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New Arrival (Closed)

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1 New Arrival (Closed) on Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:04 pm

It was mid-morning when Cynthia arrived at the dormitory. She had spent her early morning finalizing her registration as a First-year student at Syne Academy. The process went very smoothly. As of now, she was officially a student at Syne Academy.

The dormitory was a rather well-maintained building. It was a couple of stories tall and it exterior was pristine. Cynthia couldn’t see any signs of any dirt or any damage to the exterior paint. She could help but smile slightly at the thought of living in the dormitory as it was 1000 times better that most of the barracks she lived in back on her home continent of Tarakia.

“Well, time to go in there and claim myself a room.” Cynthia thought to herself as she quickly entered the dormitory. As she entered, she had to dodge around some students who were to busy having a conversation. After dodging the students, Cynthia decided to make her way down the hall searching for any empty dorm rooms.

Unfortunately for her, every room on the first floor was taken. She quickly made her way up to the second floor. After searching for a little bit, she managed to find a dorm room which was empty on the western part of the building.

“The dorm room is unclaimed.” Cynthia commented to herself as she carefully checked the dorm room for any occupants. After confirming that the room was empty, she went in and placed her duffle bag and her satchel next to the bed which was located on the western wall of the dorm room.

Cynthia then began to unpack all her belongings. She hadn’t brought a lot with her. Her military training had taught her that she should only pack the essentials: ammo, clothing, hygiene supplies, and her weapon. The only other things she had brought were two framed pictures. One of them was a picture of her and her adoptive father. The other picture was from her time as a child soldier of the 707th Tarakian Storm Trooper Battalion.

After a half an hour, Cynthia has finished settling into the room which will be her home for the next couple of years. As she sat down on her bed, Cynthia began thinking of the journey she had taken in her live. It was a tough and difficult road for her and she came close to giving up on life.

“I nearly gave up hope that I was going to have a better life. Now, look at where I am now.” Cynthia thought quietly to herself as a determined expression appeared on her face. She was going to not waste this opportunity. She was determined to make use of this chance to turn a new leaf in her life.

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Text that is Red and Italized = Cynthia's Thoughts

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2 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:13 pm

For once in her time here at Syne, Maestus was actually going to have to use her dorm room for something.  Being an android, she never had to sleep, so having her own room felt like a waste.  This was, of course, before she received a gift from her 'father.'  She wasn't sure what was inside of it yet, but she knew it had to be something pretty great.  The thing was contained in a large steel briefcase with a combination lock on it.  Whatever it was, it had to be important.  She couldn't just carry around something like this anyway, it was too heavy.

After walking for a while, the android finally found her room, only to find that someone was already there.  She didn't walk inside yet, but the door was still open.  Normally, Maestus would be pretty much furious that someone entered her room without asking, but she had to remember that this was only her third time even being in this building.  It'd be pretty reasonable to assume that this was either a janitor or a lost student.  Letting out an audible sigh, Maestus walked into her room to see what the issue was.

As she walked in, Maestus couldn't help but stop to observe the intruder for a moment, not expecting to see anybody quite like this.  Whatever she was wearing, it wasn't what she was used to, and she didn't seem to bring a lot of things to this room either.  Maybe she really was lost?  Maestus walked by her and set her gift down in the corner of the room before speaking to the stranger.  "You're lost, aren't you?"  It wasn't a very thought out introduction, but until Maestus knew what her deal was, she'd have to save friendly conversation for later.

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3 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Thu Dec 07, 2017 11:50 pm

A somewhat surprised look appeared on Cynthia's face before she instinctively wrapped her right hand around one of the pistol like devices which she had holstered in holsters on the back part of one of her belts. However, she didn't draw her weapon. Instead, she examined the person who caught her by surprise. Currently, the person was standing in the corner of the room.

