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Vyn báisé Li

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1 Vyn báisé Li on Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:22 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name:Vyn Báisé Li
Age: 18
Birthday: 2/20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5'9
Weight: 120
Face Claim: Gowther - Seven Deadly Sins

Aura 150|150 HP

Major:Specialized Hunter
Likes: Cute things, warm weather, cats.
Dislikes: Dogs, cold weather, everlasting peace.
Fears: The Unknown, himself, being abandoned
Talent: Computer Wizard
Weakness Swimming
Overall Personality:
Vyn has an odd nature behind him, by odd I mean strange or mysterious when you first meet him. He seems to put people on alert with there surroundings, though this might be considered joking around. He is sometimes in emotionless phases and, doesn't appear to respond in ways that every human would- whether it be lively or, upset. Vyn sometimes do this, in order for his feelings to not get in the way of things that requires more focused rather than being blocked by emotions. He is often playful and emotional nevertheless, despite how he tries to hide them.

Vyn is quite knowledgeable in computers, but is more intertwined with the idea of combat. Even if he is too lazy or, thinks fighting doesn't solve problems and just creates more messes. He would still fight only to get the job done. Like everyone else, money is what a lot of people are after and power along with it- for vyn he only complete jobs and fight for the sake of amusement. Vyn likes to be cute and, takes the advantages while doing so and teasing people (mostly men) with his looks. Vyn doesn't like the idea of everlasting peace, as it can be boring without anything fun and destructive going on in life.

You may see him like an antagonist, who enjoys chaos for the sake of "fun". However vyn is very neutral and, doesn't care what side he ends up staying. He doesn't make promises and, he's quick to change his mind if nothing interest him. There will be a time that he'll stab you in the back, or work with you as an allie but who knows how long that will be. Vyn likes the idea of grimm, usually studying about them and, there nature. Such as origin; and other interesting things. Vyn doesn't fear the grimm and, more or less take an interest in them. He also likes the idea of there being a faunus and, believes the world is over populated by just one race and feels as if there should be Something unique to be put on the plate. His most favorite type of faunuses, are cat faunus because they seem brighter than the rest.

Aura type: Resistance
Aura Color: Pink
Semblance: Vyn can manipulate ice, mostly for defensive purposes but in most cases can use it for offense.
Item 1: Odachi - A single edged Japanese sword that's mostly colored white, with a pink hilt. Similar color as his semblance. The white style is reference to the name báisé, which means white in mandarin. The sword is located horizontally behind him, with a pink sheath.

Item 2: Ice Dust.

History and Sample

Vyn Báisé Li or Vyn Li to keep things short, was born in a family in which assassins are what makes the family. They solely rely on combat and, use nature as there guidance. They like to keep secrets and, hide in the shadows in order to keep themselves safe. Vyn had always stayed quiet and true to his clan, and never give himself away to others which is why he's emotionless sometimes. The way of the báisé li family is to create problems for people and, let the officials deal with it. Vyn's father doesn't handle most of the activities going on and, provides guidance and training for his son in order to be stronger than the rest.

Vyn and his mother worked well with faunuses, and are often on good terms. It also leads to how well vyn learns to, communicate with them more than he does with human beings growing up. Finding an interest in them and, the white fang. Vyn had the ability to manipulate the aspects of ice, something that's never done in the báisé li family, as they're more hand to hand combat oriented. With vyns mother more open to the faunus, his father didn't care much; similar to how vyn doesn't care much either about humans or faunuses. There was a point in time, when the grimm attacked and took his mother shortly after vyns enrollment. He had decided to leave all past memories behind, when he first enters syne and pretends not ever recalling past experiences.

Vyn would continue on his academic career, abandoning all aspects of his pass. Not because his mother was killed, but for the sake of staying hidden among the shadows of his true self. Vyn's family weren't rich, nor poor. But they're the kind of people that can easily get through life, by making relationships with people and creating a better world. Vyn doesn't like the way the world is right now and, would prefer chaos over peace.
RP Sample:

Vyn stood straight and tall, as he pushed his glasses against his slightly tanned colored face. It was slightly hot outside, with the sunlight beaming on the ground and his glasses casted a reflection. The tall tree's had surrounded the area, as his sword placed in his left hand while it extended outwards, such as his right hand. Vyn brought his sword together with his right hand, by letting them both up high in the air as if a father holding up his child in order to get a clear view of the sky. He then pulls the sword down to his face, with both hands as he makes eye contact with the steel blade. After that, he extends his right leg out forward and his left leg back a bit adjusting his body, while bending both of his knees to create a proper stance.

Finally as both hands placed on the pink hilt of the blade. It is soon brought towards the left shoulder, finally completing his stance. He wasn't sure if it was correct or not, as he just recently learned this. Doing this, he cancelled all of his emotions and began to focus more on what he wants to do next. Once the process was finish, vyn begins to charge forward like a bull with the sword now lowered to his left side. Vyn begans to pull an upward strike, following with a downward version and, repeatedly lunging the air like fencing but with a Japanese styled sword. He imagine attacking his opponent, with a more fencing style way despite wielding a sword that is ment for swinging and slashing opponents.

Vyn likes to take on different ways of combating against people, in the most original and unique way. Vyn stops his attacking, and decides to take a break before continuing on.

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2 Re: Vyn báisé Li on Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:29 pm

Richard Lionheart
Hey, just glanced at this, but two things ^^ with your major you put in the broad category, e.g. dust or combat, not the final job. Second ice is not a tier one dust element ^^ Third you have only 12 stat points to distribute, not 15. You also do not include aura type modifier in stats. Bump when done

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