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Ricard Blumentritt [Ready Freddy]

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1 Ricard Blumentritt [Ready Freddy] on Mon Dec 11, 2017 4:39 am

Ricard Blumentritt
Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name:Zaffre Blumentritt
Age: 17
Birthday: November 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5’10”
Face Claim: Yukine from Noragami

Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Medical
Likes: Medical sciences, Uniformity, Non-verbal communications, Surgery, Nutritional efficiency, Novelty items, Taking notes, dogs, reptiles, spiders, cyclic gestures/sequences, cheesy jokes
Dislikes: Constant chatter, Large groups, Public speaking, Not knowing things, loud noises, cats, penguins
Fears: Claustrophobia, Medical/Surgical errors, Social inadequacy, confinement
Talent: Doctor/medic
Weakness Charisma/social interaction/speech
Overall Personality: Socially reclusive and constantly paranoid; Zaffre can be insecure about his inability to connect to people or relate to social convention. Paradoxically, his chief goal in life is to maximize his societal function.  He tends to get absorbed in his tasks, and can be difficult to distract from things that interest him. Somewhat stubborn, Zaffre is willing to try almost any job but refuses to ask for help unless necessary. He tends to forego the norms of social grooming for days at a time. In general, his mood is flat and almost robotic.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: dull blue
Semblance: Atrophy
For the cost of 10AP/turn, Zaffre can shrink himself to roughly an inch in size, vastly improving his exploratory abilities. Upon consumption of all AP or desire to return to normal size, he will grow back to size. In combat, sudden shrinkage allows Zaffre to dodge most attacks and become difficult to detect. In shrunken state, damage output is reduced to 0.

Item 1: Blooming Truncheons
Based on the Colt 1885 10-gauge revolver shotgun, Blooming Truncheons have been modified for semi-automatic fire and given shortened barrels for easy dual-wield handling.

Item 2: Field Medic Vest (Physical armor)
Simple and sharply defined, the FMV is meant more as an antiseptic and decontaminating suit than proper armor.

History and Sample

Born as an only child to a family of astute academics and scholarly scientists, Zaffre grew up with all the luxuries one could ask for in life; but, also a terrible weight upon his shoulders. His parents, controlling as they are brilliant, made Zaffre’s education their highest priority, strictly controlling his flow of information, his viable social circles, and his daily activities; if it didn’t contribute to his teachings, it was forbidden to him. For 13 years, his results were exemplary for his age, taking particular interest in physics and physiology; but the pressure was nearing its boiling point for Zaffre.

Resolved to escape, Zaffre made several attempts to escape, each time getting more extravagant and expensive. By the 9th attempt, his parents had had enough and locked him in a small box-like compartment in the basement with only a small crack to allow air in. For hours, he struggled to breathe thick of the thin air, to stretch against the steel walls, to see a drop of light amidst the ocean of dark, all to no avail. He felt alone, afraid, and helpless now more than ever. He could feel himself retreating into himself, as if the world around him were getting bigger or he was getting smaller.

It was then that he noticed it. His breathing had somehow normalized, the air seeming much thicker; his limbs could stretch out fully and with ease, the walls no longer within his reach; his surrounding began to illuminate, now more visible than it had been in hours. He was the light, his aura lighting his path to freedom. He was gone from the estate that day, his parents not realizing until days after.

For several months, he wandered Atlas’ smaller townships, assisting in clinics for bread and bedding, all the while evading his parents’ search parties who were never too far behind. Though he came to enjoy his work, the constant vigilance and lack of permanence was quickly becoming overly taxing. Desperate for some semblance of stability, he stowed away on an airship out of Atlas. Unfortunately, his flight would be boarded too by a band of pirate-themed…pirates. Without any knowledge of self defense, it was all Zaffre could do to hide himself amidst the cargo, waiting for them to leave. Eventually, they did; but, in their wake came the grimm. It was a massacre. Though no cage was present, the same feelings had started up again, only now, no amount of shrinking would save him. Fortunately, a small team of Huntsmen arrived just in time to save the few remaining passengers and dispatch the surrounding grimm. But that feeling, that fear, the bitter familiarity crept up his spine. He swore to never let himself or anyone feel that way again.

Striking a deal with one of the huntsmen who rescued him, he underwent years of training to enter an academy in exchange of his servitude as both an errand-boy and a field medic. Though, without the prior trainings of his would-be peers, Zaffre struggled to keep up in terms of raw physical capacity and so was gifted arms better suited to his physique. Finally, after 3 years of training, his trainer deemed him ready to apply. Making way to Syne academy, his parents would once again catch wind of his location and send search parties to Bellmuse to find and extract him.
RP Sample:
A brilliant crimson pierced through the windows, alternating with bands of darkness in the admissions office. Outside, the chatter of applicants still awaiting their turns made Zaffre’s eye twitch, getting steadily louder. Professor Gildenberg had just finished reading through his application, jutting the papers against his desk before giving Zaffre another once over. Zaffre prepared himself, going over dozens of scenarios and thrice the number of questions in the days leading up to this. He was ready for it.
“Mr. Blumentritt, what made you decide to be Huntsman?”

He was not ready for it. Zaffre blinked twice, swallowed and almost choked on his saliva. Instantly, his composure fell apart as his face began twitching and sweat formed around his furrowed brows. For a moment, he was back in his box, on the ship; He could feel himself shrinking in his seat, the words echoing in his head, just barely holding it back. The professor must have sensed it, having raised an eyebrow, an unamused look on his face. He had to buy time.

“Sorry, could you…repeat the question?”

“No; but I will add a second. If you can’t even handle yourself in a simple interview, how can I expect that you’ll handle yourself in the heat of battle, to protect those around you?”

A moment passed; then three. With a sigh, the professor reached for the wooden stamp stamp, the one which Zaffre remembered to say ‘reject’. The world seemed to stop around him as the memories flooded through his mind. In his head, a silhouette took form, it’s mouth moving, soundless but completely understood.

“Sir, have you ever been terrified?”
The professor doesn’t stop, hardly regards the question at all, but takes a moment to ink up his stamp as he answers.

“Naturally. In my line of work, I’d be insane otherwise. Why?”

“It’s a horrible feeling, isn’t it? When the world just stops making sense, and you claw and you claw, searching for some desperate hope as your heart races and your lungs give up? When your limbs refuse to do what they’ve been told and the world around you disappears into nothing? I’ve been terrified too, Sir; and I need this to make sure that I’ll never be terrified again. So that nobody will have to be terrified again.”

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2 Re: Ricard Blumentritt [Ready Freddy] on Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:32 am

Richard Lionheart
Hey just a minor thing; you've put the face claim and where it's from ("Yukine from Noragami") above basic info rather than in the area marked "Face Claim" and to keep you up to date, I'm discussing the semblance with staff (mostly becoming down to is becoming a millimetre too small) but do note while being smaller might make harder to be targeted with some attacks it would make others nigh impossible to dodge. Like, you're smaller thus harder to target with a gun sure but if someone uses earth dust and drops a meter by meter square concrete slab where you are you really have no way of dodging that. If you are that small the distance you move would be affected, if you're a millimetre tall each step you take is less than a millimetre, so if you are spotted running away would be tough ^^ Just noting this as you've mentioned "dodge most attacks" where the likes of "Harder to target/detect" alone is more fitting as AoE attacks (like the aforementioned slab) would have the same (or even greater) ease hitting you.

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3 Re: Ricard Blumentritt [Ready Freddy] on Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:57 pm

Richard Lionheart

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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