It didn't take her long to realize that the person who surprised her wasn't human. Instead, the person was some kind of android which had gold and white metallic plating on the outside. In addition to this, Cynthia guessed that the android was taller than her by about 10 or 11 inches. Also, the android didn't seem to be armed so Cynthia relaxed somewhat and loosened her grip around the grip of her weapon. She then answered the android's question.

"No, I wasn't lost. I was searching for an empty dorm room and I found this one was empty, so I just moved in." Cynthia replied in a very calm tone of voice as she kept her eyes on the android.

"Also, I apologize for my knee-jerk reaction. It is an instinctive thing I do in response to these situations." Cynthia added in a calm yet apologetic manner.

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4 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:27 pm

As Maestus watched this new person instinctively move as if she were to arm herself, she took a more aggressive stance in preparation for whatever was to come, only calming down once this stranger did.  She wasn't sure what kind of weapons this student used, but she didn't want to find out yet.  Not here, at least.  Before Maestus began to speak again, she started to size up this new woman, guessing at how a confrontation between the two of them would go.  She wasn't very tall, maybe a couple heads shorter than the android, and she didn't seem to have any ears or a tail to hide either.  Whoever this was, aside from her choice of clothes, it didn't seem like just observing her was going to give much information.

Turning away from the human for a while, Maestus began to speak whilst putting in the combination to the gift she had yet to open.  "Right... Well, you can stay here if you want.  You can probably tell what I am already, so it won't come as much of a surprise to you when I say that I don't need to sleep.  I've never even been in that bed."  With an audible clicking sound, the briefcase slowly opened itself up.  "I'm Maestus.  Unless we have a class, hunt, or anything of the like together, you won't be seeing much of me.  I haven't been in here in months."  The briefcase, now fully open, revealed a large amount of thin metal tools.  These may look like torture devices or lockpicks to others, but they were actually tools that Maestus used to get dirt and other things out of her joints.

Turning to face the other student again, Maestus walked over and held out her hand.  Although it may seem like a regular greeting to some, it was more of a test of durability than anything else.  Maestus had a grip like no other, and she could tell if she was going to have to hold back or not based on how people reacted to their hands being crushed.  "This is the part where you tell me what your name is."

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5 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Fri Dec 08, 2017 7:03 pm

"This is Cynthia Testarossa Schwarzchild. Reporting for duty, Ma’am." Cynthia replied in a rather militaristic fashion as she gave a formal salute. Cynthia has taken another close look at the Maestus' frame and determined that it look somewhat feminine. By this time, the android had extended her hand out to Cynthia as an invitation to shake her hand.

She then quickly stood up and walked up to Maestus before extending her right hand out grabbed onto Maestus' outstretched hand. Currently, Cynthia was wearing armor that covered most of her arms. This armor was part of the X110 Aegis Energy Barrier system that she was given by her adoptive father prior to her arrival at Syne Academy.

Cynthia then squeezed on Maestus’ hand hard. Despite of her rather slender appearance, Cynthia was a whole lot stronger that she looks. She held onto Maestus’ hand intensely as she watched for the female android’s reaction.

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6 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:06 pm

Maestus began to chuckle as Cynthia was actually doing just fine against her vice-like grip. It wasn't often that she met people that were actually strong enough to be somewhat entertaining, so Cynthia might end up being quite the treat later on. Now it was time to get a more accurate result. Still holding onto her hand, the android activated her semblance. Strength began to surge through Maestus's body, and the gold on her began to glow a molten metallic color. "I wonder if you'll be able to hold on..."

After a moment of staring Cynthia in the eye and holding on as tight as possible, Maestus would suddenly let go before keeping the conversation going. "It's good to meet you. Hardly anybody around here is actually tough, so it's nice to have someone like you around. Oh, I only have one request. Don't salute me. We haven't fought and I don't hold any authority. To me, we're equals. Sure this will probably change later, but for now a quick 'Hey, what's up,' will do." Maestus nodded after talking for a moment, only to realize that all she really knew about Cynthia was that she knew how to salute and had the strength to not let her hands get crushed. "So, what's your deal? Combat, right? That has to be it."

