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Callyx Altair (Completed)

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1 Callyx Altair (Completed) on Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:01 am

Callyx Altair
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Callyx Altair
Age: 21
Birthday: October 9th
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Wolf)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145 lbs
Face Claim: Savaris Luckens (Chrome Shelled Regios)

STR: 5
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 1
Aura 120|180HP

Major: Combat

-Sleeping. It's his typical state of being when he isn't hunting or in class.

-Being around his friends/family.

-Studying recordings of his own sparring matches to isolate mistakes and theorize ways to correct them.


-Heat: at any point where his body feels a little hot he becomes basically immobile.

-Callyx hates to study, and while he still does well in class he will go out of his way to avoid spending time studying.

-Arrogant people.


-Lightning, while it doesn't terrify him, makes Callyx extremely uncomfortable.

-Seeing those around him die.

-Becoming a victim of faunus hatred, from both sides.

Talent: Tracking
Weakness Sailing
Overall Personality: Callyx is about as straight forward of a person as you can get. While he is he is friendly most of the time, he has zero problems with speaking his mind. As a result, he isn't the type of person who will go out of his way to make people like him. Compounding this issue is the fact that he tends to be a bit on the sarcastic side as well. He does well with others who understand that he isn't usually trying to be insulting, but instead just deathly honest.

Callyx's favorite activity in the entire world is sleeping, and as a result of his tendency to sleep too much he is very seldom seen without a sleepy look on his face. He is also a bit insecure about his faunus heritage, which manifests itself in his icy blue eyes and wolf-like ears and tail. He hopes to be a part of a team that doesn't care about his heritage, but instead focuses on his abilities.

A result of his love of sleep, and therefore constant sleeping, is that he tends to be on the lethargic side when he isn't in any danger and can sometimes be a bit slow to respond to things. Sometimes people take this to mean that he is more on the dumb side, but it isn't something he particularly minds as it can be advantageous at times.

Aura type: Recovery (SP+5 per post)
Aura Color: Icy Blue
Semblance: Damage type – Callyx refers to his semblance as “Impact Semblance” due to its effects and how he releases it. The idea behind it is that he compresses his aura as tightly as possible into one point, and upon impact with something the compressed aura releases in an explosion of energy. This explosion doesn’t involve a blast of fire, but instead just a large force of impact. Callyx essentially compresses 20 points in aura to output 20 additional damage to his strikes.
**Note: This was taken from my character I made like 2 years ago. I was recommended to make a new character from scratch due to some changes in character set ups, but I still like that semblance idea and fighting at style. I just copied and pasted it over. I will also be taking the starting weapon and armor as well. Let me know if that's a problem and I'll be happy to make some changes.
Item 1:

Weapon: Callyx’s primary weapon is a pair of clawed gauntlets that are a black color and cover from his finger tips to his elbows. His fighting style primarily centers around using the claws on the gauntlet combined with his own exceptional strength.

Item 2:

Callyx wears a set of shoulder guards that extends from the top of his shoulders to where his gauntlets meet his elbows. Due to his fighting style relying on heavy mobility, he doesn’t like to have heavy armor covering his body and would prefer to have light armor that protects what is important to his style. This armor is for physical defense and not magical.

History and Sample
Callyx grew up in Menagerie, the first son of two faunus refugees who possessed the attributes of a wolf. As he grew up he was told of the many horror stories of suffering the faunus had received by the hands of not just humans, but other faunus. However his parents were also sure to teach him of the wonderful things done by both species to protect and help the faunus people. Their ultimate goal was to give Callyx, and his eventual kid sister, a healthy fear and respect of the dangers that faunus would face throughout their lives, and that they should be careful to whom they gave their trust.

While neither of his parents were hunters, he often heard stories and saw news about the wonders of what these hunters and huntresses faced in their mission to protect the world. Wide eyed with wonder, the child Callyx ate these stories up and dreamed of living his life full of the types of adventures these men and women went on. A fire was lit inside the young boy's heart, and pushed him to a dream that he began to work hard at achieving. His parents were opposed to the idea at first, and told him he should consider doing something else with his life. However as he continued to grow older, and more unwavering in his dream, they instead turned to supporting him.

They enrolled him in a local combat school, where he started to learn hand to hand combat. Much to his parents' surprise he turned out to be a natural at fighting and picked up on the things he was taught quickly. Before long he had even become one of the better fighters in his class. Unfortunately, this came at a bit of a cost to him. As it turned out Callyx possessed an abnormally low amount of natural stamina, and as a result he had started to sleep for exceptionally long amounts of time in order to recover that which he used. While he continued to grow older, and his stamina became slightly better bit by bit, his habit of sleeping as much as possible never faded.

