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Old Scars (open)

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1Old Scars (open) Empty Old Scars (open) on Sun Dec 10, 2017 11:41 pm

Bruz Chopper
Bruz tries his hardest to keep from going crazy and killing everyone in the area, so he goes out and fights in a underground death match area. They don't fight other that look human but young grimm, or i should say normal grimm that are not as strong as the ones in bellmuse. Tonight's match he was up agents a Griffin, it had already killed everyone ahead of bruz so he would have a challenge waiting for him. When he stepped into the arena they unleashed the Griffin, it knocked Bruz onto his back pinning him, trying to bit off his head. But Bruz threw it of and ripped off its wings, then stabbed them back into its eyes, finally he ripped the head off and it disappeared, he got a huge bonus for that. On his way home his scars started to hurt, the phantom pains flare up from time to time, he looked at his hands and had a flash of blood on them. He then said "Old scars never heal, neither does the mind."

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