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7 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:34 pm

"Maestus is extremely strong. I could feel it when she squeezed my hand." Cynthia thought quietly to herself as she stretched out her right hand. Maestus’ grip felt like a vise. In addition to this, she had noticed that the golden parts of Maestus’ frame glowed slightly. Cynthia wasn’t sure if it was her semblance or not. After taking note of that fact in her mind, Cynthia then continued speaking.

“It is nice to meet you too, Maestus. You are extremely strong yourself. Pardon me for the salute. The Military mentality sure dies hard.” Cynthia replied as she walked over to the night table where she had the picture of her when she was part of the 707th Tarakian Storm Trooper Battalion. She had heard Maestus’ inquiry about her background. Instead of answering Maestus’ inquiry, Cynthia walked up to Maestus and handed her the picture. She then stayed quiet as she watched for Maestus' reaction.

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8 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:09 pm

"I, uh... Have no idea where this was taken from.  I know absolutely nothing about the military so far.  I haven't even been in public for over a year yet."  Maestus figured that it was probably best to be honest for now.  As far as she could tell, Cynthia wasn't someone who was out to get her or anything, but Maestus was still unsure of whether or not she was to be trusted.  Shrugging off the thought for a moment, she examined the photo.  She had absolutely no idea what was going on in that picture or what could have happened before the picture was taken.  She also didn't know what kind of service she was in, what branch or who this military belonged to.  The only information Maestus had to gain from this picture was that Cynthia had plenty of combat experience, and that she probably has her military habits carved into her skull at this point, evident by how she saluted an absolute stranger.

Turning away and holding the picture back to Cynthia for her to take it back, Maestus began to make her way back to her new tools.  Once there, she began to pick things out of different parts of her body.  Rocks, small splinters of wood, even some jagged metal fragments sometimes.  "Well, you can stay here if you want to.  I don't really make a lot of sound unless you do something to piss me off, so don't worry about waking up in the middle of the night or anything while I'm awake."  Maestus chuckled to herself for a moment.  "Honestly, I doubt you'd be able to hear me walking around even if you tried."

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9 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:53 pm

"Well, you are looking at a picture of me and my fellow child soldiers of the 707th Tarakian Storm Trooper Battalion. It was a unit from my home continent of Tarakia. It was specialized in siege warfare and heavy assault actions. They were the ones that destroyed my hometown and took me and the other kids as child solders." Cynthia explained calmly as she placed the picture back on the nightstand before turning towards Maestus. She then stopped talking for a bit to clear her head before speaking again.

"Anyways, that was in the past now. Thank you for allowing me to stay here. However, there is one thing I need to warn you about." Cynthia added as she tapped one of the black canisters that were hanging on one of her belts.

Cynthia then explained to Maestus that these canisters where high explosive shells. As part of the explanation, Cynthia told Maestus that they were mostly stable. However, she added that incidents have been known to happen. To empathize her point, she added the fact that she lost a bunch of friends to explosions caused by these high explosive shells. After finishing her explanation, she added one final statement.

"Also, I hope that we can work together on a hunt or a Mission sometime." Cynthia added finally before chuckling slightly at Maestus' comment.

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10 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:01 pm

Maestus nodded as she listened to Cynthia speak, doing her best not to interrupt Cynthia after she mentioned who destroyed her hometown or after she mentioned being a child soldier.  Although she was an android, Maestus was one to really value human lives, considering murder to be one of the more unforgivable things for one to do.  Recruiting children into the military was also clearly a horrible thing to do to another person.

