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Azul 'Kr0ne' Haneulbich [Finished]

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1 Azul 'Kr0ne' Haneulbich [Finished] on Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:53 pm

Azul Haneulbich
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Azul Haneulbich
Age: 19 years
Birthday: 17th of april
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus || Fox
Height: 1 meter 66
Weight: 65 Kgs
Face Claim: League of Legends - Xayah

STR: 3
DEF: 3
RES: 1
SPT: 5
Aura 190|110 HP


Major: Dust

  • Stars
  • Faunus
  • Drawing
  • Singing
  • Dancing


  • Grimm
  • Rain
  • Humans
  • The white fang
  • His own parents


  • The white fang
  • Humans
  • His parents
  • Death
  • classes
  • crowds

Talent: Wilderness Survival
Weakness Computer Wizard
Overall Personality:
Azul is what you can call a rather free-spirited individual. Which has severely collided with his legacy and upbringing. Azul was born in a very strict family in Menagerie, where his artistic freedom was severely limited. He was often caught vandalizing property by spraypainting works of art on them, since his parents didn't allow him to draw, or write songs, or dance. Anything that he thought would make him happy was forbidden, he was to be raised as a proper gentleman. Someone who would wear a suit and attend meetings. He would be trained in the ways of a warrior, to keep his family name high. It was more to prove status, rather than actually be able to fight.

He loathed it. He knew that questioning his own sexuality was even out of the question. All of this led him to abandon his parental home and be drafted into the white fang's more agressive splinter group. He was allowed to do what he wanted there. He made propaganda posters, vandalized human holdings with graffiti and did everything in his power to use his creative soul to further faunuskind.

Though sadly, he had to realize the other trait of the White Fang. He knew there was violence, partook in it often. Though one day, he had to question himself. Was seeing his comrades fall, seeing people die and shrugging it off like that normal? With that realization. He ranAnd he found himself affirming the stereotypes he fought so hard. Stealing and hurting to survive. But stealing and hurting nonetheless. Ultimately, he ended up in Bellmuse and decided to attend class, deciding to help the people he had hurt. It led to Azul having a very skewered moral compass. Using his hair to hide his face and a long hood, he feels ashamed for his past action.

Aura type: Defense
Aura Color: Azure
Semblance: Summoning || He who gazes from the skies, the Ancestral warchief, Thul K'tin. This is a being that can be summoned partially, or fully.

Summon name: Harbinger's digits
Summon Description: A massive set of arms, forged from a strange, alien rock and stitched together by azure energy, these arms can be used as utility and don't deal a lot of damage, though they add a massive amount of reach to Azul's dust flinging.
Summon length / reach: 150 centimeter arms length
Summon HP Points: 4
Summon Damage Points: 2
Summon Gain Thread Link: Starter Summon

Item 1: Magical armour - Raven's skull: A skull crested on Azul's right shoulder. It is said to be an omen of misfortune and bad luck. Though he'd argue against that. The skull was infused with crystaline dust and therefore has a soft hum to it. Allowing it to ward off other dust based attacks.
Item 2: Dust: 1 vial of fire dust.

History and Sample
Born to a rich family, Azul was planned on being raised prim and proper. Their parents had hoped for a worthy successor to his family name. Though, as fate decided to stack the deck differently and amuse itself once more, their son was more than they had bargained for. Growing up, Azul always had a more feminine face and mannerism. He was a social butterfly, who loved interaction, loved having fun. And absolutely hated the exact things his parents had planned for them. It made for a difficult and spiteful childhood. It had come to blows more than once. His parents just hoped to set Azul straight, to make him realize the world was a harsh place.

But the free-spirited boy thought differently. He was lulled into joining a splinter group of the White Fang, told that he would be able to give in to his creative urges. And it worked out for him. Beautiful pieces of street art in various capitals, prosecuting and judging the faunus segregation, promoting a call to arms and slaves casting off their chains. All signed under the name 'Kr0ne". Though, the group went from dark to worse. Soon, the can of spraypaint in his hand was replaced with a knife. And violence became a far more utilised tool.

It was one faithful night that Azul used this knife to pull a massive scar through the tattoo of the white fang he had on his arm, disgusted at what he had become. Nothing better than the people they were fighting for their own equality. Though he ran, not only from the white fang, but from his own crimes. Moving out into the plains, always travelling. Living off of nature and stealing until he had enough to pay for travel. To bellmuse, an island far off the main continent. Determined to get into the university and atone for his sins.

RP Sample:
"Come on, Azul, we need to get moving," the soft hissing of the can of spraypaint stopped momentarily, one eye looking up at the voice through the sliths in the mask. "The cops can be here any moment," his cover stated. Azul shook his head and gave the can a shake, before continuing his work. He was just getting to the finishing touches, his name. A last, lengthy spray underneath 'Kr0ne' and he was done. Though the sound of blaring sirens stopped his hand. "Alright, break it up, there." A door slammed shut and heavy footsteps resounded. "Do you youngsters know what penalty there is on vandalizing a CCT tower? Get up, hands behind your head."

Azul sighed slowly and got up to his feet, moving his hands behind his head, holding the can of spraypaint still. He could hear Sapphire curse under his breath as he followed suit. A soft grin spread across his lips as he heard the man approach, fox ears twitching before flattening against his skull. "Faunus, eh?" The cop stated. "Should've known. Nothing but trouble from you lot."

Azul twisted his head slightly, meeting eyes with Sapphire. Nodding slowly. A few seconds later, Azul heard how the officer grabbed Sapphire's wrist and pulled him down. He spun on his feet and raised the can of spraypaint, unloading it in the man's eyes. Who cried in pain and dropped to the ground. "Don't worry about it, dude." Azul stated, before throwing the can of spraypaint down on the writhing officer. Sapphire just spat on the poor man, before glancing back at Azul. "Let's not stick around, Krone." The fox faunus nodded, turned on his feet and ran off. His partner in tow.

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2 Re: Azul 'Kr0ne' Haneulbich [Finished] on Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:26 am

Sammey White


Tier 1 Dust: (10x Water) (10x Fire) (10x Earth) (10x Air)
Tier 2 Dust: (10x Fire) (10x Water) (10x Earth) (10x Air) (10x Explosion) (10x Ice) (10x Plant) (10x Thunder)
Tier 3 Dust:(6x Fire) (6x Water) (6x Earth) (6x Ice) (6x Lightning) (6x Light) (6x Shadow)
5x poison
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