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Myra Chegernt, Bellmuse's Chimera [DONE]

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1 Myra Chegernt, Bellmuse's Chimera [DONE] on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:58 pm

Myra Chegernt
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Myra Chegernt
Age: 19
Birthday: April 6th
Gender: Female
Race: Ram Faunus
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 116 lbs
Face Claim: Narumeia; Granblue Fantasy

STR: 2
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 4
HP 240|60 SP

Major: Academic
Likes: Reptiles; Power Metal; Playing guitar alone; Spicy food; Passion; Alchemy
Dislikes: People pointing out how weird her ears are; An experiment exploding in her face; People saying she's stupid to believe she's a chimera; Dust, not the crystals, actual dust; Edgy people
Fears: Needles; The oddly specific combination of the colors majenta and brown green; The sound of a corroded brass instrument
Talent: Chemistry
Weakness Climbing
Overall Personality: Proud and passionate in everything she does, Myra is not one to back down from a project or a challenge and will always find a way to finish what she starts. Everything is a simple obstacle, a barrier that she will go through if she needs to, alone or with friends to back her up to advance further while keeping a smile at all time.
Myra also has a wierd fixation on her origins, strongly believing that she is more than simply a faunus. Born with ram horns like her mama and her papa having lion traits -from whom she claims she inherited the blood- while her semblance giving her a tail that is the head of a snake, she constantly refers to herself as a chimera. Good luck trying to explain her that it's not how it works

Aura type: Speed
Aura Color: Blue
Semblance: Chimera's Snake (Summon)
Summon Description: Myra has a tail snake that awakens when she focuses. While it is a tail, it is not the tail end of a snake that shows itself, but rather the head of the snake, ready to bite at foes or spew a liquid that quickly hardens and forms crystal upon the surface it lands as sharp as fine blades, but really fragile. The snake itself looks similar to a Taitiju, but all black with blue eyes.

Summon height: Seems to be able to extend its length up to 6 feet long.
Summon HP Points: 1
Summon Damage Points: 5

Item 1: Dust-resistant clothes
Item 2: Earth Dust

History and Sample
Second child of a family of alchmists and apocatherians, Myra Chegernt was born in a very controled and quite environment which unfortunately didn't go well with her expressive behavior that she had from a young age. She was always causing trouble wherever she went, often hurting herself along the way with diverse chemicals and Dust crystals. Luckily enough though her aura manisfested soon enough that no great harm befell her and she would always get back up from the accident she would often cause and find herself in. While she loved alchemy like her parents and her brother, she also had a fiery passion for music and while her parents were proud of their daughter's aspirations, they were quite bothered that it had to be a loud one. They supported her though, as parents should and she was talented, although often trying too hard to be flashy in her performances.
There was a point though when Myra needed more in her life, she needed adventure, a need to see the world and do great things, you know, the usual teenager dream. Of course there wasn't a lot of options for one that spent her whole childhood either in a lab-like environment or grounded in her room, but with her aura showing up early and her snake tail that she developed over time, she felt like she could be part of the greater fight against the forces of darkness, so she enrolled at Syne Academy to become an Huntress. Even if she wasn't a fighter at heart, she knew that there had to be other way she could help. And surely she wouldn't be totally useless in a fight anyway, that tail of hers can be pretty nasty up close with its sharp fangs and crystal breath... which she never really understood.
RP Sample:
It was early morning at the Chegernt's house, most people were still asleep at the time but the family of alchmist was all awake in order to wave goodbye to the youngest child as she was about to embark into her very own journey. Since she had packed everything she would need the day prior, Myra was mostly thinking about the adventures she would live while eating breakfast. Everyone around the table was smiling, it was a grand day for everyone although worry was stamped in the mother's face. Who could blame her, her little darling was about to go venture in the vast dangerous world that was Remnant, any parent would be at least a little afraid for their child. Even the father here, a big and proud man, felt tremendous terror thinking about the dangers awaiting his daughter on the road ahead. Hopefully the academy would train her properly for those challenges. Gathering all her stuff and heading for the school, Myra waved to her family as she left, not noticing how much worry they were all feeling at the moment as she was so excited. Great things would happen, that's for sure, but what hardships would await? Only time would tell.

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2 Re: Myra Chegernt, Bellmuse's Chimera [DONE] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 2:20 am

Yuri Rastenov

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