Life in Menagerie made it difficult for Callyx to gain the experience he needed to become a hunter, and so he chose to apply to the academy in Mistral where he could expand his knowledge and abilities. He had difficulties at first, but before long had proven he had some worth in at least the areas of combat. Furthermore, he managed to avoid much of the discrimination a faunus would normally face by being put on a team who was very open minded. It was during his time at the academy, while training with those in his class, that he stumbled upon his semblance.

Upon his graduation, Callyx spent the next few years working as a novice hunter. However during this time he failed to ever make a name for himself, and struggled to find teams he worked well with. Outside of the academy in Mistral, the brunt of the discrimination faunus faced finally became a reality to him. Finally, he learned of an academy with the idea of specializing in a specific field of hunting, and that would give him the type of experience needed to take on the difficult missions necessary to achieve his dream of being a well known hunter. He sent his application into Syne academy, and before long was accepted to attend the school.

RP Sample:
"I told you, you can't get too focused on one thing when you are in battle!"

Callyx sat on the ground and rubbed his head after receiving a heavy blow from behind. In front of him, two of his teammates stood with their arms folded and exasperated faces. The team captain, Allen, was getting onto him for the 10 millionth time saying, "Look man, you may be a genius when it comes to one on one combat, but that doesn't mean a thing in a team atmosphere. You have to pay attention to your teammates so you can offer them support if you aren't able to break the defense of your opponent swiftly enough. As you can see..."

Callyx followed Allen's gaze to where his partner in this drill was presently laying on the ground with her aura exhausted. All three of his teammates were able to use their semblance, but Callyx had yet to discover what his was. This frustrated him endlessly, as whenever they ran 2 versus 2 training drills he and his partner faced a distinct disadvantage. In this case, he faced his team's tank, whose semblance caused all attacks he received to be treated as glancing blows instead of full on attacks. For someone whose entire fighting style was driven on overwhelming his foes with power, being unable to burn though a tank created a lot of problems for he and his partner. Part of the goal of their training sessions was to push Callyx into unlocking his semblance though strain.

Thus far it had been a complete failure, but Callyx was particularly tired today because he had failed to get as much sleep as normal due to imminent exams. Allen had called an emergency training session after he noticed Callyx's exhaustion in the hopes that it would be the final straw he needed. Unfortunately it had been a failure to this point, and Callyx was even more off his game than usual. Callyx reached up and accepted the hand up that Allen offered him while Jayceon, their team's tanky member, went to help out the aura exhausted Edith. Allen watched them while wearing a frown before he looked back towards Callyx, "I think we should call it a day. Looks like Edith is drained, and you had gotten pretty close to wearing down Jayceon."

Callyx followed his gaze to where the two stood and shook his head, "Let's try one more time, you and I. Anything can happen, and I'm pretty close to being at the end of my rope. Maybe we will get lucky and my body will finally respond."

He felt the piercing gaze of Allen for a moment longer before he heard a sigh and the words, Very well, but make sure you don't push it too far and get hurt." A moment later, Allen stepped a few feet away and gripped his one handed hammer while he assumed a combat stance.

Callyx took a deep breath to steady himself and assumed his own fighting stance. A moment later he threw himself forward and into action while Allen did the same. As he saw Allen's hammer fly toward his head, Callyx ducked beneath it and shifted his body in the opposite direction of the swing. Before he could counterattack he noticed that Allen had used the speed from his swing to rotate his body faster than normal and reacted by throwing himself to the side in time to avoid catching an elbow to the side of his head. Throughout all of their practices sessons, this was a move he had never seen Allen use and knew it was only used as a result of having fought with Callyx long enough to predict how he would act. As he came out of his roll and rose to continue fighting, Callyx saw that Allen had once again foreseen his action and closed the distance with the hammer closing in on him from above. Seeing no other option but brute force, Callyx focused as much power into his arm as possible. He imagined all of the force focused into his fist, and then rose out of his crouched position with power added to his attack rom his legs. When his fist connected with the face of the hammer, there was an immediate blast of force and the hammer was sent flying out of Allen's hand and into the ground several feet away. At the same time Allen himself was flung backward and tumbled until he sat next to his hammer with a shocked look on his face.

Callyx blinked for a moment, before lifting his fist and staring in wonder at his undamaged gauntlet. Before he could say a word, however, he heard Allen's voice ring out through the air, "Seems like we found your semblance at last."

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