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[Major Mission] Syne Academy Night Patrol Operation #1 (Closed)

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Nyx T. Thanatos
It was a rather calm and quiet night at Syne Academy. The Remnant’s fractured moon was out in full force. The bugs were chirping their usual symphonies as most of the students slept peacefully in their dorm room. Unlike her fellow students, Cynthia was currently on patrol in the courtyard of Syne Academy. She had accepted an Academy Night Patrol Mission from the Mission Board located on campus. Her objectives were; Patrol the Courtyard of Syne Academy and Keep an eye out for Grimm or intruders.

Cynthia didn’t mind the fact that it was a night operation. She was a very light sleeper who could fully function with only four hours rest. In addition to this, Cynthia was extremely used to night operations as her former unit, the 707th Tarakian Storm Trooper Battalion also known as “The Storm Razers”, specialized in night operations. Despite of her familiarity with night operations, Cynthia remained vigilant during her patrol as she scanned the area for any sign of Grimm and intruders.

As Cynthia began to loop back around to do another lap around the Courtyard, she heard a lot of growling sounds coming from the area outside the Courtyard. In response to this, she quickly stopped herself and turned to face the front entrance when led to the Courtyard. Cynthia quickly spotted a small group of Beowolf approaching the entrance to the Courtyard.

“Looks like Beowolf is on the menu tonight.” Cynthia commented as she took out her weapon, Apocalypse from the holsters she wore on the back of one of her belts. Currently, Apocalypse was in its “Storage Form” which was a pair of pistol-like devices. Cynthia quickly pressed the triggers of these devices. A red light surrounded the devices before disappearing. Now, Apocalypse was in its deployed form which was a pair of large Hand Cannons/Grenade Launchers.

A slight smile soon appeared on her face as a surge of adrenaline began to rush through her body. Cynthia used a bit of her Aura to use her Semblance. A holographic display soon appeared in front of her. After a few seconds, three red targeting markers appeared on the holographic display.

“Three Beowolfs. 50 meters away.” Cynthia thought quietly to herself as she switched Apocalypse’s fuse setting from Impact to Airburst. She then aimed her weapons at a 20-degree angle before firing two shells from each Hand Cannon/Grenade Launcher. After a few seconds of flight time, the shells settled in the air above the area where the Beowolfs were about to walk into. The shells detonated a few seconds later, causing a storm of shrapnel to rain down over the Beowolfs as they walked into the area.  

The Beowolfs let out a pained howl as they were bombarded by the shrapnel. However, their eyes began glowing red as an intense rage and hatred began to take hold. They were determined to shred the hunter to bits. They quickly overcame the pain they were feeling and then charged at Cynthia.

“Come and show me what you got, Beowolfs.” Cynthia thought quietly as the look of determination appeared in her eyes. As the Beowolfs came closer and closer, she switched the fuse setting on her high explosive shells from Airburst to Impact. She then quickly fires a high explosive shell from the Hand Cannon/Grenade Launcher which she was wielding with her right hand.

The high explosive shell sped towards the lead Beowolf. The velocity that the lead Beowulf was moving at caused it to run right into the shell Cynthia fired. A loud crunching sound could be heard as the shell made impact with face of the Beowolf. Cracks were beginning to form on the bone skull of the Beowolf. A few seconds later, the shell detonated an explosion soon engulfed the head of the Beowolf.

After a tense minute, the smoke cleared revealing a Beowolf who now had no head. After a few seconds, the corpse of the Beowulf dropped to the ground with a thud before sliding about a couple meters towards Cynthia. The two other Beowolfs were unaffected by this and continued their charge towards Cynthia. One of the managed to get close enough to slash Cynthia with its claw.

The strike hit Cynthia in the abdomen before throwing her back a bit into a nearby tree. Luckily for her, her X110 Aegis Energy Barrier took the full blunt of the attack. However, she still felt the impact of the blow. As she regained her footing, Cynthia felt a surge of adrenaline rush through her body. This surge of adrenaline reduced some of the pain she was feeling.

“Alright, it is time to finish this.” Cynthia thought quietly to herself as she planted her armored high heels into the ground. The Beowolf that landed the hit on her had decided to lunge at her in order to finish her off. However, Cynthia was quicker at the draw. Before the lunge managed to connect, Cynthia fired a shell into the Beowolf. The shell hit the Beowolf at the apex of its lunge.

The detonation of the shell blew the Beowolf in half. The top half of the Beowolf flew for a bit before landing a few meters behind Cynthia. The lower half of Beowolf landed to the right of her. With that Beowolf dead, that left one remaining Beowolf. Currently, it was in the process of lunging at her. However, Cynthia didn’t give it a chance as she pumped two high explosive shells at the last Beowulf. The last Beowolf didn’t stand a chance as it headless corpse dropped to the ground with a thud.

After a few tense minutes of waiting, Cynthia used her Semblance to make sure that there weren’t any more Grimm. There were no other signs of any other grim. The feeling of peace and serenity soon returned to the campus of Syne Academy as Cynthia activated the safety on Apocalypse.

“Objective Completed.” Cynthia commented to herself as she reverted Apocalypse to its “Storage Mode”. After she had completed this, she then turned around and walked towards Syne Academy’s Security Office. She was going to report the success of her mission to the academy’s security personnel.

In her wake lay three really dead Beowolfs.

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