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Cynthia Testarossa Schwarzchild Character Biography (Need Approval)

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Nyx T. Thanatos

Basic info
Name: Cynthia Testarossa Schwarzchild
Age: 18
Birthday: 12/24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 11”/180.34 cm
Weight: 150 lbs
Face Claim: Tempest Burster (Elsword)

STR: 5
DEF: 2
RES: 2
SPT: 3
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: Explosives, Heavy Weaponry, Reading
Dislikes: Playboys, Being hit on, Troublemakers
Fears: Ghosts, Snipers, Seeing people close to her die
Talent: Demolition Expert
Weakness Stealth
Overall Personality: Cynthia is a very calm, collected, and very composed person most of the time. She is also quite a very reserved and taciturn person who rarely speaks unless it is necessary. However, Cynthia does possess a very morbid sense of humor which spooks people quite a bit. Despite of this, Cynthia does have a soft spot for children. People often comment that Cynthia is a totally different person whenever she is interacting with children.

When on a mission, Cynthia acts in a very professional and no-nonsense manner. She expects the people who work with her to give it their all. However, she can get a bit overly enthusiastic and very trigger-happy with her weapons from time to time.  

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: Crimson Red
Semblance: Utility Type.  Cynthia’s Semblance is geared towards supporting her bombardment capabilities. When she is ready to initiate a bombardment, a holographic screen appears in front of her. This screen locks on to targets within line-of-sight. After this, Cynthia can then initiate the bombardment. This semblance has no effect on her shell’s accuracy or speed.
Item 1: Weapon: Apocalypse. This weapon takes the form of a pair of Hand Cannons/Grenade launchers which Cynthia uses to attack her enemies. Apocalypse has a "Storage Form" with takes the form of a pair of pistol-like devices. These devices are non-firing and are designed for compactness. Cynthia carries these in holsters on the back of her belt.
Item 2: Armor: X110 Aegis Barrier. The X110 Aegis is a device which create an energy field around Cynthia’s body. It is designed to reduce damage from physical attacks. However, it does not protect against Dust attacks. It can be unreliable at times due to it still being a prototype.

History and Sample
Cynthia was born in an unknown town on the continent of Tarakia. The continent was located to the east of the Kingdom of Atlas. The rough environment and sacred resources on the continent led to be locked in a near constant civil war. Cynthia was soon dragged into the war when her town was destroyed, and she and the other children were forced to become child soldiers. Cynthia spent most her childhood fighting in various battles in the civil war. It was during that time where she became a specialist in explosives and heavy weaponry. She soon became disillusioned with her life and came close to giving up hope.

However, her life soon changed when the base camp she was staying at was raided by Hunters and Atlas Soldiers. She and the other 12-year-old child soldiers were soon liberated and taken away from the continent. Luckily for Cynthia, she was adopted by a Hunter who took her to Vale where she can finally have a chance to live and peace and to have a decent childhood. During this time, her adoptive father trained her to become a hunter. Cynthia enjoyed the training as she finally had an honorable purpose for which she can use her skills. At the age of 14, she began accompanying her father on some his missions. She proved to quite a reliable teammate despite of her trigger-happy tendencies.

At age 16, Cynthia began taking solo missions. She soon developed a reputation for her professionalism and reliability. It was this reputation which caused her to pique the interest of the scouts from Syne Academy. However, it wasn’t until two years later where Cynthia was formally invited to attend Syne Academy. She gladly accepted the offer as it would provide her with the chance to meet new people and turn over a new leaf in her life.
RP Sample:
Cynthia approached the entrance of Syne Academy with a sense of anticipation. Earlier that month, she had received a letter stating that she has been accepted to Syne Academy. Her adoptive father had been so proud of her. To Cynthia, being accepted into Syne Academy was great chance to change her life for the better. She had been disillusioned with her previous occupation as a child soldier. She has gotten tired of being used as a human weapon against her will. Now, Cynthia had a chance to do what she really wanted: To use her skills for the greater good.

After looking around for a bit, Cynthia decided to walk towards the area where the airship was docked. Currently, she could see some crew members prepping the airship for the swarm of new students and returning students. It looked like it would take some time before the airship would be ready to go. In the meantime, Cynthia sat down under a Cherry tree and took out a copy of “The Hatchet” from her satchel. After making herself comfortable, Cynthia soon became engrossed in her book.

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Richard Lionheart
Hey this is a good app, just a few things! First "Blowing up grimm" and "Explosions" are just a little too similar, I'll give you heavy weaponry and explosives as there's at least some difference there but please add another like! Second, fusing your guns would count as an additional form unfortunately. You could get that later but for now you would not be able to, additionally (looking at the size) do bear in mind you can have a "Storage form" without that counting toward this ^^ Something you may want to add. Finally, just to be sure, your semblance is purely for aesthetic right? You've said it doesn't add to speed, adding to accuracy is against the site rules and it's stated not to do that, just wanted to be 100% it was just for "Targeting aesthetic" ^^ bump when done

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Nyx T. Thanatos
I changed her last like from Blowing up Grimm to reading. And, yes. My chracter's semblance is aesthetic and has no effect on her combat capabilities. I also added the storage form for Apocalypse. I sent you a PM to make sure it is fine with you.

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Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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