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On the blade's edge [Solo / Weapon upgrade]

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1 On the blade's edge [Solo / Weapon upgrade] on Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:36 pm

Mathilde lowered her scroll again, after dialing out the number. A soft sigh coming from her. The board had approved her request for an improved weapon. With the schematics and metals she had transmitted. The blade and pommel would be reforged and added. The shaft would be made of a metal way more denser than currently was, while inside would be hollow and segmented, to allow for electronics to be placed in. Though that was an upgrade she didn't dare request yet, since it was nothing but speculation and ideas. She had no concrete schematics or set costs to present to the board. So getting approval on this was quite difficult. The reforging of parts of hallowed redeemer in and of itself was only thanks due to her exemplary combat record since she had come to bellmuse.

With a soft rumbling, she kicked her motorcycle in gear. Before putting on the helmet. And with screeching tires, she took off. To a smith in town the board had recommended.

"So, you want to make this thing heavier?" Mathilde nodded momentarily. "Heavier, more durable." The smith looked back at the weapon that was resting on his anvil, shaking his head. "That thing.. How can you even fight with it?" Mathilde smirked slowly, shaking her head. "Let me worry about it." The man frowned, before shaking his head. "What's the metal used?" Mathilde rolled her shoulders. "The haft is a copper alloy, blade and pommel are angmallen, all painted." The smith nodded again. "And.. The only way I can make it heavier is reforging, with extremely dense metals. Which aren't easy to come by." Mathilde coughed softly. "Yes, extremely dense metals. Such as depleted uranium, tungsten or osmium. An alloy combined by these two." The man seemed to frown, before a amused look played on his face. His mouth opened, though Mathilde cut him off again.

"And I have enough sources to get these materials from," she stated. Pulling open her coat and taking out a blueprint, moving over to his worktable and lay it out. "Exactly according to this. Nothing different, nothing else," she stated coldly as the smith joined her. "And how are you going to pay for that?" She held out her scroll, the number on quick dial. "Introduce yourself. Say what job you have and that IQ told you to call. They will pay you for your price and a bonus for the discrete work."

The man took the scroll and nodded solemnly. Not really liking the rather shady bussiness he had gotten into. Mathilde just looked over the schematics again, nodding to herself as she heard the discussion on the background. Before approval of the man. A tap on her shoulder and a soft cough made her turn around and accept her scroll back. "Your.. Employer tells me the materials will be here tomorrow. Within two days, the scythe will be ready. As is agreed on." She nodded while pocketing the scroll. "Girl," she looked back at the man, only now properly studying his face. A man in his fifties. Colossal hands and logs for arms. A weathered smith with a scruffy beard, age showing on his face. "What have you gotten yourself into?" He questioned. A hint of care and worry in his voice.

Mathilde sighed slowly. "You were paid not to ask questions, so don't. Let me assure you that you have nothing to fear if you honor the agreement." She feigned a smile, before turning away. "I will be back in two days," the door slamming shut had indicated her departure.

And indeed, two days later, she entered the shop, finding the scythe packed with a note. The smith's wife was sick, though the job had been done. No matter, she didn't need to see the man face to face. Trusting the job well done.

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