taijitu
Nothing was working. Every attempt at attacking this hunter was failing, but was this beast really going to let a stranger into it's home and escape it's jaws again and again? Running away was out of the question, so it seemed that it had no choice but to give chase. Charging after the hunter, the Grimm fell down the wall, thrusting both sets of it's jaws wildly at the intruder in a rage, it's once relatively smarter ideas have flown from it's mind, anger taking it's place and forcing everything out.

HP: 70/150

Two attacks: 35 damage each, not including defense.

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7 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:20 pm

Cain Magien
Cain dropped his stance low before charging at the creature head on, his ears flattened against his head and his odachi hefted onto his shoulder. The broad halves of his sandals kicked up dust behind him, leaving the clouds to linger in the quarry where he used to be. The attacking creature's initial attack would be dodged by Cain only for the second head to knock him away with a solid feeling headbutt, sending him flying into the center of the quarry again.

He slides a few feet, down on one knee. He coughs once. "Alright then..." Before standing up, he brushes his cheek with a bit of dust from the earth and hefts his blade up onto his shoulder. Cain then sprints directly at the maw of the front head, casually sidestepping and jabbing the hilt of the blade at the creatures eye. He's then twist his wrist, dragging the blade toward the same head and using the leftover force from the swing to launch himself into a slash at the other head.


HP: 170/180

Actions taken: Cain dodges the front head but gets smacked by the second. After collecting himself, he rushes the snake again, bashing at the front head and twirling to try and slice both that head as well as the other in the same swing.

Pommel Strike + Slash front swing + After swing = 30 + 30 + 30 DAM before DEF

+5 SP- Recovery aura
-10 HP- Snake Headbutt

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8 Re: What Honor Dictates (Hunt/Ask to join) on Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:30 pm

Cain Magien
Cain stood frozen between the paired heads of the creature. His blade was held horizontally to the side as he held his stance, awaiting the Taijitu to make a move after his aggressive assault. There was a loud thud, and Cain grunted as he shifted his stance, widening his feet to move, but then came the tell-tale sound of dissolution.

He relaxed there, finally letting his Daichi telescope into its storage form. The shortened blade slid into its sheathe for Cain to rest his hand on the pommel as he looked around the quarry a bit more.

Aside from the Taijitu corpse, slowly disintegrating, the area was spacious and featured a bit of scaffolding for the miners to get back to the tunnels. Still, he wondered what other monsters could be nesting down here. Cain glanced at the giant snake one last time before he started to walk toward the scaffolding.

"Tch. Weakling."

He unwrapped his journal and tore the page he'd just written before, crumpling and leaving it behind. Nobody needed to know how he felt before he came down here, how terrified and angry he'd been. Those thoughts would die down here, and die just like every filthy creature standing between him and his future.

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