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Onward to Bellmuse -and- Mystery Package on Board! [Major/Shadow Mission; Solo]

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Myra Chegernt
A bright and beautiful it was, clear sky with absolutely not cloud on the horizon, the warm rays of the sun pouring down upon the world and the bare minimum amount of wind that carries the season with it, the cold air of fall making sure to be noticed and not mistaken for the warming season of spring that was yet months away. The sounds of waves colliding against the hull of the ship and the seldom cries of seagulls were the only think that could be heard during this little travel going for Bellmuse Central. Only a handful of passenger had boarded the embarkation earlier that morning, among them tourists on their way to visit the big city, the captain making sure the vessel was to reach its destination and a single future huntress that had enrolled at the academy a bit late compared to all those who joined or returned to the prestigious establishment for the new school year.

For Myra, it was the beginning of her great adventure, although so far pretty uneventful and too calm for her liking. While the trip was pleasant enough, there was only water to see from all directions and nothing much to do as she had already taken a nap and was starting to be increadibly bored. That's when an idea came to mind, since there wasn't a lot of people, maybe she would be allowed to play some guitar to pass the time but she would probably need to ask the captain permission for that just in case. As she was standing near the front of the boat the girl began to walk towards the captain's cabin to have a word with him. She barely glanced at him this morning when she boarded the ship, but at least she saw him long enough to recognize him when she would, hopefully. Problem was though, that when she arrived at the cabin he wasn't anywhere to be found, which was suspicious. No one was around at all, not even a single crew member. Myra then began her search for the missing captain as it would be bad if an emergency was to happen and that he wasn't there to do anything about it. Seeking the man all over the ship, only other passengers could be seen but no personnel of the vessel, that is until the girl noticed someone enter the cargo hold. Wondering if it was the captain and with her general curiosity picked by this person, she got closer to the closed door, leaning against it to eavesdrop on a small argument that was happening on the other side. Not being able to discern what was said, she accidentally opened the door trying to nearly force her face against the metal surface of the door.

Falling face first into the floor, she was close to laying on the ground right in front of the man she's been looking for along with a couple members of the crew of the ship, all staring at her and her sudden intrusion. They were all standing around a glowing crystal pretty similar to a Dust crystal, although bigger with a glow that would become brighter then dimmer, pulsating its light all around with a faint sound emanating from it. Myra had a hard time not looking at the strange stone which to her felt familiar. The leering gazes that were upon her quickly made her realize that maybe she wasn't supposed to see this bright crystalline rock or even be here in the first place. Some of the crew began to argue between each other as to what to do now, the captain remaining silent while staring at Myra who had her eyes switching between everyone and the rock as they all talked. It appeared as if no one knew what it was or how it got on board in the first place as the glowing object wasn't apparently registered anywhere as to be transported on the ship which sprouted conspiracies among the crew. Before the argument became too heated, the tall leader raised one of his hands that caused the room to go silent. Clearly no one seemed to understand what this thing was or could do and that meant it was potentially something that could cause harm to the passenger of the ship.
Myra sat down while keeping her eyes on the crystal for a moment while a black snake arose from behind her, alarming the group of sailor in front of her before they noticed that the reptile was coming from her. Two pairs of blue eyes were now staring at the large rock until the girl leaned slowly forward, wanting to poke it but was ultimately stop by someone. Shifting her gaze to her snake which did look back to her, she instructed the animal to spit lightly in the direction of the glowing object. Its spit flying fast was unstoppable by anyone, but did not have any dramatic effect. The fluid turned into crystals of its own, which was technically normal did the girl explain, but what happened next wasn't. The newly solidified substance detached itself from the large crystal mass before floating upward and while everyone was staring at the floating shard Myra poked the glowing stone and began to float as well moments later. Everyone was staring at her, both because of her rash actions but also in awe. The captain the instructed his crew to seal the rock in a special compartment before dragging without any effort the floating girl outside before giving her instructions of her own.

The man began to ask Myra how she knew this would happen, to which she answered with a shrug and an explanation that was something akin to not being able to truly know until you test it out yourself. Continuing by mentioning her alchemist background and that it's how she always worked, she got a sigh back from the captain as he wondered how she could have lived for so long while testing potentially dangerous things all the time. Shrugging once more, the girl smiled innocently before the effect of the crystal dissipated and she finally regained weight. She was quite glad that she wasn't stuck floating forever. They would soon be joined by members of the crew with a strange box that the tall man picked from their hands, saying he would carry it with him from now on until it would be in the right hands. Shore was now in sight, time seemed to have gone by quickly and Myra wouldn't have played guitar in the end. The captain, before he would take his leave, asked the girl her information and how she could be joined for in case he would need her to confirmed what happened, to which she complied. It seemed like this event wouldn't be the end of all this and was probably only the beginning. Hopefully all this wouldn't interfere with her school life that was about to start.

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