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Character Biography (Celestia Brynhildr Jaeger) <NEEDS APPROVAL>

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Character Biography (Celestia Brynhildr Jaeger) <NEEDS APPROVAL> Do5kwj

Basic info
Name: Celestia Brynhildr Jaeger
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/25
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 6"2'/187.96 cm
Weight: 140 lbs/63.5 kg
Face Claim: IA (Vocaloid)

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Hunting, Baking, Painting
Dislikes: Dishonesty, Arrogant people, Grimm
Fears: Lightning, Scorpions, Assassins
Talent: Hunting (Wildlife)
Weakness Speech
Overall Personality: Celestia is a very polite, proper, and very lady-like young woman who is known for her elegant and graceful demeanor. She is also a very indiscriminating and tolerant person who treats everyone she meets with respect and dignity. Celestia is rather serene and tranquil person who rarely gets angry or upset. She is also an extremely passionate person when it comes to her hobbies: Hunting, Baking, and Painting.

However, there are times where Celestia loses her cool. During these times, she will be a lot more blunt and direct with her words. People who discriminate against Faunus tend to draw the brunt of her ire.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance: Celestia’s semblance improves her vision while she is hunting. Her semblance allows her to spot targets from a further distance.
Item 1: Weapon: Greatbow (Artemis). Artemis is a greatbow which is 9-feet-long and has a draw weight of 250 lbs. It is silver and white in color and fire arrows that are about 48 inches long. This weapon is powerful but has a slow rate of fire.
Item 2: Armor: Breastplate. It is a standard issue breastplate from her hometown of Aegis Peak. Celestia wears it to protect her torso from physical attacks. It provides no protection for the arms and legs and provides no protection against Dust attacks/weapons.

History and Sample
Celestia was born in a fortress town called Aegis Peak. The town was called Aegis Peak due to its heavily fortified nature and its location in the mountains. Celestia was born on the 25th of December under a full moon. To her town, that was a sign that Celestia was destined for great things. However, her childhood was quite tough as Aegis peak was constantly attacked by Grimm.

At age 4, Celestia’s parents decided to train her so that she could become a Huntress. During her training, she excelled at archery. This caught the attention of a retired Hunter who specialized in using the greatbow. He soon took Celestia under his wing where he taught her how to use a greatbow. Initially, using the greatbow was tough for Celestia as it required a lot more strength than a normal bow. However, she soon became used to the weapon.

At age 14, Celestia completed her training and was eligible to take the Final Initiation Test. The task was to hunt a large Grimm. Celestia managed to complete the task. However, she still has a scar on her abdomen from the experience. Soon after, she was inducted as one of the town's Huntresses. Her reputation quickly spread amongst her fellow Hunters.

After a few years as the town’s top Huntress, the Mayor suggested that she go attend Syne Academy. Celestia agreed to attend Syne Academy since she felt that her skills as a Huntress were stagnating. After going through the application process, Celestia was soon accepted into Syne Academy.

This led to a big celebration with her family and friends. After celebrating for a few days, Celestia continued with her job as the town’s top huntress until the time he had to leave Aegis Peak to head to Syne Academy. It was a somewhat sad moment for Celestia. However, the thought of being a first-year student at Syne Academy was an extremely exciting one and she was going to excel there.

RP Sample:
Celestia felt a surge of excitement as she got off the boat at the port of the island. This was the very first time she was away from her hometown of Aegis Peak. The warm air and clear seas were a very refreshing change. However, she quickly reminded herself of the reason why she was here. Before exiting the port, Celestia quickly made sure that her clothing was free of dirt and winkles. She wanted to look presentable when she entered Syne Academy. After making sure her clothing was in order, Celestia then entered the town.

After spending about half an hour lost in town, she decided to kindly and respectfully asked some of the locals where Syne Academy was. The first couple people told her to get lost since she was an outsider. Despite of their treatment of her, she still treated them respectfully as she left. Soon after, a male Faunus approached her and asked her if she needed help. Celestia respectfully explained her situation to him. He listened carefully before smiling at her. He then told her to follow him. Celestia briskly followed behind him and soon found herself at the entrance to Syne Academy where an airship was waiting to pick up passengers who were heading to the academy. Celestia quickly thanked the man that helped her before walking towards the airship. With each step, she felt a sense of excitement and determination in her mind. Celestia was going to give it her all at Syne Academy.

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Richard Lionheart
Hey bud couple things ^^ First things first you need an item 2, hunter majors are required to have two items it is only citizens who are not. Second "increased senses" ins't allowed as a semblance because it's essentially just an increased dodge ability and such, making reactions otherwise impossible. If you picked a single thing like improved vision allowing you to get a better look from further away, making your eyes basically binoculars or the like, that would be different ^^ Finally you've mentioned "Ancient Dragons" in your history and differentiated them from Grimm. As far as we know actual non grimm dragons aren't a thing in the world of rwby so his needs further specified ^^ Bump when done

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3Character Biography (Celestia Brynhildr Jaeger) <NEEDS APPROVAL> Empty Bump on Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:27 pm

/\ /\Bump. I decided to remove the reference to Ancient Dragons and changed her semblance.

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Richard Lionheart
Okay, you also are not up to the required word count on history and personality ^^

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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