After waiting for her to finish talking, Maestus would finish getting the last piece of debris out before walking back over to Cynthia.  After hearing what she said about the canister on her belt, she stopped.  "So, what you're saying is if I just sorta..." Maestus moved swiftly, turning her body and raising her leg before initiating a roundhouse kick, stopping her foot mere inches away from the canister, her other foot digging into the hard floor to stop her from moving. "...did that, we'd be in a bit of trouble, huh?" She brought her foot back down and headed back to her gift, boxing it up and locking it again. "Noted."

After putting her new tools away, Maestus would ask Cynthia one final question. "So, some people destroyed your home, and you joined them? They made you into child soldiers, and you never thought about turning on them for what they did? Because if I were you, I would've just..." Stopping herself before she said something too vile, she made her way to the door, stopping only to listen to whatever Cynthia had to say.

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11 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:27 pm

Cynthia watched carefully as Maestus preformed a pseudo-kick directed at her belt. She was about to react by blocking the strike. However, Maestus soon stopped his attack a couple inches short of hitting the high explosives shell which were dangling off her belt. Soon afterward, Maestus then walked over to where she had placed a briefcase. After a few seconds of messing around with it, Cynthia watched as Maestus locked up the box before turning around and heading towards the door. A few seconds later, Cynthia heard Maestus inquire about her reasons for joining the 707th Battalion. Cynthia took a deep breath before speaking.

“I had no choice in the matter. It was a matter of survival for me. Law and Order in Tarakia has fallen by the wayside to the chaos of war. The military forces couldn’t care less about Law and Order.” Cynthia began speaking calmly.

“Personally, I done some bad things during my time in the unit. I am willing to own up to that. However, the only way to bring the people who destroyed my hometown is to stop the Civil War. That is way I am here now, I want to become a Hunter, so I can meet people who knows how to fight. My hope is return to my homeland with an army and finally bring peace to my homeland. From there, I will pursue the people who destroyed my hometown and make sure they are brought to justice.” Cynthia added as a extremely determined look appeared on her face.

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12 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:46 pm

"That's a better answer than I expected." At first, Maestus thought that Cynthia was some sort of psychopath, abandoning her destroyed home to join the stronger force. After hearing her mention her plans for the future, she felt relieved at the thought of her getting back at her enemies. Maybe she wouldn't be a problem after all? If Maestus was being honest, she might've thought about attacking Cynthia for joining such vile people.

"Well, I don't know about everybody else, but..." Maestus extended the claws in her hands, just to prove the point she was about to make. "If you're looking for someone who knows how to fight, you found her." Retracting her claws back into her arms, she put her hands on her hips before finishing up the conversation. She agreed to go hunting later today, and she didn't want to miss out on another victory. "If you ever want to punish yourself for the people you've wronged while you were in 'the unit.' I'd be happy to tear you apart some time." Maestus stared at Cynthia for a moment in silence to get the threatening/friendly message across before finally turning and doing a quick wave as she left. "Goodluckwithwhateveryou'regoingtodoherebye!"

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13 Re: New Arrival (Closed) on Wed Dec 13, 2017 9:04 pm

“Maestus is an interesting android. Hmm… I should keep her in mind when I prepare to take back my homeland.” Cynthia commented to herself as she watched Maestus leave. However, Maestus’ last sentence was so jumbled that she couldn’t make head or tails out of it. However, Cynthia couldn’t help but smile before sitting down to think about everything.

Cynthia was glad that Maestus allowed her to stay in the room. She decided to make a note of that for whenever Maestus’ needed help with anything. After spending some time to properly store her stash of high explosive rounds, Cynthia then began to perform maintenance on Apocalypse. After completing the maintenance on Apocalypse, Cynthia was soon left with nothing to do. After laying down to think about it, a thought came to her mind.

“The academy has an on-site library. I think it would be a good idea to pay it a visit.” Cynthia thought quietly as she got up and headed out the door. As she left, she closed the door behind her and locked the door carefully with the key the school provided. After doing this, she then left the Dormitory to head to the library. She was interested in the various text that the library possessed.

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